Saturday, September 15, 2018

OK, I'm Gonna Put it Beyond My Thinking

It's not really my fight.  Not that I do not care a great deal, and if asked to work in favor of a solution I would try my best. BUT:
1) I'm not a racist.  Not by any measure to the folks that let it control their actions.
2) I have ZERO control over ANYONE deciding to sit or stand for the anthem, or the flag or both.
Which leads me to how I try to solve many problems, but I forget about it because of who I am & the problems that exist in my life.  So for myself, & I know dang well millions of others out there, from now on when I allow this issue to bring out emotion in myself....emotion enough to get me ranting, I will use a prayer that millions of us try to practice but too often forget.
Now I'm sure there are many that think I have gone overboard.  But being a huge fan of the Miami Dolphins and having spent so much time & energy in my life to witness the events the NFL puts on,...or just not wanting to miss seeing one of JJ's areola's again?.?.?.  The result of me turning my back would leave such a void in my life I would need to change & fill many areas. Well, I'm going to give myself at least 3-5 years in hopes of positive change by the NFL.  So, with great respect for Reinhold Niebuhr, I am committing myself to use a version of the prayer longer than most use, I think?.?.?.
"God, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

Living one day at a time, Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace, Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is, Not as I would have it,
Trusting that you will make all things right, If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.


Now, I am a master at placing not one, but two feet in my mouth......ya' know, to try and stay current let me say that I can very easily place a "qwerty," no matter which way or angle,......well shoot......whatever, in my mouth.  How else do you say it?  I have often put 2 keyboards on my hands?  I'm known for sticking a Logitech into my left ear, all the way in without it departing from my right ear? 
Would anyone say I have trouble staying on topic?  Would anyone ask, Hey, knucklehead, what in the #$%@ is the topic??  The topic is once again about standing or not for our National Anthem.  And I have 2 additional thoughts to add.
Okay, this is basically a black-white issue.  The Serenity Prayer, the title of that prayer I just typed, obviously is based on Christianity.  Christianity is largely a white & Hispanic religion.
I do not remember how many religions there are in this world?  I remember in one of my college courses something about 23 or 24 Core religions?.?.?.  If you knew ANYTHING about how I spent my time in college, you would not trust what I just wrote!  Because I studied so hard on so many topics that.......gonna stop, never been a good liar.
Anyway, the point of that 23-24 Core religion statement is this:  The course was .......Philosophy of Religion (recommended for those persons interested spending their lives working in Politics.  If you believe that, capitalism is not for you. After all religion is about faith, worship, and many would say trying to help others or do good, not evil. On the other hand, capitalism is a ....political/economical system controlled by private owners (as opposed to government/state) void of morality.  Why?  Because the idea is to make money, and to make money often means......GREED.) It kind of stinks because the closest happy medium for free market & communism is socialism. And many people think communism & socialism are the same. Even deeper, the more uneducated there are the more confusion about meaning.  The more educated, less confusion yet your lower class is going to increase because they do not understand what the educated see as simpler ways of living & they do not have the $ to learn the simpler ways, nor buy the products that make it simpler.
Give me a show of hands of how many people know what a snowball is!!  7??  There are only seven of you that know what a snowball is?  Well how many of you are reading this right now? Again, hands please?  4!!!  FOUR!!!!  Fine.  I'll finish this with how I actually feel instead of trying to get people to think I'm not insane.
The religion thing I wrote about:  23-24.  Well, line 'em up against one another as you would a sporting teams.  Throw 7-8 categories at the top and then percentile them.  I have an excellent recipe for chili.  What you find out about these religions is that they are very similar.  The most amazing(to me) is that each religion, all 24, had a story about a man swallowed by a big fish and then was spat out 3 days later on dry land. Now, that is complete BS!!!!  But, the common themes to each religion are so similar it widens your eyes.  A Basic 10 commandments/rules/orders...major prophets or an actual .....son of God, or last messenger of Allah. 
My point being, if you like the wording of the Serenity prayer, change a couple names to let it match your faith.  OH GOODNESS!!  "You Blasphemer!!"  And I'm the one overboard!!
Get over yourself you color haters.  You are being passed by!!  I've actually spoken with a few PEOPLE that seem to be enjoying their time on this planet and are interested in sticking around as long as their health is good.  They said they weren't interested in taking a boat to a small island in the S Pacific, shooting all that lived there, and then having 10-12 guys raise an American Flag as a sign of what........MINE!
I've ranted to long & I think my 2 points may have melded somewhere along the way.?.?.?  I also make a really good banana desert.  I'm wondering if I should leave my address for those wanting to send me money??  If you give me your address I'll drive over & pick it up!  With an autographed photo of my wife.  No, of me......ya' know I have a really good picture of my 4th grade class.  I'm in the last row & there's a guy elbowing me in the gut just as the picture is taken.  I can still remember:  finally, this bully was caught in the act!!
When the class pictures came out.  He became the most popular kid in the school.  Everyone was shaking his hand, teachers were hugging him, & the girls were going crazy over him.  I will never forget that kid.  One of these days I'll find him....yup, Urban Meyer was his name.  For all I know he's passed away.  I know he amounted to nothing because all he did in class was draw X's & V's on paper all day long.  There are 24 other letters in the alphabet & he just would practice almost the last letters.  Seldom used in words.  Talk about a dummy.
My BASIC POINT:  I'm gonna watch my team play.  You don't want to stand, obviously you have a very important belief or idea causing you to do something considered unpatriotic, brave, etc., etc., etc.  Okay.  I hope in some crazy way it can make blacks & whites understand each other better.  It's not violent so it is okay in my book.  We have brains & mouths.  Let's keep the violence out and work on a way to get along. I know it seems corny, but I always think of RKings words="Can we all just get along? Can we get along?"
If you're a Miami Dolphin, it's time to take the division back.  C'mon guys, don't let Broadway Darnold be the next great QB that has his own PSP setting.  OL, make it like the early 70's when there was a 3-headed monster in the backfield=Kick, Morris, & Csonka=Gore, Drake, & Ballage!!!!
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Sorry man, I disagree with you 100%. I can't support a league that doesn't support the things that i believe in. I will not spend ANY of my hard earned dollars supporting a team that supports racist, hateful, anti-american, and anti-cop views.


