Sunday, August 05, 2018

New Year, New Hope?

So here we are, ready to embark on another year of Dolphin football. I have been doing a little reading about how the preseason has gone so far and I have a few thoughts about these Dolphins.

Good lord we have a bunch of really good receivers and defensive ends. We can only keep so many. Hopefully, some of the receivers that are a long shot to make the team have a great preseason so we can possibly trade one of them for a draft pick. 

Speaking of trades, if I was the Miami brass, I would be shopping Andre Branch. They could possibly fill a position of need this year or get a decent draft pick. These trade ideas are of course dependent of the health of the WRs and DEs. 

Everyone is making a big deal about the less than stellar scrimmage that Tannehill had Saturday. I say who gives a damn? Anyone remember when Tanne came out in the first preseason game a few years ago and went like 7/7 with an opening drive TD? Look how that season turned out, that was Philbin's last year as coach. People make too much of a big deal about the preseason, just let it play out. Nobody really knows how the season will play out just from preseason play. There is always a few teams that come out of nowhere to make a playoff run, hopefully Miami is on the right side of that coin this year but we shall see.

2 things we know for sure so far are that Xavien Howard and Reshad Jones are going to be balling big time this year if they stay healthy. They have been the only sure things so far in camp.

What observations have you made in Dolphins camp this year?

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In the NFL, attrition and the injury bug are the big factors. Front seven on defense is still a question mark. The defensive backs look good. The offense will be the biggest factor after injuries. We have the same old Tannehill that sees open and passes, instead of throwing open a receiver. The new tight end might be a red zone threat, but can't block worth a dime. I suspect the kid from Notre Dame might make a more reliable all purpose TE. Looking for Jakeem Grant to have an increased role. The O-line will need to stay healthy. Big question marks on the season, but I did put a small wager on the over for wins on the season.


We were ranked near the bottom in Red Zone efficiency last season. Which is why we drafted Gesicki out of Penn State. His size and ability to go up and get the ball going to be his forte. He will be split wide as well to create favorable matchups with his speed. I am not concerned about his lack of blocking prowess. I know why we got him.

Smythe, out of Notre Dame, is your prototypical TE. Great blocker and he also has good hands. Smythe may very well play more than Gesicki but he won't score like Gesicki will.

The O and D lines are the worries right now. Can we run the ball? Can our D Line penetrate and/or free up the LBs to make plays? That's what I want to see.

This is a big season for Tannehill. He either produces or we draft a QB next year. I would not be surprised to see Osweiller take over at some point. I like Tannehill but he needs to click.

Our new place kicker, whomever wins the position, is a concern. You just never know how rookies will react with a game on the line.

I am keeping my expectations in check but ever hopeful for the playoffs.


As fans we cannot determine anything. But, just to have faith and cheer them on. If they do well and stay relatively healthy there is no reason to say they can't. Tannehill is our QB and we should back him regardless. The team loves him and so does Gase. On paper, we have marginal talent but, talent alone will not get you to the playoffs. When the schedule came out in April I saw it as if they start hot there is a possibility of 10 to 11 wins. We'll see. GO DOLPHINS!!!