Tuesday, August 07, 2018

John Lydgate. "You can please some of the people......"

That famous cliché, or quote made famous by Abraham Lincoln seems to be attached to many of the Tight Ends that play today.
I looked up a few Top 10 & Top 25 lists and they are all pretty similar.  Top 3 in stats, now that one is retired, and the other 2 will hang them up sooner than later: Gonzales, Gates & Witten(I think Sharpe should be included & Gronk probably will last that long; heck, everyone on those lists were fantastic TE's, 1-25 & then some).
Numbers 1 & 2 with Athlon are 2- Gates, & 1-Gonzales.  The only reason I am writing this short opinion is because both TEs had folks complaining about their blocking.  If Gesicki or Smythe end up on one of these lists they will still have someone disagreeing about something.
Keep doing what got you drafted.  Practice & study what might be your lesser talent. The cream will rise, it always does.
In response to Chavez's New Year, New Hope:
I'm very excited/interested in seeing Fitzpatrick play, where ever they put him.
The entire defense seems like it is the start of something special!!  Maybe not this year, but in 1 or 2 if we keep what we have & add or tinker, I feel very optimistic about them.
Offense??  My hope is for the OL. On paper, could be special.  Having Frank Gore I think was a great signing.  Drake will continue from the second half of last year, and again if the OL is tight/solid/communicating, then having Ballage as your 3rd back will also produce quality yards catching or running.
No one expects much, or they enjoy bashing the Phins because this franchise was a dominating organization among teams in the Northeast, and an elite team in the NFL! You can be again!!
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K Nick is back!!

I am excited to see the rookies play Thursday night. Let's face it, the starters will bang a couple plays and get out.