Monday, January 01, 2018

Dave’s take: well, that was weird

6-10. A very flawed team.  There are so many holes on this roster, that it’s hard to know what their biggest problem is.

And some might say that gase is a decent coach who deserves another year, but after hearing about coaches being fired just after their teams played, I can’t underatand why gase isn’t on the hot seat.  IMHO, he often looks lost, or perhaps a little clueless. He is supposed to be this offensive guru, but the team scored so few points, you have to wonder what the hype is about...aren’t coaches supposed to make the most of what they have? Him calling plays probably hurts more than it helps.

And today, frankly, he lost control of the team.  That stupid fight was just that.  And his argument with Landry last week showed how he doesn’t have the authority he thinks he does.

Why anyone would pay good money to see the dreck they put out there this season is beyond me.  They underwhelmed week after week.  And I can’t inagine next year will be better.

Oh sure tannehill comes back, but if you’ve read my ramblings, you know what I think of him *cough* awful *cough*.  And anyway, he wasn’t going to help this team if he was there.  Maybe he could help the team get one, or on a good day, two additional wins.  That would put them at best at .500. Not good enough.

And then there’s the money.  He’s due somewhere around $20mil next year, and suh is due $26mil.  That’s 25% (or so) of the projected cap.  On two players. And Landry is due for a contract that will pay him $10-$12 million, which is going to be another 6% or so of the cap, or in all over 30% for three players.

So I would guess based on the money, his ejection, and how he gets along with gase that the most productive offensive player has played his last game in Miami. No way can Miami afford Landry and field a decent team,

And that brings us back to gase.  Honestly, do you want him and tannehill, with no Landry,  or Landry with neither of them? Take the productivity!

Game 16 looked like a preseason game...players you’ve never heard of playing hard to catch on somewhere.  Too bad it was an actual game that could have been played for the pride of knowing they could knock the bills out of the playoffs.

So the best you can say about this season was: At least the dolphins can still say that they’re better than the browns ...
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They will sign Landry. Restructure Suh and Tannehill. Let Moore walk (Fales played well enough to secure the back up). Cut Thomas.

We just couldn't catch a break with McMillan and Tannehill getting hurt, Irma and then the coke episode.

I think Tannehill was better than just 2 wins. We would've beaten the Raiders, Bucs and Bills twice. He is much better than Cutler and Moore as he is very mobile and could run the read option. He would've been in the same system for a second consecutive season instead of a new OC each of his previous seasons. We would've been much more competitive in other games and could've gotten a break in one of those. Our Red Zone and 3rd down efficiency on offense would've been much better which would've helped our defense. Plus Tannehill played with emotion unlike Cutler.

2018 cannot come soon enough. We need a linebacker who can cover the TE maybe McMillan could've done that. A new TE, new LG or new LT and move Tunsil to LG. Depth at DE. A new Punter, Haack sucked. As bad as things looked, we are not that far away.

We pick 11 so we could hopefully trade back a bit and pick Quenton Nelson out of ND. Or build depth by picking best available player. I don't see us drafting a QB early.

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Agree that we will resign Landry and restructure Suh and Tannehill. I think cutting Juwan James is a strong possibility. Not only losing Tannehill cost us a few wins this year but also cost us $10 million! That is a huge punch to the gut. Moore obviously doesn't have the coaching staff confidence and will be let go. Hindsight we should have just played Fales and Moore and gave that $10 million to Landry


If the Dolphins don’t make the playoffs next year, Gase should be out. Period. That bullshit that happened in the bills game was ridiculous. Gase needs to gain control of this team, hire a better offensive assistant or give up the May calling duties because the offense was horrible all year which it shouldn’t have been.

And yes, the QB makes all the difference, but Tannehill isn’t that guy. Draft a qb in round 1 or 2. Period. Just look at what happened to the packers when Rogers went down....



Put a clause in Landry’s contract that takes money out of his pocket for every damn unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The guy is like an over grown child who can’t control his emotions. Not acceptable in the NFL


I like Tannehill. Part of it is I have 2 of his jerseys. I will never buy a current players Jersey again


We may lose Darren Rizzi. I bet he interview somewhere


If Rosen is somehow still at 11 I would take him. I would pass on Mayfield and Darnold. Allen not sure about yet. Saying that my preference would be to hold onto Tannehill, trade down and get some more picks. We need line help on both sides and LB and TE and draft a QB in 2019


"As bad as things looked, we are not that far away." That thinking is why the Dolphins have been 7-9, 8-8 and 9-7 which seems like forever. They are not close. They need a franchise QB and until they get one the will not improve. Look at the 49ers, they added an elite QB and their whole team was vastly improved.


The problem is the injuries. And I know every team has them but not on the same scale as Miami year after year. We've been limping into December since...what? 2013? And this year we pretty much limped into September.

Something's not right. Are these players toddlers just learning to walk? What's the problem here?

My opinion is we need a better training staff and medical staff. The amount of starters we have on IR year in and year out is astounding and it is not normal. Every other team DOES NOT deal with this like we do.

Next is Gase. I still like him, but he has to learn how to hold on to the locker room during the BAD times. What he did last season was impressive, but times were good. This year, times were as bad as I've ever seen them and he didn't handle it well, but who the hell would have? Think about it.

He needs to learn from this season. He needs to learn how NOT to lose the locker room like he did this year. And he can...

Guys, it's been two seasons. TWO. The Rams and Bills were coming crashing back down to earth like a comet next season, just like we did in year 2. Mark my words. And the Bills will be destroyed in the wildcard week just like us last year. Wasted playoff spot. I'd MUCH rather see the Chargers in that spot. The Bills are still a joke that caught a lucky break getting to play a Dolphins team that gave up weeks ago. Flash in the pan.

The absolute dumbest thing they could do is fire Gase. Do that....and we're the Browns...and not one decent coach will come near us. We will end up with an even worse HC than Philbin was. We'll end up with another Cam Cameron. Want to confirm to the league that you truly have no clue what the f*** you're doing? Change coaches AGAIN...after only two seasons, one of which was a playoff year. That'll do it...that'll make you as big a joke as the Browns.

Let Gase learn from this. Draft a QB and let Tannehill lead for now. Fix the o-line. Stop having 25 players on IR every year. Those are your answers. Easier said than done though I suppose.


We aren't. We were 10-6 last year.


Injuries are tough on us. Even our early draft picks. Maybe our guys are babies. That I don't know about.


For starters, change the culture. How about making the throw back uniforms an official thing. And yes an elite qb would be fantastic (I think Tannehill is good but not elite). Then it just comes down to talent evaluation. Do you have faith in tannebaum and Grier? As to injuries it does seem like we have a lot but I haven't done the research to see if we are above league norm (sports illustrated just ran a front cover on injuries but I haven't read the article yet)


Enjoyed sharing & reading everyone's high's &....TOO MANY LOW'S!!
Hope y'all have a prosperous, enjoyable, safe 2018!!
Thanks for the site David, & hope to read from all of you next August-September!! CHEERS!
Go Phins!!!


I love the throw back end zones no matter what we wear.


Stay posted. There is still lots to discuss. Free agency, draft, mini camps etc