Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Dolphins Really Do Have A Plan

The Miami Dolphins really do have a plan and they executed it as well as any team could have.

I love the first 4 picks. I was impressed especially when i got a chance to look at Gesicki' highlights WOW! how about Fitzpatrick being Saban's favorite player, not that i care for Saban but i respect.

No, that doesn't guarantee success, it means the Dolphins just like you and I, want a winner. After studying the outcome of last season they have a feel or a vision for what needed to happen.

They let go a lot of talent this off-season and rightfully so on a lot of it. They also brought in some leaders and playmakers.

No, that doesn't mean they got it right. What it means is that just like all of us fans who watched the games they knew changes had to come.

Think for a minute about the adversity that started with Tannehill goig down then the hurricane and Timmons and then finally when the losing began they could not keep it together because adversity brings out the divas, the complainers and the excuses.

So about the talent loss had to hapen no matter what and now everyone knows they better get with the program or you will be gone from Miami (a great city and great weather and fishing).

With a little luck Tannehill will show the improvement that we all witnessed before his injury. No matter what you think of Tannehill if heathy I'm very doubtfull any of the rookies that we had the opportunity to draft could overtake him and beat him out.

The one thing that sticks out to me is DT. We need more than just a body there, I hope their whatever their plan is it works out because we are definitely going to see the run up the middle without Suh.

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