Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dave’s take: a couple of thoughts on this weekends playoff games

  • I was pulling for the falcons to get back to the Big dance and get a shot at redemption. But it wasn’t to be. 
  • On the other hand, good to see jay ajayi be a key contributor to the eagles as they head to the conference championship. He’s got a chance to show the dolphins just how badly they screwed up. 
  • While the titans looked promising for maybe 10 minutes, was there really a doubt the patriots would win?!
  • On average, the home team in this round wins 75% of the games; meaning that one of the 4 teams has a chance of losing. Who would have thought it would be the steelers?
  • Blake Bortles was much maligned. But he’s clearly the best pro QB in Florida right now; and that probably won’t change anytime soon. Don’t count him out. 
  • Does anyone know who bortles backup is? Chad henne! So that means that henne has been to more conference championships than anyone on the dolphins, through 3 decades. 
  • And the Vikings. They have a chance to be the first home team to ever play in a super bowl. I’m so pulling for that!
  • BTW case Keenum signed mar 31. And nick foles mar 13. The dolphins could have signed either of the two backups starting in the conference championships. Instead they hitched their wagons to tannehill and then signed cutler when the chips were down. 
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Dave, sigh, Ajayi is a baby who pouts when he doesn get his way even when the team wins. Also does not hit his assignments because he thinks he is better than the system. Lets fill our roster with those types of players. Secondly, I don't seem to recall your posts to sign either QB when they were available, because no one in the NFL saw them coming. No one in the NFL wants Foles as their franchise QB and the case is still out on Case Keenum, in this game alone he threw one bone head pick and had his recievers (and a saints defenaive back) bail him out repeatedly. Way to be a hindsight writer, also.....Ajayi did nothing special in the Eagles win, if anything he was sub par.


Good comment Paul


I'm glad Ajayi's gone it was a great move. Getting a 4th for a 5th round player. I'll take that.


I’m not a talent scout, but then apparently no one on the dolphins is either. They needed to have options at QB, but chose to do nothing. And here were two capable backups that were available, who cost a lot less than cutler, and arguably have performed better than he did.

They were signed *as backups* but pressed into duty when injuries mounted.

So my point here is not about them per se, but about the inability of the dolphins to evaluate talent; and putting all of their eggs in that Tannehill basket. And then planning on Moore being ready to step in...all the while knowking that Tannehils injury might still be an issue.

And...Opinions about ajayi vary widely. Just good to see him perform well; I like the kid and don’t see him as a cry baby. Rather he was passionate about playing more.


Tannehill was 8-5 before his injury and a top 12 qb with his arrow pointing up. I don't hold it against him for choosing an alternative to having surgery and going the route he went. The Dr cleared him in he looked unbelievable in the spring before the knee went out. Why are you signing Keenum or Foles in March when Tannehill looks ready for spring. In march please do tell me what either Kennum or Foles had done to prove the were better than Tannehill. Keenum nothing. Foles had a good few seasons then nothing. It's easy to throw Keenums name out at this point but were you actually signing his praises when he was signed in march. I don't think so. On Ajayi I liked him and thought Gase went away from him to often, I would have kept feeding him but we were also down early in games and went away from the run. I question alot of the play calling and decision make on Gase's part most of the season. I'm ok with trading Jay as backs are a dime a dozen. I don't think we were getting anything more than a 4th rnd pick for him so I see why they pulled the trigger. I like Drake but also feel the offensive line performed better the last 6 weeks of the season than they did early on. Davis and Young did well on the right side and Larson was back at left guard.

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