Saturday, February 24, 2018

Dave’s take: on jonathan Martin, and parkland ...

Jonathan Martin showed up in the news again, and it’s for the wrong reasons.  After what took place in parkland, this is just plain dumb. In short, he made an Instagram threat using a gun, and it prompted a school closure, and he was taken into custody.

One thing I would say is that mental health issues are real, and that is something we should certainly focus on.

And while we’re on the topic...parkland is not too far away from the dolphins facility.  My heart breaks for those kids, and those families.  They are a part of my community.

If you would like to help in some way, here are a couple of ideas...

The dolphins made a donation of $100,000 to the Stoneman Douglas victim fund. And you can too.

You can donate and/or take part in a March... #NeverAgain

You can donate blood in your local community (and while that may not help here, it will surely help somewhere)

You can engage your state and federal representatives in a discussion about guns and gun control.

The thing I have come to realize is that the high schoolers of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, and we need to listen to their voices.  This is not about politics or party, or anything of the sort.  This is about a better tomorrow for themselves.