Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Breaking down the owners comments

Here’s what Stephen Ross had to say after Sunday’s loss - and my snarky comments:

“It’s a new year. We need it.”
He’s right. Hope springs eternal again! And everyone is undefeated in 2018!

But what is it we need, exactly?

“I’m terribly disappointed,” 
With the outcome? The gate receipts? In the salad you had for lunch?

“The season didn’t start out right with injuries...”

It didn’t start out right. There were injuries, which are out of your control - but in the case of tannehill, that rests squarely on the coaches. He didn’t have surgery (his choice), but the team did less than nothing to prepare for him possibly getting hurt again, say signing or drafting a new guy; and then lured an average QB out of retirement for the season. That’s all on the organization.

You had Irma which is really out of your control, but look at what happened: the players seem to have grown antsy and drifted (rather than coming together), one player just left and flew home, and a coach found an escort and did things he shouldn’t have. Again that’s on the organization.

This was a time for coaches to lead, to come together, and to not do stupid things. But I’m assuming Gase had no control over the team.

“...and you can’t replace good quarterback.”

And no. You can’t replace a good quarterback. But you can replace a mediocre quarterback, but the team chose not to. Perhaps his injury hurt, but the clubs response to it was predictably amusing. 
Looking forward to next season, there will be adjustments...”

What sort of adjustments? Another sham committee? Another ted wells investigation? Another silly meeting where you and the coach and gm sit there and sing kumbaya? Or changes to something at the stadium?

“...You put as much as I put into a team...”

What have *you* put into the team? Yes you fronted the money for stadium improvements, but that’s cosmetic and doesn’t affect the team - and you’ll recoup the money. And yes, you told the team to spend money on players - but there a salary cap, and floor... and you moved within it. But then, you kind of had to, based on league rules.  It sounds nice to say you told them to spend, but it’s a small window.

“...and you try to do all the right things to win...”

Like...? Okay you committed to the coach and the gm. And I suppose the process. But the culture has been damaged since before H Wayne sold the team, and I can’t see what you’ve done to repair it. If your hands off approach worked, that would be great. But it hasn’t worked and there’s some culture problem that can’t be easily fixed with words, or new screens, or premium seating.

“...how can you not be disappointed?” 

You’re the owner. That’s fair. But unlike fans who look perplexed at this organization over the last decade, you could do something. Turn that disappointment into something positive!

“I (expletive) hate losing. Excuse me.”
Of course you do. And you can be excused for that emotion. But you can’t be excused for what’s going on - and will probably keep going on until something changes, or dare I say?, you sell the team.

Then he went on to say that Coach, gm, and vp  will all “definitely” be back.
“I have a lot of confidence in Adam and the way Adam, Chris and Mike work together,. Adam is really a good football guy, and I believe in him. He’s as disappointed as I am. I talk to him a lot and I think he recognizes we need to make adjustments and I think we will.”

Alrighty then. Things will continue on this course next year. Maybe they catch a break and get 9-10 wins again. But until that culture changes and the team gets a QB, it will be more of the same. 
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I wish i could thumbs down this article.


Ahhh Words out of my mouth for the last SEVERAL YEARS...


Going to be some interesting roster moves. Plus the draft. I wouldn't count on more than 2 draftees actually starting right away. Probably only one.


Hard truth. The fish rots from the head.


Gruden anyone?


I think John Gruden is over-rated. And I think even HE knows that and that's why he won't coach again.

I still think Gase needs and deserves more time. He just needs to learn from this years mistakes. No new HC came in and knew everything day 1. We're not winning a Superbowl next year either, but that's okay. We just need to fix some things, stop having half the starters on IR, and get back to the playoffs.

I believe the culture HAS changed....when we're WINNING. But this whole organization still has a lot to learn when it comes to keeping it together during the bad times.


If Dolphins hope to improve, Gase must stop calling plays. Bland offense and bland execution.


The main issue I have with our owner: Not really an issue, more of an opinion of what is needed by the CEO to put a winner on the field year in, year out.
When I started watching the NFL in the 70's, it was not as big as it is now. The explosion in the 90's of fan....dedication & loyalty to a team, or overall enjoyment of the NFL and the ability to play fantasy and gamble on almost anything was huge.
I thought there would come a day when teams did not leave cities. I realize now I was very naïve in the ways of the business world. Before I get to far off base, I want to say what it is that...bothers me. Yeah, it does bother me. Can't help it.
I wish the Dolphins were his sole concern!! The fact that he loves his alma mater, University of Michigan, is a nice thing. No offense to big time college FB fans, but it is college; a tiger of a different stripe so to speak.
When you are as financially successful as Ross, and even many, many graduates that are not as successful but enough so to make donations...(I didn't phrase that right. It should be more of a question) Do the folks that give back money do it because they LOVED their school that much when they attended? Is it all about taxes? When they start giving money is that when the LOVE happens? I think so. I think they love the money they make, write it off on donations, and I feel I'm getting closer and closer to China as I dig this hole! So I'll jump back.
I just wish Ross was a Dolphin fan from get-go! I hate to compare it, but similar to Kraft.
No body is perfect, but I have been hearing complaints about Ross since he started. I don't feel his heart is with the Dolphins. Yes! He wants to win. But does he try and find out what a winning owner sacrifices to be a winner? I don't think so.
He will pay the players that management & coaching tell him to though. Maybe that is good enough now-a-days? Doesn't seem so. Hasn't worked. I can't help but wonder about the players we pay. I can't remember exactly what Carl wrote? About the intelligence, football intelligence, life smarts.
Yeah, I'm still stuck on the idiotic penalties in the Buffalo game. AT BUFFALO! Well, I'm getting off topic again.
Hope we have a good draft! Hope we get back our MLB, our CB, our QB(because I believe he could be a Super Bowl Winner), and PLEASE, PLEASE, I AM BEGGING for a STUDWORTHY OFFENSIVE LINE that runs over everyone!!!!
Go 2018-19 Dolphins!!!!