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I DID NOT REALIZE. Please Excuse My Ignorance to Current Events

When certain stories bother me in the news, I turn away from them.  The whole National Anthem debate bothered & confused me.  I made a point of ignoring anything related to it.  And I can see now that I pretty much made myself look/appear like  an ignorant idiot, if that's possible.
HONESTLY, as I ignored anything having to do with the issue, there was a part of me that thought it was losing steam/wearing out.  From the beginning I felt it was a huge misunderstanding. 
NOW, when I think about someone not standing for the National Anthem, or the American Flag, I think that person is uneducated, self-centered, taking advantage of a system/Country that enables that person to live the American Dream but having absolutely no respect for those that carved the way.
For you players that do not stand & do not honor our flag, I truly wish you would take the time to turn your TV channel to 570(DirecTV), Smithsonian channel.  Watch a few episodes of WWII, The Pacific in Color!!
Thank you to all the men & women that defend this Nation, allowing others to make millions playing games.  Why is school important?  
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There are two major exhibits in Washington D.C. that educate the public on WW2. The first is the WW2 Memorial, right on the National Mall. It is a beautiful marble monument filled with quotes, flags, and bronze pictures of the war effort and victory. The other is the Price of Freedom exhibit, which is located in the American History Museum, this one speaks of the reality of the war.

This reality includes segregated units, minorities blood not being given to whites because it wasn't good enough, minorities not being promoted ahead to whites because they'd be in charge of them and that was unacceptable, and minorities returning home and not getting jobs while their white counterparts fell right into careers.

Take some time to read about the Double V campaign, read Truth: Red, White & Black, read about impairment, take some time to think about why we nuked Japan but never considered nuking Germany, basically, take some time to learn about these topics.

Today, you justified the actions you aimed to condemn. You proved you're uneducated on social injustices and World War 2. You sir, are the type of person that these men are trying to educate.


They're NOT dishonoring the flag. That would be turning your back on it, for example. Kneeling is respectful. And the protests are absolutely not directed against the military. The protests are about NOT being able to live the American Dream, which is rather difficult when being unjustifiably shot by a racist cop who can get away with it. (That's not a slam against most cops, who are generally stand-up guys.)


We did not nuke the Germans because the bomb wasn't ready and more importantly the Germans were collapsing once we got into France.

We only nuked the Japanese because they fought to the death and never surrendered. The Japanese took to kamikaze missions when the tide turned drastically in our favor. If we had to invade Japan to win the war we would have lost millions of lives trying to do so. Nuking them was a life saving decision for both sides.

There are much better platforms for African American players to express their displeasure. The press is available immediately following every game and practice. All they have to do is talk. I am afraid they had a good idea with the wrong execution.


That is correct about them not being ready, however my comment was why was Germany never considered? The nukes were a long way coming, but Japan was always the target, why? I respect your knowledge but it’s not quite a fit here.

Same with the Japanase fight to the end narrative, it was true among the hardcore Japanese military leaders for sure. However, before we nuked them we found out they were talking to the Soviet Union about facilitating a surrender, so why nuke them?

The two points you made are what we as a nation have decided to use for justification since the war and both are great points that are commonly taught, in just challenging a bit more research then just remembering these events that portray us in the perfect light.

Sorry for typos, on my cell phone on the metro.


I am a history major, whose father watched every WW II show on tv so, of course, i watchec them too.

For the Japanese, it was a matter of honor to die for their country. We fought for ours but didn't want to die. We wanted to win and go home. Their military leaders weren't running into harms way or flying the kamikaze missions.

I am talking about nuking Japan because you brought it up.


Now the right to dishonor the flag is suddenly about every perceived slight against a minority in the whole history of the Republic?! Like there's some grand balance that keeps track of all these slights and its woefully leaning in the favor of these minorities? In reality the message is muddled. Is it about some long held convictions that America was "never that great"... or is it about that of a more recent view... that the cops are disproportionately targeting blacks for shooting, maiming or harassment?... Such as Kenny Stills seems to advocate.
If its the latter; perhaps an education on both sides of the issue is in order. And one that includes actual findings of what those numbers might look like. And what those numbers might look like as relative to the number of violent crimes perpetrated by the various demographics.

Perhaps we'll see that there is no logical basis for the claim. And that the message itself is based in ignorance of the facts.

If we're to lump in all the perceived slights of all the history of this Republic, does it or should it also include the epidemic of Black on Black crime, or the epidemic of Black on white crime, or on Asian, the elderly or virtually any other demographic. If not, why not?


