Friday, June 15, 2018

Too Long; I'll Make it My Opening Statement

As soon as I saw Marino Worshiper, I knew what this guy was about.  He tried to get an interview with Tann at some point: after a bad loss, after his 2nd knee injury he probably walked up and said: "So Ryan, are you second guessing on not having surgery after the Cardinal game?"
Or, being a Marino lover, I bet he saw no game in Jay Fiedler.  Gave/gives no credit to Chad Pennington because PSI-man was hurt that year; and since he haven't...surely means hasn't forgiven Saban, Gus Ferotte did nothing special to win the final 6 games of that season and only be kept out of the playoffs by %, or some inter-league win-loss combo with another team??
Joshua, I am shocked you went as low as you did when you included a person with Tourette's as one of your Tannehill bashers.  And a players' wife at that.  The others: Jennings really did come to Miami to end his career. 19 catches!!!  I'd be blaming everybody as well if I played in all 16...ALL 16 GAMES AND CAUGHT ON AVERAGE, 1.18 CATCHES PER GAME.
Pounce, he has to say that stuff for the coaches, fans, media, & most importantly himself.  If he plays more than 5 games I'll be amazed!!  Same with Landry, he's gotta say that stuff so you can have a job. What does that mean you ask?.?.?   How about:
"Social media issues are drowning the Miami Dolphins..."  I've always wondered how that stuff happens??
The thing that always amazes me is the fact that anyone can criticize an NFL QB.  There are only 32 in the world that start each week.  32 out of 8-9 Billion.  What other job has that type of %?  President?  There are more than 32 countries.  Plus, the other 31 teams have either a city or a state as their main fan support. $$$
And then there is that 1 team that represents a 6 state area! What was wrong with their original name? 6 STATES????????????????????????????????????? Is there a financial difference between 31 teams with 1 city or state & 1 team with 6 states of reps?? Sorry to  change subjects so quickly, I've got a little of Miko in me.

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We could have a decent season. I like speed we brought in both sides of the ball and our OL acquisitions.

With that being said, moving forward with blinders on and ear muffs to muffle the noise from outside is going to help us. Gase has his team now and I am looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

Leave all that other nonsense in the rear view mirror and don't look back.


To the rescue time & time again. Thank you.
Said much better with fewer words and emotion left out!!
Go Phins!!