Saturday, January 27, 2018

A generation gap? Or lack of interest?

My sons high school marching band participated in the Dan Marino walk about autism (a great event; you can donate here>

They were told they were going to get a special surprise today. It was....a visit by dan Marino!  He stopped by to say hi and take pictures.

Only problem was that many of the kids didn’t know who Marino was. Some thought he was a contestant on one of the singing shows. Others asked who the old guy was and why he was taking pictures. Keep in mind they were at joe Robbie stadium.

It’s amusing on the surface, but realizing he retired before many of these kids were born - and the dolphins are largely forgotten these days - it’s not totally surprising.

As I’ve said before, the dolphins need to capture the hearts of this generation. But they aren’’s weird.... But to be fair, it is much harder to get them to engage in much these days. And attitudes towards sports are changing. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

A few comments and observations about the championships

Ahhh the patriots. Was there every really a doubt they would win? The only question was whether they win it honestly or win it with a minor assist from the refs (I’d argue the series before the half the two big penalties was somewhat of a turning point)...after all,  their win was a given. But props to the jags for putting up a fight.

And would you look at that? Blake Bortles has himself another good game. To the doubters. Phhhhhbbbbt.

I was wondering when I saw all the confetti at the end...what would they have done with it if the pats lost?

And, What’s up with all the horn blasts? Is there that much ship traffic entering the famous foxboro harbor?

I was torn about the second game. Both backup qbs. With the win, the Vikings would be playing at home, which has never happened. But the eagles have Doug Pedersen, a former dolphin and a guy who maybe shoulda been their coach, though he was never seriously considered....

It’s kinda sorta hard to believe that the eagles totally blew out the Vikings. But the eagles did have the best record, so there’s that.  It was no fluke, in spite of changing qbs.

The eagles go into the Super Bowl with Jay Ajayi.  It’d be amusing if he someohow won the mvp, or had a monster game wouldn’t it?

Of course, you also have Chris Long making his second straight appearance; this time against the patriots.  You may recall that he was taken second overall when the dolphins got Jake long, so there’s that.

And what’s not to love about Blount facing his former team?

And as for the backup qb who won, you can simply insert an obligatory comment about how much better he is than tannehill. Because my computer automatically inserts a negative tannehill comments on every post.  That’s just the way it goes.

Predictions: As far as the pats go, I have no doubt at all they’ll win it all again.

...Brady surely still has some years left in him. So the dolphins still have to wait for a chance to be relevant.  Yes the dolphins can still confound Brady in Miami. But they ain’t winning anything playoff-wise until he retires. But this isn’t just about Miami.  Realistically, no one is doing anything until he hangs up his cleats ....Maybe by then, there’ll be a new owner in Miami, and he (or she) will get things right.