Guys, I am really tired of the excuses made for these players. If it is not about disrespecting the flag or our military, then don't do it during the national anthem (simple solution). This is the most inappropriate time to decide to "Protest". Make your statement at halftime. Better yet, get players together and hold a press conference to promote the message you want to people to hear. This would be a much more constructive way to deliver your message to the American people. Millionaires making a statement about "Social Injustice" during the national anthem accomplishes one thing, it pisses people off. The NFL's ratings will decrease by double digits again this year if they don't shut this down quickly. Fan's tune in to watch football. We do not tune in to see our country and flag disrespected. NFL, get it together or we will stop watching.


Simply put....
Is there racism in police departments since the kneeling began?

Let's face it. The cops who are racist don't give a shit so those who truly care need to find another venue to solve the problem because kneeling isn't working.

What's the definition of insanity....doing the same thing and expecting different results.


No. Now you're ignorant. Unfollowing


Marc...prove me wrong. Don't call me names. This is a discussion.

Has racism stopped?

It ain't working.


Oh of course not, but if you tell someone to watch a WW2 documentary as a way to convince them that American is perfect and stop protesting injustices 70 years later, I feel providing insight as to why america wasn’t perfect in WW2 is relevant. No?

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Trashing America while living the American Dream has become trendy. All the cool (liberals) kids are doing it.


The very same douchenozzles that have man buns and wear masks when they “protest”


The NFL is a business. It is not the players right or platform to discuss civil issues. Any of them, unless the NFL gives them the consent to do so. The NFL made a huge mistake not making rules along these lines before this whole incident. If they do anything to try to stop it even though they have the right, people will cry raciscm for rightfully shutting it down.

These protests kill their bottom line and the NFL is a business. If they said you can protest but we will all make less money, I bet they'd cut it out.

These players make millions and can donate and use their celbrity power to voice their concerns in a well thought out manor, and also use their widely followed social media accounts to voice their concerns. But instead they kneel for the anthem, which is in NO WAY AT ALL considered to be respectful by anyone who has ever served our country and represented that flag by risking their lives. They aim to champion equality by disrespecting our countries flag, and therefore offending anyone who has given their lives for the ideals this countries flag represents.

There is no confusion in my mind at all to this issue. Although I do not like it, I still watch the games and just keep in mind that these people are just entertainers who dance for amusement and their opinions and disrepect for our country are at best ignorant and at worst dispicable. There is a time and a place for things like this, but on the field during an anthem is childish behaivior which has little healing power and is much more inflammatory.


LOL. This is a dumb ass subject already. The fact is this: can these athletes go to any other country and play the same game and make millions )in most cases)? NO! Stand the hell up already.

As for racism. Yes it exists, in EVERY RACE! Are cops racist? Yes. Are bank teller racist? Yes. Are hamburger flippers racist? Yes.

I went to NOLA this summer and went into a restaurant and when my order was ready they yelled “hey white boy! Order up”. Funny thing is that I’m hispanic. Racism only seems to matter to everyone when it’s white on black racism. Why does no other racism Seem to matter to anyone?

David Ortiz stood up for every national anthem in all the years of baseball he played and HE ISNT EVEN AN AMERICAN! Why can’t these NFL players do the same?


Don't put words in my mouth. I didn't say anything similar to that. Your reading into what you want to discredit. America, 70 years ago, perfect? Well, I wasn't alive and as long as there people with opinions in free countries, perfection will be a state of mind and different in every possible way.


The flag is a symbol that represents multiple things. One of them is the military; that is not what the protesters are intending to protest. I think it's a misguided time to protest because of the confusion.

The flag also represents the country as a whole. The protesters are protesting police brutality, which has nothing to do with the military whatsoever.

The concept of the timing is that it is not during the game, but before it. But this time period is nationally televised, giving a megaphone to a few people.

Because there is confusion on people thinking the players should: "Watch a few episodes of WWII,", and the message they are trying to send: "Police shouldn't kill young black people", I think they should find a better way to protest.

The other thing, it's one thing to attend a protest 1 time or 5 times... this is going on years now... at some point they have to move on or find another venue.


The concept of a country is nothing but an illusion to gain political control over you.


Thank the Troops for What ?


As I said ain't working


So MANY falshoods in your post above, Carl Leone !

"Shortening the War" and "Saving Lives"

If Truman was not a War Criminal, then there are no war criminals ! At all !

