Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Its been quite a ride

I started Dave's Bitchin' Look at the Miami Dolphins back in 1994.  I had the first Dolphins blog.  I hosted the first Dolphins podcast.

I was invited to be an ambassador of the team, and that was kind of fun.

And then...the Fins lost their own way, and I lost interest in the team.  I kept the site up and invited others to write in my place.  But, I occasionally posted something (typically snarky) about what I saw. 

I never knew what I was going to do next.  Maybe come back to writing?  Maybe find a new way to expand my reach?  Or maybe just quit?

To be clear, I stopped watching the fins because of what I considered stupid decisions - from coaching, to personnel, to ownership, . 

But now as 2018 dawns, I have different feelings about the Dolphins, and the whole NFL.  I won't get into that here.  The list of reasons is long and includes concussions, money, politics, pace of play, and so much more. 

And, moreover, the product is not watchable anymore IMHO; if they can't even figure out what qualifies as "a catch" then how can anyone play the game?

And so the decision became clear: I'm done with the fins, and the NFL.  (and lest you think I'm kidding, I actually parted ways with ALL of my Dolphins memorabilia, except for a few pieces from the 70s and early 80s that I picked up at the time).

I have no more interest, and don't want to invest any more time or energy into any of this.

I considered simply abandoning this site, but I decided instead to leave it up for those who would care to write about the team.

I want to thank all of you who read my ramblings and interacted with me.  It was, as I say, quite a ride.

A new chapter awaits me.

Don't worry,  I've got other things to occupy my time.

To quote from Star Trek "Hailing frequencies closed"

-- Bitchin Dave
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I'm with you dave, the NFL is a dumpster fire. Nothing but hot garbage. Cant believe all the time I wasted on this league. Been a fan since 72.


Fair enough Dave and much respect for keeping true to yourself. I don’t know how many writers you have on this site, but I wouldn’t mind writing a few articles if you need more.


Hi Dave:

I've been a rabid fan since the first day Coach Shula donned his aqua and orange. I watched every game every season, occasionally finding an away game in my area to attend in person. I've stuck through all the ups and downs with the team, which has been especially hard for the last decade. However, last year i only watched on full game and watched part of a couple others. All the things you mentioned have ruined the game for me. I still follow the team and post on the websites, but i really could care less whether they win or lose, and i refuse to support the NFL with my $. I now spend my Sundays hunting or doing BBQ with the family. Anyway, i always liked your posts and i used to always look forward to your first ones of the season. Take care and good luck with your new hobbies. As you say, it was a good ride. Times and seasons change.


Brian - or anyone who is interested - send an email to and I can add you.


Never say never Brother.

I hope you find a passion worthy of your time and energies. I truly do.

I started at a new company in March, selling at Coldwell Banker,and have been so busy. So much that I am writing this waiting for my client to arrive to look at a home. were and are a trail blazer when it comes to covering the Dolphins and providing a sounding board for Dolfans around the world. You should be very proud of that. I will continue to contribute to the site and honor your legacy.

As you drift on into the sunset, know that I have been blessed by my association with this site. Bitchin'Dave's will continue to provide an opportunity for Dolfans around the world to voice their opinions and with each "Submit" I click, I will remember you fondly and look out into the horizon for your return.

God Bless You Dave.


Thanks Carl. I appreciate your kind words. And thank you for taking part in all of this.


@ Dave:

Yes, I agree with everything you said, I too have found other hobbies and my wife has found a few for me also! (Like building her compost bins and hanging tree swings 20 feet in the air for my kids!) I have also started smoking, no, not cigarettes, smoking meat! BBQ! And I have found I am quite good at it but for some reason, I can’t totally give up this team, it’s like being brainwashed in an abusive relationship or something. All that being said, thank you Dave for everything and also for keeping the site up. I appreciate it as I am sure most of the writers and readers do as well!


Best of luck and keep the faith!! We'll keep a light on for you. T


There are soooo many of us (I'm sure) that are on the brink of letting go as well. In the past few years our ritual of attending the home opener (35 years strong)has turned in to "lets just have fun and catch up....and see the Fins play for nostalgic reasons." I'm sure your decision was tough but it is understood by I'm guessing here..more than you realize. Good luck and Godspeed!


I know why have lost interest, you were a band wagin jumping fool to begin witb and when thinhs got hard u gave up and i say good riddins to all of you fake ass fans. Amd im 33 and never seen a super bowl or a playoff win in my adult life but i keep on truckin. FINS4LIFEBABY!!!!


New name for site Smokin'Lawrence's


1. Thanks for the well wishes all
2. Smoking Lawrence’s. Nice
3. gold star for Brian G. If you love it, have at it. ;)


Do what you gotta do man. See ya when we’re kicking ass this fall!


Hjlite, not sure how long you have been a fan, I said the same thing for 45 years, after awhile you are tired of getting crushed,this team went into the crapper one robbie sold the team. This league went into the crapper once goodell turned the league into a union craphole, with lousy officiating poor decisions, and money first attitude. You probably dont remember the nfl in the rozelle days or the tagliabue days. Thats too bad, you are used to seeing crap, so you might not know any better.


The pendulum swings. All athletes want to get paid. Baseball had issues after a strike and a homerun race saved it. Football has changed. No doubt about it. But it is still football.

I love the sport. Pro, college and high school, which I referee. I love the Dolphins no matter what. I am a fan. Win, lose or draw.

We had a bad break with Brady in our division and no one to compete. We made some poor decisions with coaches, draft picks, etc, etc. But this too shall swing back for us.

It's been a brutal 15 years. Absolutely brutal. Anyone can turn sour and lose interest. But, for me, I love the sport. I will watch no matter what. If you keep your expectations in check, you're not so disappointed.

Each August I get fired up again. Each late summer hope returns. A break here, an injury there and maybe get into the dance. Anything can happen at that point. Even ugly girls find a partner.

10 wins. That's the goal. Only 10 and see were we go from there. Anything is possible at that point.


See ya Dave. Enjoy your time.