Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Its been quite a ride

I started Dave's Bitchin' Look at the Miami Dolphins back in 1994.  I had the first Dolphins blog.  I hosted the first Dolphins podcast.

I was invited to be an ambassador of the team, and that was kind of fun.

And then...the Fins lost their own way, and I lost interest in the team.  I kept the site up and invited others to write in my place.  But, I occasionally posted something (typically snarky) about what I saw. 

I never knew what I was going to do next.  Maybe come back to writing?  Maybe find a new way to expand my reach?  Or maybe just quit?

To be clear, I stopped watching the fins because of what I considered stupid decisions - from coaching, to personnel, to ownership, . 

But now as 2018 dawns, I have different feelings about the Dolphins, and the whole NFL.  I won't get into that here.  The list of reasons is long and includes concussions, money, politics, pace of play, and so much more. 

And, moreover, the product is not watchable anymore IMHO; if they can't even figure out what qualifies as "a catch" then how can anyone play the game?

And so the decision became clear: I'm done with the fins, and the NFL.  (and lest you think I'm kidding, I actually parted ways with ALL of my Dolphins memorabilia, except for a few pieces from the 70s and early 80s that I picked up at the time).

I have no more interest, and don't want to invest any more time or energy into any of this.

I considered simply abandoning this site, but I decided instead to leave it up for those who would care to write about the team.

I want to thank all of you who read my ramblings and interacted with me.  It was, as I say, quite a ride.

A new chapter awaits me.

Don't worry,  I've got other things to occupy my time.

To quote from Star Trek "Hailing frequencies closed"

-- Bitchin Dave