Sunday, May 13, 2018

SuperBowl VII - full game

Here’s a replay of the game that capped the perfect season.  Too bad it was 45 years ago...

I do love seeing how the game itself has changed, how much different the players are, how the officiating is different, etc. Its amusing how on the first series, a Washington defensive lineman swats the ball as it’s being snapped.

Anywa, enjoy.

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Man has the game changed!! Not to take away from the Perfect Season, and not to diminish any of the 25-35 positions(Off., Def., SPT), but what stands out to me is whenever the change was made on the DL.
Actually, it was a playoff game prior to the change that still stays frozen in my mind. Not all of it, heck it was 1974. But we should have won that game. We would have won another & then back for the 3rd year in a row.
Anyway, didn't happen. But what I remember is "The Snake," Kenny Stabler, standing 12-16-20 yds. behind the line of scrimmage. STANDING there, FROZEN, looking over the field waiting for Branch or Biletnikoff or Casper or van Eeghen or Hubbard or Davis or Banaszak, etc., to get open! No one within 10-15 yards of tackling him. Obviously this was before the NFL kept sack totals. Before special edge rushers could get to the QB in less than 2.1 seconds.
But then when we did get at him, almost had him down, he(SNAKE) shot-puts the football into the end zone & into I don't know who, a Raider wanted it more I guess? And then they beat us to open 1975 and break our home winning streak.
The game has changed. But more than anything I miss the Miami Dolphin vs. Oakland Raider games. Well, there were a lot of good, memorable Dolphin games that use to be Record games: Against the Chiefs, Chargers. Against Earl Cam..I mean the Houston Oilers with Howard, Dandy Don & Frank Gifford.
That one MNF when Howard announced John Lennon had been shot/killed when we were playing the Pats.
MAN!! WE USED TO HAVE REALLY GOOD TEAMS!! Was it all Shula? My conspiracy theories run wild when I think about the late 90's, & early 2,000's. It sure seemed like a group of important people conspired to bring the Dolphins down & the Pats up, certainly after blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah yada yada yada yada yada no insects over there it's so dry.