I would also say I don't like the disrespect for the flag, the troops, the police and those who give their lives in service of ur country. They can say it's not disrespect because they have no consideration for others. You can keep waving your hand in front of my face and I keep telling you that I don't like it but you keep saying it's not offensive and keep doing it anyway. That's what the kneelers are doing. You are disrespecting your country and we are telling you that you just don't want to admit it.

Second, your claim of socialism being a happy medium and capitalism as evil shows how little you understand history and the results of these economic systems. Capitalism and the Republic of the USA has increased the standard of living for the entire world and brought civilization to much of it. Socialism has never even once worked. As matter of fact it has caught great suffering for large populations of people. Socialism has never raised the standard of living. I really don't get how someone can get through an education in our country and not understand that.


David & Steven,
I'll always be slow to respond to your messages, which I appreciate greatly, because I use a pc; do not have my gmail synched with my phone. Phone is small, my vision is terrible so....I'll shut-up & talk shop. Try answer in order?.?.?.
Okay #1 Supporting racism, hateful, anti-American and anti-cop views. I'm getting the feeling that I have inserted EVERYTHING POSSIBLE into my mouth on my last blog view. Those are supreme. They're at the top of everything detrimental to society and the chance for some kind of understanding between two groups of people. Wow....there are white & black players on these teams. Is the money so good that the white men let it go? Can you give me examples of your accusations. You obviously know a good deal more than I about the situation.

Please do not bite my head off, but is it not possible the 4 things you claim to be disrespected, things that white people have read into the action of kneeling.
They are angry about Police brutality by white officers against black men. Was it ever mentioned by the SF QB that this is why I'm kneeling: I disrespect the flag, American troops, & those who have given their lives for the country? Did he say it first, or did white society say your kneeling during the anthem means you are disrespecting these things? Do not intentionally act ignorant. I hate, "HATE" disrespect for the police! I believe that job to be the most difficult job in this country, & I have high respect for the law.
We all know disrespect for the flag & the troops is not their complaint. Why are we changing the argument??
I was speaking on the peripheral about government. My understanding of history is beyond anything you will ever experience. You're right. I don't know crap about the economic results of a free market country president controlled by a brokerage & security dealings firm. Let's leave out the insurance companies for right now because I don't want to confuse you.
You say Socialism has never raised the standard of living, has never worked, and has caused suffering for large populations. I feel you. I used the word Socialism to represent several governments in Europe only because I was being lazy. But just as I said, it is not understood. The word has become a pariah and so countries have chosen new names. Kind of like not hearing the name Adolf around the school yard very much.
Do you see what we are doing. My words mean to me what my life has taught me. Ditto for you. You want to argue about this I must see your eyes. Other wise, "it's all colored bubbles."
My God, America has become a televised version of professional speech writers.
EVERYONE KNOWS WHY THEY ARE KNEELING!! Why are we changing it into an argument WE would rather have?? What are we scared of? Go on, say it, I know you're scared of nothing. BS!


