Monday, March 12, 2018

Some Early Free Agency Thoughts

Well it's about time!

The front office is finally seeing clearly. You don't pay overpriced FA's over 30, especially when another team lets them walk! Timmons or Maxwell anyone?! Unfortunately, they learned this the hard way, they had to see that it don't pan out. They had to see that they are not smarter than any other team, the Steelers saw that Timmons lost his legs a long time ago, which is why they let him leave. 

They had to see that getting the shiniest most expensive toy that year does not pay because you soon realize that a new toy comes out which you can't buy because you are still paying for the old one. Good riddance Suh, great player but not a game altering one, definitely not worth 114 million or the 17 million or so he was due this year. He was paid to be a leader of the defense and he clearly was not that.

Landry? I wanted him to stay but not at the 16 million per year he thought he was worth. I got news for you Jarvis, your last name is not Brown or Jones. You did not alter games either. 6-10, remember? Good luck in Cleveland, you were my favorite player but no way you are worth what you think. 

Julius Thomas? Again, Miami, you are not smarter than Jacksonville. They saw that he lost his edge after he left Denver. 

Now who to sign in Free agency?

Jimmy Graham? Nope. Too old.

Allen Robinson? Nope. Too expensive.

Burton? TE from Philly? I say yes. He will be inexpensive, has plenty of upside and is only 26.

Guard from Carolina? Nope. Too expensive. 

I can only hope that Miami does not go ape shit crazy in free agency again. That does not work. Miami is the poster child for proving that philosophy. I hope they carry a lot of cap space into next season and draft well. This will be the only way they build a winner. I am sick and tired of overpaying for players in free agency and even for ones that we draft for that matter. I am glad that the front office sees this now. It don't pay to write blank checks!

Pay the impact players? QB, which we have not found yet. Left tackle, which we have not found yet. Edge rusher, which we have now found yet, the jury is out on newly acquired Quinn, Branch and the rookie haven't proven anything yet and do we really want to hang our hopes on a 36 year old Wake? He don't have too long left guys. Line backer? Jury still out. Shut down corner? Unknown if we have one. See the problem here? Our money was in the wrong places, it couldn't get much more bass ackwards...

Look on the bright side Phin Fans! If Miami sucks again this year, which is a real possibility, at least we can say we won't have the most expensive D-Line in the league with one of the shittiest run D's!

Cheers to hope for the upcoming season!

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great post, i would argue with you but i could not find anything I disagreed with.


I dont want anyone 3rd string t.e. thank you.


@ David:

But you want our TEs?


Blah... go Cleveland


Good to have you back LC.

We need to get our salary cap straightened out. Losing Suh hurts. He may not put up enormous numbers for a guy double teamed but he can play and helped our defense. But he was not worth the money.

I believe the front office is looking at a 2-3 year plan ttnowok the SB now. With the right draft picks and some "value" free agent signings we will be very competitive this year. Most NFL games are pretty close in the 4th quarter. Its the teams that know how to close them out that can advance.


@ Carl:

Good to be Back! Thanks

I see us following the Raiders blueprint. They had to dump their bad contracts before they moved forward but they could have drafted better. Hopefully Miami does better with the draft than them.


You pay for Free Agency when you have bad drafts, and we are notorious for having bad drafts. If you sign cheap free agents and also have bad drafts, then you become a cellar-dwellar.

Is Amendola better than Landry? No.

Does it make sense to pay Suh $20 million/year to play for another team? No. Will we get someone as good or better than him? No.

So our offense is currently worse. And our defense is currently worse. Addition by subtraction doesn't work.


@ Maggie:

Suh is not getting 20 mil from Miami after release. Please read up on the contract terms


This(Suh) was a misunderstanding of mine, with a pre-June 1 cut vs a post-june 1 cut... and a "Post-June 1 designation" for a March cut. It's a little tricky.

"As a post-June 1 designation, Miami could pick up $17 million of cap room for this year. The total dead cap space over two years would be $22.2 million"