Friday, September 14, 2018

In New York vs. Broadway Darnold

Being in the AFC East it has almost, "ALMOST" gotten to the point where I will cheer for my rivals as long as New England loses.  But I don't want to see another new, very young, talented QB take over for another northeastern media team.  The same media that despises the Dolphins.
I never like to cheer for bad playing, just better playing by the Dolphins.  However, if there is a city, a media group, and a fan base, or even a loud mouth coach that can blow-up a players head and cause the direction of his career to tremble and shake and falter and run into your own OLM's big behind, well, that would be the big, Apple!!
I would like to add I have NEVER seen a QB with so much talent it is virtually impossible he will NOT lead the Jets to less then 4 or 5 SB wins......and going to Disney World after as well!!
GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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