Harry Truman and the Atomic Bomb


Watch the documentaries on the war in the Pacific. See how hard fought those island battles were. Factor in malaria.

Nobody wanted that war to last any longer than it needed to. We came out of a depression and were battling 2 fronts for 3 years. Europe was a mess. Everyone was tired of war. Too many families suffered enough. Too many lost lives and hurting mothers and fathers. Imagine losing your kid. Or having him come home missing a limb or mentally disabled.

There was so much lost in that war. I give Truman credit for having the guts to make that decision. If he hadn't dropped those bombs, as devastating as they were, Japan would have had to been leveled. They were not going to simply surrender without so much more loss of lives and more families suffering on both sides.

As tragic as they were, those bombs were just as compassionate when you look at what the costs would have been without them.


Talking patriotic nonsense won't clear the murderers !
You didn't even try to read the article I gave you,
Moron !


PLEASE dont call people names. We try to keep it none personal here.


I'm digging my hole early this year, season hasn't even started. So, I have a shovel in each hand now: Mr. Crocodile,
Why don't I ever hear Japanese-Americans, Japanese citizens complain about nuclear bombs destroying 2 cities in their country? Complaints about being put in camps during the war? Because it's over...or I'm sure you have something non-moronic to quote.


My apologies Carl. You know well enough that I type well before I actually think!


This topic spun out of control.

No worries.


I am a vet, my father is a vet, my brother is a vet and if I were playing football I would kneel too. There is no way for me to convince you about the racism i see on a daily basis and it is not about solving the problems, it is about bringing attention to the problems. I will leave you with this bit of social commentary- "What is the only thing that will bring more police officers together than a dunkin donuts? A black man going 5 miles over the speed limit. Pretty sad huh?


I understand how you feel, Kendra. Many others feel the same way. But I find that when the topic of kneeling is discussed by the media or in social media, rarely does the first comment include racism by the police. More commonly it is respect or lack thereof for our country, the flag and veterans who have defended them.

During 1960's, the marchess for civil rights in the south, brought racism clearly out in the open. The media was there to witness and provide visual proof of police and southern citizens beating, spitting on, turning fire hoses on, turning dogs onto and yelling at the marchers. This coverage documented for all to see that racism truly was a problem and Congress finally had to act with the Civil Rights Acts granting even the simple right to vote without hardship or hurdles like having to take a history exam to register.

This tactic of simply marching, were all could witness the violence and hatred of racism, caused our moral consciousness to take action into the bulls eye of solving this problem. There was no side tracking discussions that they are insulting our vets while the protesters carried American flags or why don't they sweep the streets as they March down them or now I cannot drive home as fast with them blocking my route.

This is my issue with the kneeling. The discussion it may have wanted to start has been side tracked into a totally different light and topic. The governing body, the NFL, has taken action as well. But this time to stop it's use and for a totally different reason than it's initial use was intended for.

That's why I state it ain't working. They need a different tactic to provide proof of police racism, embarrass the racist police and finally allow the country's moral consciousness to take action.


I understand what you are saying Carl but at the same time, when you are gifted with talent and in front of a national, sometimes world-wide audience it is very difficult to go against your conscience and not your feelings be known. There was never a time when I thought (as a vet that defended our country) that anyone kneeling during the anthem was disrespecting me but i do find it funny some people who did not fight for our country or are not vets want to make it about that. My dad was in Korea and feels the same way.

The problem with bringing attention to racist police officers, most people do not see it and it is very difficult to explain it, you have to live it. Like getting pulled over going 25 miles over the speed limit with a broken headlight only to hear the police officer asked for my passengers (black man) ID...or my coworker of 25 years and I (also black) go thru a dui check point after work, I get waived thru while he gets his car searched. Being stopped while black, now a days, is much more dangerous than it has been in the past- being white gives you 5 more seconds to prove you do not have a gun- its a cell phone. Being white means you can question a police officer for pulling you over without being arrested and/or beat. Being white means the stand your ground law does not apply to you.

For me, if I were in the national spotlight I would not be able to not ignore the opportunity, even if it meant losing my job, being degraded in the press or in social media. You are right though, it will do nothing to improve the situation and it will not stop racist police officers. But for me, I live in fear- every single day- that one day my husband will jaywalk in front of the wrong police officer and never make it home... Oh, one last thing, keep in mind, i have been a witness to this insanity in one of the most liberal states in the country...Sad and for the most part, the only people that care are the people it effects.