Wednesday, October 24, 2018

why have they waited so long??

I'm at the point where I don't care if Parker plays well for another team. He isn't going to do squat for the Dolphins. TRADE HIM. CUT LOSSES.
Let him walk away for no return, is that what we're trying?????
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They have no choice but to use him. They have no more receivers. I'm with you though....get rid of butter cup! He's a big sissy that's always hurt! He doesn't even go and fight for the ball. He watches as it get intercepted!!! He's a bust!


An oxygen waster on the roster, that's what Parker is. Shoold have been traded or dealt with long tie ago. Ford and Carrou never had a chance to develop. One or both of them have high ceilings but still on the practice squad.


This team does not change - same issues over and over. Why would you keep a guy like Parker around - what kind of message does that send to the team. This organization does not know how to build a complete team. You draft a TE in the 2nd and 3rd rd - why?? You don't throw to them much at all so why TWO high picks on that position when you need a young QB to groom and you need OL and DL badly. And something people may not like but when is the last time Wake made a tackle? At some point you need to learn from NE and get rid of guys maybe a year or 2 early but get something for them. Our line gets pushed around way too much and guys like Wake just run wide and keep taking themselves out of the play. Good thing they drafted Harris with their #1 last year - that was a good pick - NOT!