Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dolphins - Bears 1985

I stumbled onto this video earlier this evening, and wound up watching it.  Arguably, this is the greatest game the dolphins ever had - week 13 of the 85 season, bears were 12-0, dolphins were 8-4.

And Miami dominated.  It was all kinds of awesome.

Looking back over 33 years, it’s amazing how the game has changed - the speed, the size, the lighting in the stadium, the camera angles, the “awful announcing,” and of course the technical aspects. It’s just so amazing to watch for that reason.

Anyway, enjoy...

I was in college at UMiami at the time.  Some friends and I were going to head over to the game and planned to scalp tickets, or maybe just sneak in.  But the plan fell apart and none of us even got together to watch it, so I sat in my room and watched it on a 15” tv, as various people on my floor would stop by for a couple plays throughout the evening.

One friend decided he wanted to be there, and did head out to try and scalp tickets - but was shutout.  That never happens, so he was shocked.  It was truly a hot ticket...

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Loved the game, preferred the announcers to what we have today.