Sunday, September 16, 2018

No More Politics from this Phin Fan

I try to learn from my mistakes.  Sometimes it takes 15-20 years, but I learn.  And I have no interest in the pregame crap, why it is, what it isn't, yada yada yada.  I like watching the Dolphins win!!
I LOVE watching the Dolphins play FB & keeping that little yellow napkin/hanky/flag out of their actions.  Opponents, you have permission to use the yellow napkin as you see fit!!
Sloppy game in the 2nd ha.....Sloppy game.  A win is a win.  This feeling I have right now is so enjoyable....I really had forgotten it.
And I'm not an idiot.....well.....I just know that there are 15 weeks remaining, and several changes of momentum, injuries, coaches using white powder with professional......hhhmmm.....professional....humans that are prettier than me, &
No critique.  Just gonna smell the flowers all week until Wed. or Thur. when I start considering Oakland.
Mr. Gore, I wish you had spent so much more of your career in your home town.  Regardless, you are here now, and you are a professional FB player & beyond!!  Before you are inducted you deserve a SB WIN!!  You know the way!!  Help us pace ourselves and make it happen!!

I don't know Ryan, I think that knee injury will not allow you to move well, or run for first downs.  You're gonna get stuck in the pocket and get sacked.  What else has the media said??  Great LEADERSHIP Tann, WELCOME BACK!!!!!
I would say something good about all of you but I bet Adam is tearing you up about what you didn't do.?.?.?
CONGRATULATIONS!!!  No idea if we'll win another game, but holding down the confidence on Darnold for the week was key!!
And the RUN DEFENSE!!! 
And an awesome PUNTING job!!

One thing. Mr. Kilgore. What do you call that special type of.....hand off/snap/.....please don't take offense to this, but did you know, or were you aware your right hand was resting on top of the game ball before that play started??  Hey man if you didn't know it's cool!  Future reference though, I'm almost positive that C is your position and your responsibility is to give Ryan the ball so he can do one of those X & O things that Adam creates.
When I was playing for the St. Louis Cardinals, I was the C.  We didn't use the shot-gun.  I was forced to make sure Jim Hart got behind me & not one of our G's.  Mostly I tried to show him how to throw a spiral.  He never got it so we ended up giving the ball to Terry most of the time.  Or maybe not?

GREAT WIN DOLPHINS!!!  I swear it appears as if Adam did get the attitude change he was trying for.  And all those men that helped him!

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The lack of just running the ball is just bad. We had a chance to milk the clock and wear them down and of course the wide receiver screen and 2 pass plays and punt. I am not calling for our HC's job because he needs more time but his play calling which is supposed to be his perfection is killing me!!!!


I'm not sure if we're on the same page, but I believe so.?.?.? My issues about play calling really become irritated when a team, any team, the Dolphins find themselves in a position such as today.
If, "IF" you have Emmitt Smith & that Cowboys OL, milk as often as you please. Those perfect milking conditions are found few & far between!!
Up 20-0 only by the grace of the omniscient being, we needed to stay the course. DO NOT BECOME CLOCK WATCHING CONSERVATIVE!!!
I do not know what the plan became in quarters 3 & 4 because of turnovers. Now, Mr. Howard became a hero after the Tannehill.....bumble-flop-squirt-whiff-he gave him the business droppassfumble turnover?(which I believe should become a statistical category worthy of 15-20 minutes of extra slow motion replay; It can only help the game if it allows time extensions for selling more brew)
The second TO, which I already teased Mr. Kilgore enough about; still, that was as close to a kill-shot as it comes. We had it together for the first time in half #2. We dodged a major bullet in the form of "home team crowd momentum spilling over onto the tiny hairs on the back of the Jets necks!"
But hey, there were several momentum killers that we Dolphin fans have become accustom to: 2 off the top of my head: 3rd down conversion failures overturned by that tiny yellow killer. 2 defensive holding calls for a measly 5 yards, but more importantly, start dance practice over. You know, dance practice: 1-2-3-Kick! A lot like our offense last year.
I agree 100% we must keep Adam longer. And although the play calling is not killing me(mostly because there is no more "wildcat"), I hear you & agree with you that it has not been as advertised=his perfection.
Realizing the power behind 1) a turnover, 2) non conversion of down 3, & 3) that unholy little yellow killer on any 3rd down; just those 3 game changers have incredible affect on the game plan(play calling) of any & every head coach out there!!
Just a glimpse into the genius of Shula. He had no time for penalties is an understatement X10. I'd love to know how many games he won because of minimal penalties. I know it's virtually impossible to measure, & I doubt ever been researched....extensively, but it is KEY!!!!!!


How about no more posting... Your articles are painful to read. Sorry.


Sorry that was so harsh, but learn some sentence structure, and don't ramble on so much. Do you drink when you post? Make your point, back it up, and stay on topic.


Some of those 3rd and 1s could have been audibled out of a run called in the huddle after Tannehill saw the defense and liked something better. We really don't know.

Gase allows a lot of flexibility with Tannehill calling a play at the line. I really like the no huddle. Gase gets 25 seconds to look at the defense and tell Tannehill what he prefers. Then if there are any shifts by the defense afterwards, Tannehill can call a different play based on the matchups after the defense adjusts.

We are 2-0. We are not world beaters and I doubt anyone else would think we are. So far we are better than the average teams in the league.


At some point Tannehill is going to cost us a game. It is hard to over come turnovers for any team, our defense has takin up the slack. Two interceptions in game 1, 4 sacks and 2 turnovers game 2? This trend needs to stop. Sure Tannehill has done some good things, but he himself is a momentum killer at times, and is the only offensive player in 2 games with 4 turnovers. Consistency?


Yes Carl. Just sit back, smell the roses, and watch what the rest of the season brings. We'll all be there cheetich.