Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dang!! What am I Going To Do With This Defense?!?!?!

Do you think Burke is saying/thinking that? No!  I know the Dolphin fans that write in and they'll remind.....well, not me, but they'll remind someone of what we are missing.
I'll write what no one will:
1)Hey numb $%#s, did you forget who played DT the last 3 years? No, I didn't.
2)Whose going to play behind Tannehill?  Not sure I care? I don't keep a ball saver in my golf bag. Just LOTS OF GOLF BALLs! 
Our record would be poor, maybe, and by this time next year, BELIEVE YOU, ME, the media will have at least 3-4 QBs that will be franchise quality.  How else are you gonna sell the Draft??

3)Our LB's are small, coming off injury, & none of them except Kiko has had extensive playing time.
4) We don't have any Tight En.....oh, defense.

Why don't we just roll over on them now since they are so young.  Must be great for the confidence knowing Dolphin fans think they all suck!! 
1.We can complain when we draft them!
2. We can complain when they can't cover the TE from NE.
3. We can complain before the games, during the games, after the games, and then....AND THEN...AND THEN when MIAMI trades them you get all out of sorts.

I've liked Tannehill from the beginning.  I think he's going to have a great year.  Along with the young defense; the burners on every side & 1 in the middle followed by 2 BANGERS!!
Now, if we can PUNT this year......?????
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I get it K Nick. You are stating the ole "You cannot please all of the people all of the time" when it comes to Dol-Fans.

They are only happy when they are unhappy.

Could it be a psychological deficiency? Having not won a Championship in 45 years, are Dol-Fans now so apocalyptic, that they have bomb shelters in their backyards.

Are they unwilling to give anyone or anything a chance? Has change just become a new way to lose?

If only we had been placed in the AFC South and left the Colts in the AFC East. You forgot that one.

Looping back "You can please some of the people some of the time, most of the people most of the time, but you cannot please Dol-Fans until we are holding the Lombardi again."

And then it will be "OMG, he is holding it in the wrong hand".


Not negative Carl, realistic. Ross has been an unmitigated disaster as owner. Until he and his cronies leave we re screwed. It would ve been impossible to screw up the first pick. The rest? Meh.


Let's examine a few salient facts, please, all Phinworld.
1st - Tannehill has done well with protection. With the # of sacks he endured the first 3 years in the league, we are lucky he can even get out of bed. 2nd - With a decent run game as well (Jay Ajayi) Tannehill's game was also better. Drake, Gore and new kid Kalen will be fine. 3rd-how many coordinators and coaches has RT had ?? Really, now. I for one did not think the Phins needed to waste a pick on a QB THIS YEAR, but then they go ahead and waste one on a 2ND TE, and another CB ? For what ? They should have gotten a decent DT, both T.Settle, and M.Hurst were there (they could have given him a shot even though he has Medical question, come on, Michigan guy Ross for a Michigan guy ? It's these type of mistakes that hold the team back for years after. Poor drafting.
I give them the 1st two picks as grade A, the others, besides Kalen RB, I don't get at all. However, not for me to "get", for me to "root". I still love my team, don't love all the decisions.
That makes me a fan.


and what were your thoughts after this draft ?

DE Dion Jordan, first round, No. ...
CB Jamar Taylor, second round, No. ...
OL Dallas Thomas, third round, No. ...
CB Will Davis, third round, 93 overall. ...
LB Jelani Jenkins, fourth round, 104 overall. ...
TE Dion Sims, fourth round, 106 overall


I know right, im confused


i'm excited to see these drafted players play.


This season tilts on the health of Ryan Tannehill. Period. If the line plays decent and tanne stays healthy, we will be in contention for wild card, of line sucks and/or tanne gets hurt. 5-11 here we come....

Fun thing for me was that the Phins drafted the kicker from my local college. New Mexico Lobos!!!


Okay, I get all the negativity we've Fins fans have shown simply because in years past, we've proven to be right. Year after year you kind of shake your head at some of these picks knowing what we needed versus what was chosen. But this year, I honestly will say it needs to stop (and let's just see what we really have.) My reasoning is simple - each year a coach is evaluated on W/L's as they should be. But in order to get W/L's a coach also needs to run the offense he needs/wants to run and a defense he wishes to use in order to stop the other team. Case in point, the TE in Gase's offense is probably one of the most critical positions because of the role it plays. It is a quick hitting offense that relies on slot and TE getting open right after the ball is snapped. If it's a down the field throw, the line has to give a little more time for the route to develop (although without the slot & TE achieving the first part then if the line breaks down you're stuck with a sack or a throwaway. This is exactly how and what they drafted for. On defense, a wide 9 front four ONLY works if you have LB's that can fly to the ball once a RB clears the 1st line of the defense. We have for too long relied on a single SS to make that tackle and if he misses or is in the wrong spot, a 3rd & 9 is converted on a running play. Every team has beaten us this way FOR YEARS!! How many times did we see just this past year! A great D gang tackles with multiple players - not 1 guy. For the first time Gase has been here I think he has the exact personnel to run the type of team he's wanted from the start. Problem is not everything is in place on the D side but I think they are close enough to actually be successful. To use a analogy - do you want to be a pitcher or a catcher. A pitcher dictates the game he's going to play (both offense & defense); a catcher waits to receive and acts accordingly. I've been a Fin fan for far too long (which just means I'm old) but in the years we were successful, we've pitched... these past 5-10 years we solely have been catchers. For no other reason imho, this alone is what's made Belichick so great at what he does. So me personally, I'm excited about this draft. It will be the first time (in a long time) that I finally think we will change the way we win (on both sides of the ball). Just my take - hope I'm right. :)


I like Gase, i like Tannehill. Lets get the whole TE on both side of the ball straightened out. Offensively, have one that can attack the seam and be a red zone threat. Defensively, cover the TE, who ate us up last year.

I believe we solved those two issues with 3 picks, Fitzpatrick, Gesicki and Baker. We get McMillan back healthy.

Ballgame is a steal. He will contribute. Smythe will be a new version of Fasano.Armstrong may not make the team unless he can play special teams.

Are we better today than last week? That's all that matters. Getting better each week.


Rich Andrews,
Enjoyed your spot-on evaluation of what has been going on with this team: years ago as Pitchers; & recently (heck, could mean 10-12-15-18 years) as men wearing "The Tools of Ignorance!"
Would enjoy reading more of those morphing perspectives!! Or for the multitudes that understand my rambles as...."save the party materials for game time not confusing, nonsensical drivel."
Analogies in different sporting competitions can bring things full circle quite often.
As in today's pieces about Akeem Spence. Our newest DT, Leader, & unfortunate representative of the last # available, 93. Can't think of any special players wearing 93 during their time as a Dolphin? Anyway, he speaks about our new DL coach, Kris Kocurek, straight out of the Naval Academy, as someone that....I should say a "coach" that likes having fresh Defensive Line Men in at all times. And then he says something like: "think NHL lines."
From what I know of hockey, which is not much, they rotate 3-4 man lines..I have heard every 1 to 2 minutes!! Skate like a bat out of heck when your on the ice, then sit and recoup!
Enjoyed the read!

ps I'm not British, just wishing all good times.


I remember it well!! When we moved...traded up, I thought 100% we were getting a LOT. Don't remember the names. 3 or 4 good possibilities, & the man in Philly seems to have risen to the top.
I was shocked, disappointed, amazed, confused, angry, you name it! I called AM 990 when they were still doing the show. Oregon plays good college ball. 1 QB has made it & off the top of my head, can't think of any stand out Off. or Deff, NFL players.
We should have taken 1 of the OTs.
That's what I think!!