Sunday, September 23, 2018

Dolphins Use Bottle Caps And Sticks To Go 3-0

"Ok Jakeem, you line up behind me and block for a second and then run down by the Volkswagon. I will give the ball to Frank, who will pitch it to Albert coming around from the left side and he will flip it out to you. If they bite, you should be wide open by the manhole cover."

Chicanery I tell you. It was pure and simple chicanery. Drawn up a thousand times on side streets across America.

No doubt even Adam Gase, as a freckled 10 year old, drew it up years ago on the back street or empty lot prior to calling for it again just a few hours ago.

Only this time it was for first place in the AFC East standings.

And guess what? That wasn't the only side street play called by Gase on Sunday.

"Ok Jakeem, Just come around from the left side and I will toss it to you about a foot in front of me. If you beat them to the Impala, just turn on the burners and get to the End Zone at the corner of the block."

That one worked first. So well in fact that let's see if Albert can do it too.

Only this time from the right side and Albert saw an opening by the mail box and cut it right up the field. TOUCHDOWN!!!

The lights came on the lamp post so "TWO MINUTE WARNING!!"

When 3 receivers and a running back all run under 4.5 second 40 yard dashes, you put all 4 on the field at the same time. Stills 4.45, Drake 4.45, Wilson 4.35 and Grant 4.35.

Good luck trying to cover all that.

You can have twice as much yardage, over twice as many points in twice as much time of possession and guess what?

It doesn't matter. Why?


And you can't coach SPEED. Nope.

You can only sign it and draft it. Simple as that.

Then throw in a couple bottle caps and sticks and turn those cheetahs loose.

The Raiders seemed to dominate this game and yet flew home 8 point losers, up by 10 with 16 minutes left and suddenly down by 11 with 25 seconds left.

The key word there was 'suddenly".

Wow. 3-0 for a team that many thought might win only 2 games this year.

Here is a quick reality check. The 3 teams we beat are a combined 3-6.

We may only be the best of the worst but it sure feels good right now.

This coming Sunday will be a true test of who we are as we visit New England.

As I write this, the 1-1 Patriots are trailing the Lions by 10 with 1:58 left in the 3rd. The Pats will either be 1-2 or 2-1 in another hour.

Either way, we will get their best effort. Regardless of tonight's final score, they cannot lose next Sunday and wind up being at least 2.5 games back.

They will be in beast mode as the Raiders were today.

And hopefully next Sunday, the only one who will be able to catch Albert after he hits his stride will be Jakeem, who, blurry stride for blurry stride, will high five Albert all the way into the end zone.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971
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Carl this is all cool and everything but the dolphins are going to have to compensate me if they expect to keep using my SPECIAL plays to bail them out of a tough game!


Better call Saul.

Or Johnnie Cochran.


We will win in new England next week.we're better than them. Need to come out of the gate better than today though.yikes


david isn't saying much.


ok, ok, here is the stage now set to topple the NE Bad Boys of the division for the past two damn decades...kick there ass in there own house and come out 3 games up before October 1. This will put pressure like never seen before in those parts on the Pats and the degenerating relationship between Brady and Belichick...!!! Cover Gronk, cover Gronk, I said and all will be good. I think this is why Gase let Reshard Jones rest yesterday, have him ready for Pats. Jones and Minkah shadowing Gronk and take away that weapon. Chris Hogan, 7-11, alone is not beating these Phins. Go 4-0 and watch out man, watch out !!


Dolphins overcame a lot in their win yesterday: injuries to two DL, an ejection of another. Phantom calls on the WR's for "holding". The timely drive stopping penalties made it very rough on the offense. Despite all that they found a way to win vs. a desperate Raiders team looking for it's first win. The Patriots will be playing hard next week but their defense is slow as molasses. If a good offense game plan is put together the Dolphins should hang at least 35 points. They need to get to Brady and knock him down a few times early. If they do that they WILL beat the slow and hapless looking Patriots in NE and will have a commanding 3 game lead over the Patsies in the AFC East. GO PHINS~!


David Bond, where oh where is David Bond???


Yep. Quick start needed.


Lol. 155.5 QB rating


Watch out for sure!


Couldn't have said it better.

Get to Brady.


We should all note that the Dolphins have win 3 straight without putting their best foot forward. Love to see a whole game put together where good execution prevails throughout.

Meanwhile we will all be biting our nails while watching and waiting fir the magic sequence of plays that lead us to victory. I am down to bare knuckles today.

I feel the coaches have enough insight and talent to execute better and allow my (our( nails to reach a respectable length.

Fins up.


I was hanging unto that BULLSHIT pick call against Stills that took us out of field goal range before the half. Until we took the lead, that was pissing me off

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The ref crew kept hudling up like take were voting on what they should call


The ref crew kept hudling up like they were taking a vote of what to call.


Looked that way Phil


Tannehill taking a sack in the two minute offense in field goal range is an issue too.


Would've been a long kick but he needed to throw it away