Sunday, October 07, 2018

Gonna Be A Long Week In Dol-Fanville

Ugh. As in ugly.

Just when I thought I saw every way you could lose a game, we found another.

Who ordered the bonehead penalties with a side of freaky turnovers?

It's too tough to even recap it all.

A wasted outstanding effort by our special teams. Except for bonehead unsportsmanlike penalty.

A wasted good effort by our defense. Except for a bonehead contacting a defenseless receiver penalty.

Better off forgotten by the fans. This is a hard pill to swallow. This week will drag.

The pain will last. The fourth quarter will replay and replay in our mind's eye all week long.

The biggest issue right now is Tunsil and if he can get back in the line up.

Without him, we are toast.

With him, we are a bagel. Just one big hole in the middle of our O Line.

The "O" seems so symbolic right now.

I don't understand why with 14 seconds left and down by 10, you don't throw the Hail Mary.  It's the only chance to score, kick the onside and then score again on a final Hail Mary.

If your worried about getting Tannehill hurt, throw in the back up. But throw the Hail Mary. You may score with 5 seconds left. Then recover the onside with 2 seconds left. And try another Hail Mary.

At least give yourself a chance.

Anyway. Disappointed and dismayed.

Da Bears are next. Maybe we should sit Tannehill. Khalil Mack will rip his head off with the O Line we got.

Phins Up,
Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971


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