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Some More Free Agency Thoughts From Couch GM Chavez...

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Landry, Suh, Pouncey, Timmons, and Thomas all gone.

As we have established, Landry thought more of himself than he was worth. Suh should have never got paid the money get got. Pouncey decided to pout after we acquired another center, more on that in a moment. Timmos and Thomas were obviously not what they used to be.

I really wish good luck to Landry in Cleveland and I hope he gets paid what he wants but I am ecstatic it will not be from Miami.

The 49ers signed some sort of free agent center, making Kilgore dispensable. He is a pro bowl player that we got for practically nothing. All we did was swap 7th round picks with San Francisco. Pouncey got his feelings hurt and it has been reported that this led to his request for a release. Can we blame Miami for trying to get insurance for Pouncey who rarely makes it through 16 games and has had surgery on each hip already? I can't, but obviously Pouncey did not see it this way and he asked for and was granted a release from Miami because his feelings got hurt.

Now The additions. Amendola, Wilson, Kilgore, and Sitton. I for one applaud the living shit out of these moves. Wilson is a young, fast and very high upside player PLUS we got Amendola for LESS than what we would have paid Landry this year alone! We signed a pro bowl guard (Sitton) AND a pro bowl center (Kilgore) for less than Pouncey was making this year! Absolute no brainer. Most of us have been banging the table for a guard for years and we finally got one! They are older and I am OK with that because we did not break the bank with these guys. It was a fair deal all around. And let us not forget we still have Ted Larsen, hopefully he stays healthy.

Suh Being gone is gonna sting, a little, but hear me out. We are off the hook for most of his salary so we get more cap space this year and next. He was productive but think about it. Davon Godchaux played very good last year. Vincent Taylor also played well and nearly won the starting job from Godchaux. 2 solid D-Tackles plus we have Jordan Phillips still which I truly believe has not played up to his full potential yet. One thing is getting over looked here though, Miami re-signed William Hayes who has been a top 5 run stopping DE. And did I mention that he can play inside at tackle too? I see this coming if Miami needs it to be.

Reshad Jones and Ryan Tannehill have also restructured their contracts to help the team financially. This is what players should do if they truly like playing for the team and believe in them. We all know what Suh, Pouncey and Landry all think of themselves as well as Miami. In reference to Landry, I just don't see how he thinks he is a 16 Million per year player with 50 Million in guarantees. He was good but not great.

All of this made me wonder, as Miami fans, do we fall in love with the player too much and is that why we are bitter when they leave?

How many times have you been watching the Patriots or the Packers and their no name WR makes a ridiculous catch and you say, "who the hell is that?" come to find out, its some guy we have never heard of that is playing his ass off for his team. Miami needs that kind of approach. I am not against paying players what they are worth, but over paying them just too keep them happy is ridiculous. There are those very few players that deserve massive contracts, such as Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Von Miller, Khalil Mack, and I am sure there are a few left tackles out there too that should be on this list but none come to mind. Until Miami finds one of those players that alters the fate of the team by their mere presence, they should keep their check books put away and keep doing exactly what they are doing this offseason. I absolutely love the moves they have made so far and am excited for the upcoming season and draft. C'Mon Baker Mayfield!!!.......

No pressure Gase, none at all...

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6-10 brings changes and unless you have some cash laying around there isn't much you can change.

I believe, in the long run, we will be better off without the guys we got rid of.

Tim will tell


@ Carl:

Most if the contracts were ridiculous! As far a Pouncey goes, he does now fit the culture they are trying to build. These players are ridiculously selfish in my opinion. I would have liked to keep Pouncey but he ha shown is true colors...

I too believe Miami will be better off in the long run. We need that f Anchises altering player, paynthat guy, not a DT that produced 5.5 sacks...


Sorry about the spelling, this iPad sucks for typing...


Pouncey vs. Kilgore - PFF ranked Pouncey as the #27 Center in the league last year. It ranked Kilgore as #23.

So this one could potentially be a push or a small upgrade. Kilgore should be a better run-blocker, with Pouncey's damaged hips limiting his mobility.

"a pro bowl center (Kilgore)"
-- I think this is an exaggeration. San Fran found him expendable because they believed they had already upgraded at the position. You don't usually upgrade from a pro-bowler.


Perhaps our front office has finally learned not to overspend in free agency. Now, if we could just draft some guys that can help this team. Don't trade up for one of these QBs. If one we like isn't there, take one of these other great players that will have fallen like Roquan Smith which would be a great fit at LB or Derrius Guice. Plus we need one of these TEs in the 2nd round.


@ Maggie:

"This may be an exaggeration. San Fran believed they upgraded at the position. You don't usually upgrade from a pro bowler"

So why is it an exaggeration? San Fran upgraded from a pro bowler but you are saying you usually Don't?


I hope all these moves we made pans out


Pouncey's done. I don't think he will catch on with someone else and make more. You can't have a cohesive OL when you don't ALL practice together during the season. Truth be told I think Brendel will be our starter in 2019. He looked darn good. I like where this is going.


We need tough guys, who make average salaries and who are happy to be there and fall in line.


If Smith falls, that'd be great. I would love to see us grab TE Hayden Hurst out South Carolina in 2nd round or in 3rd round grab pass catching TE Mike Gesicki out of Penn State to run the seam or split out wide.