The "protesters" want to simplify the outrage against their actions into a simple disagreement about “patriotism”. They, and you, are missing the mark by a long shot. What they fail to understand is that the white community is simply sick and tired of being told we are racist. We are sick and tired of being blamed for every conceivable ill and bad thing that happens to blacks in this country. This racist narrative is shoved down our throat every day within the school systems, the national holidays, in our places of employment, in the news, in the constant protests, in the affirmative action policies, and now, even during our sporting entertainment venues. When will the black community stop blaming whitey, and work to overcome their own problems of fatherless households, gang violence, drugs, prostitution, rap music glorifying everything that is wrong in their own community? When will the black community stop pointing out the speck in their neighbors eye when they have a plank in their own? That is the real issue and the real elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. WHY? Because if a white person does talk about it, then said white person is branded a RACIST. This outrage isn’t about “patriotism”, it’s about the white community sick and tired of being called racists. I am not a racist, but I am sick and tired of being called one. Until whites can talk about race issues without being branded racists, then there will be no progress in the racial relations in this country. This isn’t about “patriotism” it’s about white folks pushing back against being branded as racists. I, and many like me, refuse to support an organization that calls us racists. That's the issue.


KNick, if kneeling is not about disrespecting the flag, then it should not be done during the national anthem when we honor the flag and the people who died defending it. Doing it during the national anthem absolutely is 100% disrespectful, makes it about the flag/patriotism, and taints the "social injustice" message that the players claim to champion. If players simply made their point at a different time and didn't chose to do it during the national anthem, then they would get more traction. Simple solution.


If you don't get allegiance is a standard expectation amongst the civilized.You're a moron.


What I lament about the protests is this: Football used to be one of the few things that would bring people of different backgrounds together. There are far to few things that achieve this in such hyper-political times. Now a past time that used to unite people in a common ground is causing division.

As far as the black/white thing in this country........
Slavery was abhorrent, and it was not until the 1960's until civil rights were enacted for f-cks sake! Red lining neighborhoods, denying credit, denying jobs, intentionally breaking up families and other horrible actions are facts. Mass incarceration, higher conviction rates and death penalties for like crimes are FACTS. And a lot of these things are happening here and now. I could go on and on. Whites in general would like to forget this. I can't blame them as it is a huge f-cking stain on our nations white moral history.

All that said, there does come a point where you have to take in personal accountability, behavior, decisions and change. You can not always point your finger at outside forces, there are times when looking in the mirror is required as well.

I am a white male in my 50's. Where I work I am the minority. An inner city level 1 trauma center. My wife of 33 years is a latina, I have always enjoyed diversity for the flavors and experiences it brings to my life. I am dismayed at the vitriol, anger, race angst, political extremes and discord of American life today.


This is about cops that shoot black people in the back while they are running away. Then, planting a gun on the dead body. Plenty of videos of that. BUT, let's get mad at any and all NFL players who kneel during the anthem. Now you tell me who looks wrong???


I haven't watched an NFL game in 2 years... or there abouts... from the point this whole thing started (Sept 2nd 2016). As a 5th generation US soldier, having both a son and a Daughter who have also served, I refuse to support a league that refuses to recognize that they are entertainment. At the moment they cease to be that - I have no room for them in my life... they have roughly another 6 months... and I will probably cease to care all together. I can watch the NBA, College football - or my own kids (which is probably a better use of my Sunday afternoons anyway). Former Dolphin's fan since 1970.... that's a nice epitaph for an experience tombstone eh?

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Steven Grimes,
FYI, this will be my final comment on this topic! But, to address your last message.
I'm not sure I agree with you about myself missing the mark by a long shot. Try to keep in mind that EVERYTHING about this is relative!! Some facts, but by and far this is an embarrassing squack match for the world to laugh at.
On the other hand, I cannot agree with you more about the sick and tired racist accusations about anything a white person says or does.
Plus the rest of your message about lifestyle. Again, agree 100%. Thank you for the comments and definitely enlightening me about more views. I wish you good things in your life.

Obviously very wise. No, I didn't say old, I said wise. Thank you! Great frame of mind!!

I'm going back to what makes me happy. Watching the Phins. I realize I never have given 2 cents, or I mean been concerned about their politics. I feel like a moron for getting involved. I always considered myself of decent intelligence(unless I was talking to a pretty woman, then I was genius level all the way). After writing a few opinions about the kneelers, I feel like I became a fan of professional wrestling.
See Ya!