Saturday, July 28, 2018

Probably Media Needing to Write About Something, But...??? I Have Seen It Before.

It can seem like a whole lot of nothing/complaining/discontent because you are no longer in Sunny FL with the Atlantic a stones throw away; South Beach(if you want to go people watching or feel terrible about the New Years Diet you gave up on January 10); or a plethora of other wonderful things to spend time enjoying.
Not that Cleveland isn't a wonderful city. Lebron has brought his one man show to the West Coast so it has to be better??
There's the Rock & Roll, I'm thinking Paris & The Louvre??  Still, Lake Erie is just as, or a combination of colors like many of the tropical fish in the Atlantic.
I'm being far too critical. After all there have only been 2 supposed criticisms by Jarvis Landry about the Dolphins.  But every reporter with a boss has to write about it, so it's rehashed or beaten like a dead horse until something new/better/worse/ happens.
Still, there is something about what I have read or heard that makes me feel Jarvis is not at all happy about his new surroundings.  I need to emphasize that!  What I am sensing comes from my incredible ability to misinterpret quotes from famous/talented athletes. 
For example, when I use to go bar hopping with Wilt, I'll skip that one. Someone might get the wrong impression about.....everything I have ever done.

A few years back, 2012-13(??) we(Phins) swapped draft pick order basically with the Browns, along with Devone Bess.
Looking at the 2 players, Bess & Landry I immediately noticed their names were spelled differently.  Again my lightning quick ability to notice certain letters that are shaped different than other letters has always given me a step up on my competitors. For years I have known there are, 26 letters in.....crap.....the alphabet, enabling me to....enabling me a dictionary!!  Again giving me an advantage over my competitors while they struggle through learning "google" on computers.  5 minutes at the most will it take me to locate any word in my trusty "Words. All of 'Em." by Andrew Dice Clay. 
"Google!" Trust me.  Don't buy the stock, it'll never catch on.
So my point No, I'm bored.  Maybe this is a stretch, but Landry now has the experience of the "absolute business & only business" side of the NFL.  I think he wanted to stay with Miami....or, maybe he wanted to play anywhere BUT Cleveland.
I did a little research and discovered that Cleveland hasn't had a very good football team for.....a few years?  Odd because they always seem to have 3 or 4 of the first 10 picks in round one?
I'm gonna disagree with myself on that one.  I am still amazed by the Johnny Manziel draft choice.  Truly ludicrous!! Who in the heck really thought 10 other players were going to follow this dudes lead on Sunday afternoon?  Yes, I will eat my words if he succeeds in the....where is he now, back at A&M?  If he doesn't make it who thinks he follows Tim Tebow's continual attempt at not working for a living?  I saw a picture of Tebow in a dugout looking at his hands, counting his fingers.  Team Trainer sitting next to him asked if he was alright, did he hurt his hand?  Tim responded with "No." Followed by "Are you sure?  You have to be 50 to play in the Champions Tour?"