Good writing Chavez, but Kilgore a "Pro Bowler" ?? Nah...not so.
However, he could be just what Phins need = reliability.
If Kilgore can suit up every Sunday and be steady, then he is just what the Dr ordered. One less, one less the song goes. With Pouncey, his best days were gone. He was ok last year, but just ok. To pout and to have the bad hips and a health question mark over his head all the time, well, Kilgore being available may be just like Chad Pennington dropping into the Phins lap in 2008. Good move and credit to the front office for staying right on top of that. Super move by getting Sitton for LG. Let's hope Davis can be a steady RG and Juwan James comes back strong at RT.
1ST round will be a LB, at # 11, not high enough for one of the best QB prospects, but good for best LB (hopefully Edmunds or R.Smith) 2ND round we will get best QB available (Rudolph,L.Jackson ?)and next bunch up some picks to move up and get the best TE available.(Geseki, Andrews, Formaggli ?).
A couple of OL choices to fill out the draft for depth on the O line and hopefully get CJ Anderson when Denver cuts him, and that's it. Let's go !


@ Edwin:

I could have swore Kilgore made the pro bowl the year the niners went to the SB. I could be wrong though...


I agree Carl. None of the players on the roster are currently worth a massive contract. Either age or productivity proves it. We have no star LT, no star WR, and Landry wasn’t a star, r have no star DE, no shit down corner, no QB that can carry the team and no star LB. we must draft one and develop and then pay these players


Nice, positive article Lawrence. But my research shows a very different story behind Daniel Kilgore:

Pouncey is a 3 Time Pro-bowler. Kilgore's year-to-year ratings have been average to below average (mostly attributed to injuries). He never made the probowl, not even as a reserve. He was a backup who suffered through injury plagued seasons...2017 was hus first full 16 game season. In the one complete year, Pro Football Focus rated him "Poor" with an overall score of 51. I'm not touting PFF, I'm simply sharing facts.

Kilgore's numbers did improve after Garappolo arrived - Jimmy gets rid of it fast - so, maybe Kikgore's performance ratings were partly affected by the previous cruddy QB play??

Kikgore is, however, very well regarded as a leader with a tireless work ethic, great attitude and positive locker room presence - he even received a team recognition award. That is undeniably missing in the Dolphins' locker. If he offers just average athleticism, but he's able to motivate and unify the men surrounding Tannehill, then I'd call this a good signing. But, he's gotta stay on the field! Of course, the issue was no different with Pouncey the last couple of years.


Regarding Kilgore- here are a couple of articles for reference:


If we get the pressure from our D line that we should , we might just have a shut down corner in xavian howard


@ Richard:

Thanks for the infinity on Kilgore! It was my mistake about the pro bowl but i still like the fact that we got Sitton and Kilgore for less than Pouncey. I agree with everything you said about Kilgore as well, we need leaders. Talent is not everything.


Agreed. Sitton is a great addition. He has all the leadership qualities and intangibles plus the Probowl pedigree!


Kilgore was a backup for 5 years, and a starter for the last 2 years. PFF gave him a 51 grade for this year.

SF signed Giants center Weston Richburg, who has a 71 grade from PFF.

So PFF has for grades:
Weston Richburg - 71 (no rank? - top center in free agency)
Jake Brendel - 55 (no rank)(not enough games)
Dan Kilgore - 51 (ranked 23)
Mike Pouncey - 46.5 (ranked 27)

Brendel had 1 very good game this year, he's got a chance to compete with Kilgore.


Howard has grown tremendously. He looks very confident in the system. We need everyone to grow and buy in.


I like Gesecki's speed running seam routes and height in the Red Zone


Here is the problem, and why ESPN currently ranks us as the worst team in the NFL, deserved or not.

Player Base Salary PFF Rating Notes
1 Ndamukong Suh $26,100,000 91 Gone
2 Robert Quinn $11,444,412 58.1 Below Average
3 Andre Branch $10,000,000 50.9 Below Average
4 Kenny Stills $9,750,000 49 Below Average
5 Kiko Alonso $9,637,500 39 Below Average
6 Cameron Wake $9,625,000 83.2
7 Ja'Wuan James $9,341,000 80
8 Ryan Tannehill $8,676,666 62 Below Average
9 Josh Sitton $6,500,000 86
10 Danny Amendola $6,000,000 80
11 Daniel Kilgore $5,375,000 51 Below Average
12 Reshad Jones $4,960,000 81.5
13 Albert Wilson $4,833,333 77.7
14 DeVante Parker $3,460,717 73.2
15 Laremy Tunsil $3,397,541 59.5 Below Average
16 T.J. McDonald $2,502,000 74.3
17 Charles Harris $2,464,540 76.7
18 Bobby McCain $1,964,072 80.1
19 Ted Larsen $1,941,666 39.4 Below Average
20 Xavien Howard $1,671,283 56 Below Average
total $139,644,730

In our top 20 salaries(80% of the cap), 9 players are below average, and Suh is gone. I don't understand the Quinn signing, especially in light of Suh. Let's save some money so we can spend it on a below average player, who might not make the field at all because of Charles Harris, who grades better than him.


I suppose if we can trade Branch, then maybe Quinn is a replacement/improvement.