Friday, March 09, 2018

Wow. The Great Pointer Is Gone

Say goodbye to Jarvis Landry and his patented first down point.

Take his game Jersey from the front of the closet and slide it into the back with all the other ex-dolphin jerseys.

All collecting dust until those players completely retire from the game. Then we can wear them.

I will no longer buy a current player's jersey. They eventually get traded or leave through free agency.

The only constant is constantly watching good players leave when it comes to this franchise.

Landry was a fan favorite. Caught more passes in the last 4 years than any other WR in the league.

So why keep him? Who needs that around our team?

Such a shame that money just gets in the way until a player finally has enough. And that usually occurs just before the team has had enough of them.

Why Landry and the Dolphins couldn't work this out is beyond me. Gase must have wanted him gone.

Oh well, another one bites the dust.

Looking forward, we add a 4th round draft pick to our draft this year and a 7th round pick next year.

So we traded Landry for an Only God Knows If This Guy Can Play and a player to be curious about later. The Miami Way!

Interestingly, we also got rid of a slight thorn in our division when the Bills traded Tyrod Taylor to the Browns for their 3rd round pick.

Almost wish I was a Browns fan. Think about it.

They got Tyrod Taylor at QB, Landry and Gordon at WR and soon to be, after the first overall pick, Shaquon Barkley at RB. Then a QB to groom with the 4th overall pick.

Things may be shaping up nicely in Cleveland.

No wait. Hang on. The Browns are even more inept than our Dolphins when it comes to the team's front office.

Sorry, but I had to point that out on my way to the back of my closet.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971
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i am heartbroken
A future Hall of Famer for a 4th and 7th!!?
My favorite Dolphin in a decade, and a great emotional leader.
A player who leads the league in breaking tackles is the kind of leader we all want..a leader by example...
This team just rips your heart out


This team keeps doing stupid stuff that I just don't understand. God I miss Shula.


Let's see...

Pay $10 million/one year to Cutler
Pay $10 million guaranteed to Branch
Don't pay Landry???

Front office botched it, they were forced to trade once they got Quinn. No money left in FA.

You can't replace Landry. Just can't. He wasn't just a slot receiver, he was heart and soul of offense.

Has anyone even looked at who they could bring in FA? It's nice to have money to spend, and the sour taste of losing Jarvis could slightly go away if we can snag two or even three starters in FA.


its time to order the canvas to cover all the seats in the upper deck that will be empty this year.


Amen Gunther Amen!


Me too Ken.

Unfortunately he would be gone by now. But he certainly knew how to win with whatever he had.


Winning cures all ills.


LOL. Good one Phil.


So if I understand this correctly Miami has traded or released their three best players since last November (Ajayi, Landry, Suh) and signed another defensive end (Quinn).

They now have and are paying for four defensive end starters. The problem is you only play two defensive ends at a time. Unless you're the Miami Dolphins I guess.

Free agent market is weak this year and after they release J'Wuan James Miami will have purged it's entire 2014 draft class.

Recap: Since 2013 Miami has drafted as number one two defensive ends who don't play (one who couldn't pass a drug test and another who isn't good enough to get on the field), an "OHHH" lineman who resembled a subway turnstile with the exception of last year, another O-lineman who's picture wearing a marijuana-gas mask was released on draft day and a wide receive who only has one good foot.

Dolfans as my friend Ralph would say "Cancel Christmas".

At least South Florida still has the Marlins.....oh wait.