Sunday, October 28, 2018

Wow! Now that's More Like It!!

That was good, & about time.  No more worrying about what the fans think by hanging in on games & then losing it.
Be your true self.  You suck Dolphins.  For all I know, you may be good enough to win.  You may be 1/2 234ing it, wanting to play elsewhere, not risking an injury, have a terrible coaching staff, I'm sure there is a great amount more.
I know you are good enough to win.  Every NFL team is.  The talent & coaching ability is peaked by the time the NFL is reached by all those that have used a single mindedness to reach their ultimate goal. Sure, other things involved along the way, but that incredible mental attitude, desire, concentration, eyes behind their head to see those untrusted leaches with unimaginable charisma, charm, velvety tones of music in place of words, a triton in one hand and a long pointed tail!!
Yes, whatever it is that has taken hold in S FL is not going to go away until someone grows a pair of BALLS!!!
It is beyond obvious this is an NFL agenda for some secret reason.  Me, it's a reflection of how society is viewed.
Go ahead and throw me your best crap.  I know this is the major reason, supported by the smaller stories at your 6-8-12% support.  Just like a political election with the elephants vs the donkeys, each with a major player and a few underneath sucking votes, and pushing competitors into a danger zone like a NASCAR Race.
The Reason: Miami has never recovered in America's eyes when Castro, I guess convinced the Peanut Farmer he would send several boats loaded with Cuba's best athletes, students, visionaries, many of Lenin's direct descendants called "Octobers Finland Station Revolution Group of Communist Comrades by Lenin for the Betterment of Women with Breast Cancer, or OFSRGCCLforBWBC"
Yes, the Great US of A still holds a grudge against that city for supposedly starting the Cocaine revolution of the 70's & 80's.
It's over!! The opioid crisis dwarfs what happened with coke.  Although it is difficult to line them up and compare damage. Difficult to designate a street drug price, influences that swing the price.  It's like the old question about why smoke was not & still is not legal in many places.  You can't price the absolute hi-end of marijuana.  The true, the folks looking for only truth from the extraction of.....somehow I....had an itch & I can't scratch it. Well, shoot. And there's my wife calling that dinner's ready.
By the way, this is a maid speaking! 
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