Sunday, August 26, 2018

NFL Days are Over; But Something I wanted to Rant About!!

I realize it was the 3rd preseason game.  A time when stars don't really want to play. Young folks want to play; & most, not all,(i.e. Kazee; what do you do in a fraction of a second....go low, go high, ?????)try to avoid injury.
Only thing missing from EVERY GAME I WATCHED were the flags.  Not ref flags for penalties; flags for flag football.  NFL is on it's way out except for some version of dance and throw down & promoting your social agenda.
I should have listened to "RIGHTFIT" a couple weeks ago.  I'll still glance occasionally.  Particularly because I think this team has a chance of coming together after 2-3-4 games like they did 2 years ago. 
But the game is so different now. How much is involved??  e.g. I had a family member that worked for a large corporation. He was in charge of 2-300 people...maybe more?  Don't recall how many go-betweens there were(Asst. Coaches), because that is far too many people to keep track of all their life info. 
Before you form your opinion on this next paragraph, you should read the entire post. This one paragraph is not all inclusive of how I feel!
Changing subject here a bit:  The statements by some saying that OSU coach Meyer's wife would no way have kept those text message picks from Urban is way off.  I think that is the type of stuff that is kept from him so he can do his job.  He is a huge scapegoat here!!  "Careful Chief. You dig up the past, all you get is dirty." That's Gideon talking to Chief Anderton(Tom Cruise) in Minority Report.  Just a movie, but it is so accurate about today's world.
"Do his job" I said.  I can see that will get trounced.  There are too many questions about so long ago.  He was the scapegoat.  Was he close with Smith?  Was he forced to hire him because Earl Bruce was his GF?  Are these, & many other questions the reason why Urban showed such ........frustration/indignation about a situation I would be willing to bet was supposed to be taken care of by someone on his staff??  I don't know?  I don't know a lot but the accusers who also know just as little but are willing to jump on Meyer instead of Smith & the Police Department, or whoever handles these cases.  Right!! What I hear is they(domestic abuse cases) are all ignored so that if Urban put his voice behind it you are guessing something would have happened??
He seemed to have very particular feelings about Courtney Smith which makes me think there is some form of.......deviousness about everything that went down.  How
%$#ing obvious was it that he did not say her name?  THAT WAS PURPOSEFUL!! There is something there that most of us will never know about that has been completely fabricated, or beyond reasonable interaction to get the situation resolved. Maybe that is what it took for domestic violence cases to start being taken seriously??
Listening to Greene the next morning, how he tried to emphasize what seemed so strange was the "un-preparedness" by Urban Meyer in delivering comments to the media.  Never seen that!!  Which makes me believe he was thrown to the wolves in the name of domestic violence.
If that is the case, I feel for you Urban, but it very well may have taken a person of your stature to get these terrible situations under control(which.....I'm sorry but as I see the dismantling of the family institution, marriage, being a mother & father; skipping to children being raised by TV(my generation), to children be raised by MTV to smart phones, Facebook or whatever is hip on the net) which I have a hard time seeing.  Getting to 25-30% I don't see as possible.  If the figure I saw about Rape cases is true, domestic violence stands no chance!!!  I read this, so who knows, but I bet it is in the vicinity!  "Out of every 1000 Rape cases, 994 perpetrators will walk free." What does that mean? Out of "1000" RAPES OCCURRING:
310 Rapes are reported. I hear that is often from guilt & shame.
57 lead to arrests.
11 go to prosecutors
7 felony convictions
6 rapists will be incarcerated.
Realistically, there is NO worse crime than rape for the victim?  Murder is suffered by those left behind to remember.  Rape, a violent, scary, unbelievable invasion of everything personal remains with the victim forever.  Out of 1000 committed, 6 are incarcerated.  So, .006 men are put behind bars after 1000 rapes are committed!  I'm guessing that very few of these are among married people. 
Personally, I have had very little concern in my life about domestic violence.  It's just not something that went on within the family I grew up in.  I can see how people that are engrained in the football environment "MIGHT" see violence in a different way than those of us not aware of that environment.
I can see how this might look like I am defending Urban Meyer.  Again, going by what Greene said, & how prepared I have seen Meyer for everything over the years, I guess if I had to take a side,......wait a second.....take a side?  That has become the issue.  Siding with Meyer, or siding against him.  Shit!!!  I would be angry also.  How long ago was this, and who is it about??  None of that even matters anymore.  It's just whether you believe Urban or you don't.  But what the domestic violence activists are saying is that if Urban had acted all those years ago, things would be different today!!  Do you really believe that??  After looking at rape statistics, you think penalties against domestic violence would have changed?  That is an IMPOSSIBLE WHAT IF!! 
Maybe now that he was forced into it.  I have seen players lose there places since it has happened.
One last thing about the people that were in disbelief about Meyer & his wife knowing about the texting.  I just want to bring up the reason why he retired from FL.  Along with the agreement of getting back into coaching.  My wife keeps certain things from me that she knows will get under my skin and cause me to rant like this.  I guarantee you there were things that she kept from him.  Do you give all the mail to a lawyer representing a cold-blooded killer??  No, the secretary throws it.  Meyer was thrown under the bus by somebody.  He knew that was televised & he read it in complete disrespect of the entire proceedings.  There is no doubt what-so-ever in my mind that he was railroaded in some fashion.  Did he act wrong in 2013, 14 or 15??? Yeah, maybe.  I doubt he remembers much of it.
"Careful Chief. You dig up the past, all you get is dirty."
All these people from ESPN & Talking Heads giving their complete slam-down on Meyer & how he missed an opportunity an INCREDIBALLY HUGE DENT IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!!!  My opinion is that doing it this way may very well have created a greater possibility for cutting into domestic violence crimes.
I know this.  Growing up as a young man often times you must defend yourself.  Get hit on a few times & you become ready for it.  Someone comes at me, I'm getting them first.  In football, multiply that by 10-50X!!  I have had my wife & daughter come at me in anger & my first thought was....go get my "AK!" That's a joke.  I don't own guns.  I would say something to them; ask them not to yell at me, but it did no good. What I do know, most men are much stronger than women.  Most men, not all.  It takes very little of a mans strength to do physical harm to a woman or a child.  So the responsibility is on you men not to react physically...even if you get hit.  One punch from some men can kill. So don't do it.  Or do it & chalk it up on your resume of victorious fights:  1) Marilyn; 2) Frank; 3) Shelly & her daughter......

All in all I hope domestic violence will subside.  I don't think those that can impose legal sanctions against the guilty will increase any of there guilty findings except for the next 6-12 months.  Unfortunately I think there are a lot of mean, angry men out there.  Add a little whiskey and even meaner.  I believe it is a situation that must continue to be fought against by those that have the stomach for this ugly area of life. It's not going to go away no matter how many high profile individuals you choose to throw in front of it.....certainly those that have other agenda's.  You think Urban Meyer is the person at fault here.?.?.?  Things of that nature are often learned/witnessed/grown up around; like racism.  That is where the battle is.  If it isn't being taught at home, than our schools need to preach more.  And not by the time you get to college.  It is well-engrained by then. Elementary/Middle/ & High Schools!!!