Tuesday, May 01, 2018

A Short Offensive Possibility!?!?!?

OK, according to the experts, we(Miami Dolphins) #%&# the bed with our draft.  We will win maybe 6 games.  Our chances of hoisting the trophy named for Title Towns stalker of the frozen tundra on Lambeau Field, Vince Lombardi, is 100 to 1.  We are already predicted to have anywhere from Pick #2 to #6 in the First Round of the 2019 draft.
MAN!!  Our season has been played!!  And again, we #%$& the bed!!  One of the strangest ideas I find about these experts is that we all know they are using the reasoning of the Dolphins' poor 2018 draft on the fact that we didn't grab a QB!  It is strange because among the 6-7 teams that cover this area every year(26-32), 4 of them drafted QBs. Plus right behind 26, Baltimore & Buffalo drafted QBs. Five of those in the 1st Round, while the Giants picked-up the Richmound QB in the 6th. 
I guess my question is if Miami had sold the farm and grabbed one of the early QBs, or took one late in the draft, would the soothsayers have Miami anywhere but where they are now?  NO!  It has become Cleveland, NY, Buffalo, & Miami as easy targets to write & talk about & feel fairly safe.

I have no idea how well, soon, or if the defense comes together; learns to play with each other.  But just lining up the offense....well, ok, it looks good on paper.
WR-STILLS                                                                                     WR-PARKER
WR-GRANT                                                                                     WR-SCOTT
That's just throwing things down.  Think if the OL comes together early!!  In time to make those 6 games after their Bye week really mean something!!!!
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Today, as always, can we run the ball and can we stop the run? Can we stay in front of the chains and have 3rd and short? Can we force 3rd and long so we can get off the field on 3rd down?

On paper, this draft solved the TE Issue on both sides of the ball. With Gesicki, we should have an offensive threat. With Fitzpatrick and Baker, we should be able to cover the TE.

With that in mind, if we are to be successful, the OL has to gell and our run defense has to improve.

Can we avoid costly penalties that kill drives or extend them?

That's going to be what defines success to our season.


I sort of agree with you Carl. Those questions you put forth are everything we couldn't do consistently last year. If we solve those problems we can win some games. However, solid and above average QB play from Tannehill will be ultimately answer or provide an alternative answer on offense.

No one can deny that under his first year with Gase he really started to turn it on...he really is going to be the X-factor that can cover up some weak spots if he gets back to his pre-inury form.

I'm not saying he's the GOAT at ALL...just saying he was playing very well, like a top tier QB heading into the last stretch of games before the inury set him back...


I guess my overall point is if Tannehill can get right back to where he left off, that will solve a lot of problems we had on offense by default leaving the defense to work itself out. The biggest question on Defense will be to see how our run defense shapes in the interior without Suh...I don't see us "magically" covering tight ends unless Burke finally starts getting this unit playing at a higher level...


I think 6 wins is low balling it. There is no reason given the schedule that 10 wins isn't achievable. Tannehill is way better than Cutler - we know this. The quality and depth from the draft makes the team better (but at this stage all teams think that). The team will have a good run game, and will score more points behind centre. Losing Suh hurts and I think the key will be the defence - teams will run the ball until we can stop it. But my guess is the team will be in the hunt for the playoffs in December .


I think Nick K is right on. This offense is more than ok. Heck, Cutler won 6 games ? Cutler ??? Tannehill is far better than him.
Fins can go 9-7 based on talent, early favorable sched, getting their QB back. The difference in the season is that '1' game. If they can sneak one more victory it goes to 10-6, a record every Fin fan would sign up for right now. If they lose that one pivotal game and it is a loss, then it is back to mediocretown of years and years gone by at 8-8. Football pergatory. Too bad to make playoffs and too good not to get decent draft picks. Man o man, have we been there far too often.

Also, by the way, not picking a QB in the draft is ok with me.
If Tannehill is great next year, he is resigned at only 30, with more of same to offer for another few years. If he stinks up the house, well, Fins will be at top of the draft charts anyway and they can pick their QB then. They will have pretty much pick of the litter in 2019. Most teams are set now at QB, either with a productive vet, or one of the young cats that were drafted this year.


He was starting to click. I hope he can start up where he left off.


Fitzpatrick and Baker are quicker players so coverage should improve. Certainly not lock down but improve.

Without Suh, who knows. He did require double teams so let's see how that shakes out.


I hope we don't need a QB for 5 years


What annoys me is the analysts who say we should’ve taken a qb, never say which qb. That way if RT has a bad year and any of the top 4 QB’s has a good season, they can say “told you so.” If they at least named who we should’ve taken and at what cost (Gesicki to NE, Fitz to Balt, Baker to NyJ), then we could actually do a fair analysis after the season. But it’s easier and lazier to just say we should’ve taken a QB.