Monday, April 16, 2018

Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft with Trades

For today's 7 Round mock draft, I am going to take into account trade opportunities and see how we wind up by moving back and gathering some extra picks. I am utilizing a computer app to make the picks for the other 31 teams.

Round 1, Pick 11: Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, Tremaine Edmunds and Roquan Smith are all available. We get 3 trade offers and I take the Packers offer to slide back to 14 and get their 2nd round pick at 13.

Round 1, Pick 14 (from Packers): Smith and Mayfield are still there so I turn down 4 offers, which all were in the 20's. I could see Gase going for Mayfield here but I grab Smith and get very young at LB. We can get a QB later to sit behind Tannehill for at least 1 year. Smith is just too good to pass up at this spot in the draft. With his speed and ability, he can be Pro Bowl player for years.

Round 2, Pick 10: Atlanta offers two second round picks to move up, #'s 26 and 32. Detroit offers second round 19 and third round 18. We have the Packer pick at 13 so it is very tempting to hope on Detroit's offer. Sitting there are RB Derrius Guice, CB Mike Hughes, DE Rasheem Green and TE Mike Gesicki, of which all could help us. In 4 picks, at 13, we will get at least one of them. Can one of them to fall 9 picks? Maybe. Lets find out. I take the Detroit offer and wait on pick 13.

Round 2. Pick 13 (from GB):   Hughes is gone but the other three are still there. I get 4 offers but Guice with a 1st Round Grade is too hard to pass up now and will provide outstanding depth at RB. We still have pick 19 coming so we may get Green or Gesicki to fall. Guice it is.

Round 2, Pick 19 (from Detroit): I am looking at 5 trade offers and guess what? Green, Gesicki and TE Hayden Hurst are on the board. Buffalo asks us to move back to 21 and offers a third round # 32. I take it and see who falls.

Round 2, Pick 21 (from Buffalo): Only the Jets ask us to move back 19 spots. Not worth it. I just love Gesicki. With his combination of size and speed, Gase can have a field day playing around with him. Lets face it. After watching the Super Bowl, you have to score 40+ points now to win a championship. Lets put as many tools around Tannehill as possible. Gesicki, at 6'5", 240 LBS will be a menace in the Red Zone as well as up the seam and could become the next Gronk.

Round 3, Pick 9:  4 offers with OT Orlando Brown, C Scott Quessenberry, C Frank Ragnow, OG Braden Smith and DT Derrick Nnadi still there. Eventually, you have to pick someone. I think Nnadi, as a rotational DT helps us the most this year, so he is our pick.

Round 3, Pick 18 (from Detroit): We get 6 trade offers and none are tempting enough. Sitting there are C/OG Ragnow, OG Smith, Hurst, TE Ian Thomas, WR TreQuan Smith, Tough choice but Ragnow is a guy who can help in depth at both C and OG so he is our guy here.

Round 3, Pick 32 (from Buffalo): We get 5 offers and none excite me as much as grabbing the highest graded DE left in Tyquan Lewis out of Ohio State. You know he has been well prepared playing under DC Greg Schiano. The Patriots have had great success with guys who played under Schiano at Rutgers like S Duron Harmon, S Devin McCourty, CB Jason McCourty, DE Alex Silvestro, CB Logan Ryan and CB Brandon Jones. Schiano's players come NFL ready to compete and that is just what we need here.

Round 4, Pick 23: I promised you a QB and one you shall get. We have a choice between Luke Falk and Mike White. Both are rated so close to each other so lets grab Falk  after a coin toss.

Round 4, Pick 30: We need to find a special teams stud to fill the void left by Michael Thomas. Enter Wake Forest FS Jessie Bates III. He runs the 40 in 4.5 and at 6'1", 200 LBS, he packs a whallop.

Round 6, Pick 35: Cannot believe that Maine OG Jamil Demby is still available. We sprint to the podium and grab this 6'5", 335 lb 4 year starter who has experience at both Tackle and Guard. He is strong with long arms and big hands. He needs to work on his technique and will be a good practice team guy we can develop after a year or two.

Round 7, Pick 5: Another big slider falls in our laps. FS Armani Watts out of Texas A&M. He is only 5'10" but is very athletic. Some question his work ethic. If I started 4 years on the Aggies, I might want a practice off here and there too. He was a stud in College Station but in Miami, he better bring the wood every day.

Round 7, Pick 11: This guy has been falling from a 3rd Round Grade to now a 6th Round Grade. Punters usually don't get graded int the 3rd round but JK Scott has the frame at 6'6" to kick the shit out of the ball. He is a 4 year starter at Alabama who is able to work for distance, hang time or placement as needed.

So we wind up with:
Georgia LB Roguan Smith
LSU RB Derrius Guice
Penn State TE Mike Gesicki
FSU DT Derrick Nnadi
Arkansas C/OG Frank Ragnow
Ohio State DE Tyquan Lewis
Washington State QB Luke Falk
Wake Forest FS Jessie Bates III
Maine OG Jamil Demby
Texas A&M FS Armani Watts
Alabama P JK Scott

Not a bad haul.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

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Two words.....Pipe Dream.


If the draft played out that way and you were able to trade down that many times, it would be phenomenal.


It's all a game


At #82 I would consider doubling down at the TE position and select Hayden Hurst. Otherwise the mock looks pretty good.


Tony, i kicked that around for 5 minutes. Hurst was very close to getting picked but since we need some young blood at center i went Ragnow.