Friday, August 10, 2018

Didn't see alot. 50% was Good! 50% was Poor!

Overall it is difficult to tell from a game this early.  But we did have a good running percentage, and a good running defense for an entire game.
Short version, my biggest concern certainly after thinking they(Passing Defense) could be a strong part of our defense, was that TB's QB's completed 37/47 passes.  Our #1 in practice, Howard, burnt(well, pass's completed) consecutively by excellent receivers.  Surely playing Howard against Parker(& I have only heard they line up across from each other on most plays) on every play in practice is not good for either.
I think Howard can be a top level CB, with shut down capability completely dependent on how good he want's to be.
Parker.....from everything I've read, only eating chicken tenders, not listening to experts concerning hydration pre-contest, to not coming to the QB,, it goes on.  I hope like heck he proves me wrong, but I'm convinced he will be gone after this year and in his entire career will have a few great/very good games, most likely against us because he will hold some personal blame against the Phins as to why his career was not top shelf.  I would get something for him as soon as possible, certainly if tomorrow is an option.  I'm not sure how the rookie salary cap figures into a situation like Parkers? 
Cooper has better #'s & White, even though injury has played a roll(it did as well with Parker), barely has any #'s at all.  Each was expected to be the ace receiver of their team.
I have good feelings watching Fitzpatrick & Ballage.  However, that is a curiosity not to be answered for any of us(& something to build on as an Offensive Coordinator)!!  Meaning I feel Gore will not play until regular season, so no one really knows how that 3-headed monster will/may/could dominate, making the passing game more open.  Above all, there can be no 3-headed monster without an Offensive Line that communicates, cooperates, & stays healthy....& as our depth is a concern, it could make Smythe's # of plays more important than Gesicki's.
Lastly, even though the numbers turned out excellent for the Defense in the run game, it was a ways down the depth chart when things equalled up.  So our DL & LBs still have a lot of thinking transferred into physical play in order to come close to a middle of the NFL type of year.
Nature of the beast=writing mostly about our rookies. Cannot tell if  4, 5, maybe even 6 of our draft class will have better than average rookie contributions compared across the league??!!??  That would either be a sure sign of keeping the staff that drafted them. A sure sign of how depleted our depth's are, or fill in answer here after season!?!?!?
If you think that is crazy let me talk out the side of my neck for a minute:  Fitzpatrick is gonna play.  Gesicki & Smythe are gonna play.  Was Ballage's time tonight only given to avoid injury to a starter?? I don't think so!!  I've heard Baker is not quite there, yet the best part of his game is tackling. Not sure if we need LB's that tackle.....yes I am!! Sanders or Joseph will play.  Leaving Armstrong & Poling from the Draftees, & whomever if an UDFA plays his butt off!!
Again, it's very early to say what or if Rookies will do anything.  But man it's a good feeling to allow yourself to believe the best will happen for the Dolphins this year; think that our Rookies can contribute a lot this year, and hope the same guys that drafted these will have enough foresight to keep doing it year after year!!  Sooner rather than later we could actually be using Rounds 2-3 & 4 for Depth!!!
Okay, now to address penalties!  Although there is nothing I can say that has not been said several times by some of the professional reporters!!  I think of Shula & that is the FIRST thing that comes to mind!  How did he do it??  Year after year his Dolphin teams were either #1, or usually in the top 5(I think; I BELIEVE!!) for LEAST PENALIZED TEAMS!!!!  I am under the impression that many of these players do not understand the importance of not being penalized.  The discipline & intensity it requires.  As opposed to being "tense" & "undisciplined" which allows a smart QB to gain 5 yards or a first down just by using "inflection"=modulation of the voice; change in pitch or tone of voice.  These small/minor(only in the way attention is paid to them are they small & minor) mental parts of the game are normally what separates Champions from .500 teams, veterans with long careers where physical attributes have become less dominant but the mental part of the game has increased.
Go Phins!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

John Lydgate. "You can please some of the people......"

That famous cliché, or quote made famous by Abraham Lincoln seems to be attached to many of the Tight Ends that play today.
I looked up a few Top 10 & Top 25 lists and they are all pretty similar.  Top 3 in stats, now that one is retired, and the other 2 will hang them up sooner than later: Gonzales, Gates & Witten(I think Sharpe should be included & Gronk probably will last that long; heck, everyone on those lists were fantastic TE's, 1-25 & then some).
Numbers 1 & 2 with Athlon are 2- Gates, & 1-Gonzales.  The only reason I am writing this short opinion is because both TEs had folks complaining about their blocking.  If Gesicki or Smythe end up on one of these lists they will still have someone disagreeing about something.
Keep doing what got you drafted.  Practice & study what might be your lesser talent. The cream will rise, it always does.
In response to Chavez's New Year, New Hope:
I'm very excited/interested in seeing Fitzpatrick play, where ever they put him.
The entire defense seems like it is the start of something special!!  Maybe not this year, but in 1 or 2 if we keep what we have & add or tinker, I feel very optimistic about them.
Offense??  My hope is for the OL. On paper, could be special.  Having Frank Gore I think was a great signing.  Drake will continue from the second half of last year, and again if the OL is tight/solid/communicating, then having Ballage as your 3rd back will also produce quality yards catching or running.
No one expects much, or they enjoy bashing the Phins because this franchise was a dominating organization among teams in the Northeast, and an elite team in the NFL! You can be again!!

Sunday, August 05, 2018

New Year, New Hope?

So here we are, ready to embark on another year of Dolphin football. I have been doing a little reading about how the preseason has gone so far and I have a few thoughts about these Dolphins.

Good lord we have a bunch of really good receivers and defensive ends. We can only keep so many. Hopefully, some of the receivers that are a long shot to make the team have a great preseason so we can possibly trade one of them for a draft pick. 

Speaking of trades, if I was the Miami brass, I would be shopping Andre Branch. They could possibly fill a position of need this year or get a decent draft pick. These trade ideas are of course dependent of the health of the WRs and DEs. 

Everyone is making a big deal about the less than stellar scrimmage that Tannehill had Saturday. I say who gives a damn? Anyone remember when Tanne came out in the first preseason game a few years ago and went like 7/7 with an opening drive TD? Look how that season turned out, that was Philbin's last year as coach. People make too much of a big deal about the preseason, just let it play out. Nobody really knows how the season will play out just from preseason play. There is always a few teams that come out of nowhere to make a playoff run, hopefully Miami is on the right side of that coin this year but we shall see.

2 things we know for sure so far are that Xavien Howard and Reshad Jones are going to be balling big time this year if they stay healthy. They have been the only sure things so far in camp.

What observations have you made in Dolphins camp this year?

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