Monday, November 12, 2018

“Still alive at 5-5”

I noticed this morning the dolphins record is 5-5.

30 years ago, the Marino-led dolphins were muddling through a season. I was a subscriber to the Dolphins Digest at the time, and my title here was the headline as the team headed into week 11.

For whatever reason, it was a memorable headline (I assume because it was catchy) and it popped into my head this morning.

Of course that team went on to finish 6-10 but there was optimism in the moment.

Just doing a brain dump. Carry on. 

Monday, November 05, 2018

Cause For Celebration!!

Now that was an exciting 60th Birthday present the Dolphins and the Saints gave me on Sunday.

Any time we beat the Jets it's cause for celebration. Twice in one season is a chocolate double scooped and dipped ice cream cone!

Then, to cap off the day with a Ram loss is truly a birthday blessing.

Most of you know why. The '72 Dolphins are still the only "Perfect" team in NFL history.

I say "Perfect" because there were NFL championship teams who finished their seasons with no losses but had ties. They were undefeated but not perfect.

I say "history" because it hasn't just not been duplicated since 1972 but all the way back to  beginning of time as far as the NFL is concerned.

And that goes back to 1920.

We are the only "Perfect" team in close to 100 years. Think about that.

Here are some other tidbits about that season many of you may not know.

We had the number 1 ranked offense and the number 1 ranked defense.

Our starting QB, Bob Griese, broke his leg in game 5 vs San Diego and our back up, Earl Morrall, led the team until halftime of the AFC Championship game.

At that time in the NFL, teams were not seeded for the playoffs. The league determined before the season started which division champions would host which rounds of the playoffs which would start the following week after the season ended with 4 teams from each conference qualifying, 3 division champs and 1 wildcard.

As it would play out, we beat the wildcard Browns at home in the first week of the playoffs while the home standing Steelers beat the Raiders in what would come to be known as the Immaculate Reception game.

The following week, for the AFC Championship game, we traveled to Pittsburgh. That's not a typo, we traveled to Pittsburgh.

Earl Morrall struggled in the 1st half and Bob Griese replaced him for the 2nd half leading us to the Super Bowl vs the Redskins.

Now here is some ammo for you in case another team happens to go Perfect in your lifetime. We got no bye week off going into the playoffs which is a distinct advantage for your 1st playoff game and no home field advantage for the AFC Championship game which is another distinct advantage.

So don't let anyone in the future believe that their 16 game season meant more than our 14 game season. We played who was on our schedule and we beat them all.

Those above playoff obstacles should offset 2 extra games. Throw in the number 1 rankings and no one could be better.

I often wonder that if Franco Harris didn't grab that 4th down miracle rebounded pass, who would have hosted the AFC Championship game between us and the Raiders.

Back to the Jet game on Sunday. That was the most exciting game I have watched in years!

No I am not nuts. I have just been a football fan for 50 years and respect a good ole fashioned defensive battle.

I know living in a microwave era with fantasy football holding supreme, it's hard to appreciate a game were every single play could be the game winner.

Just one blown coverage, missed tackle or as it turned out, one interception for a TD made all the difference in the game.

I know it may seem abysmal to think no one scored a TD on offense in that game. But let's give credit to were it is due, to both defenses playing hard and not blowing assignments.

My heart was pounding every play because I had no idea, good or bad, what was going to happen and for me, that was exciting entertainment.

So cast aside fantasy and watch that game again if you can. I set the DVR. There was a lot happening, just not on the scoreboard.

So we roll to Green Bay and I got to say. I like our chances.

Any given Sunday Dol-Fans, any given Sunday.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

Monday, October 29, 2018

Theory in Question:

Depending on the position, mental state of mind, an unnoticeable type of play that appears balls out yet is 85-100% geared on remaining healthy/avoiding injury.
Making it closer than it has ever been for a player to ignore his age and continue his career well past the likeliest age his position normally requires retirement.
In essence you now see players playing past that "call it quits age" which enables them to play where they want.  Not in a guaranteed condition, but they do increase their odds of eventually making it to desired team or making it to a team with the greatest chances of winning them a ring for their finger.
They have realized they can take whole years, maybe even 2 off for injuries.  Rehab very strong, live an extremely healthy life with food & avoiding false chemicals that age a human body.  Again, there are many more practices that have been at the front of human understanding and an insatiable search for the fountain of youth.  Many think Ponce de Leone was at the heart of this desire, yet that seems to only be a myth.
It is far from a myth that millions & more are still searching for this fictitious gulp of liquid that halts aging by the human body.
However, it is possible to the slow the progression.  And this practice taking place by more each year has switched the power of the....struggle/competition/see who blinks first....between the players association and the Owners.
The Owners must come up with something to bring back the closest equableness by teams that still has exceptional fan loyalty & a competitive fieriness' for victory & a trip to the playoffs.
Right now the cream rising to the top each year has a very similar look. Same colors, names, cities, teams, etc...
The rollover/turnover of NFL teams is not happening as much as it used to.  Maybe the NFL has become so strong they needn't worry about fans of losing teams not showing up to home games. Or if they do, they are alone in 8 sections of emptiness & they wear a paper grocer bag on their head.
The gambling/fantasy aspect of the NFL has won out. Very similar to when Nixon allowed Insurance Companies to create another form of society that has it's own economic existence, & forces more members in each year.  Try see a doctor without being insured.  Say you are depressed, a condition you suffered previously and were cured or set back on track by taking Prozac for 2-3 months.
Go to a walk-in clinic and say your piece=want to see a Doc, depressed & it was cured before by using Prozac for 3 months.
They'll ask if you are insured. "No." Okay, that will cost you $300.00 to see the Doc, and most likely he/she won't prescribe an anti-depressant.  "What if I was insured?"  Well, that depends.  But ball park it will cost you $50.00 & you'll probably get what you want. 
You are favored with insurance and you are screwed without it no matter if you can afford it or not. 
The point of all this is the oldest story in the book.  The money rotates to those that have it.  Trickle down theory.  That was a blind fold creating belief among those oppressed; one of the greatest ever.  If you examine close enough, you will see the same business theory/program operates within the NFL.
Even though I enjoy the NFL sometimes.  I would love nothing more then to see a 5-8 year period of these FB players lose the league.  No paychecks for 8 years. Watch them wonder around penniless and then hear all of the old clichés about how N#$gg%^rs are discriminated against.            

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Wow! Now that's More Like It!!

That was good, & about time.  No more worrying about what the fans think by hanging in on games & then losing it.
Be your true self.  You suck Dolphins.  For all I know, you may be good enough to win.  You may be 1/2 234ing it, wanting to play elsewhere, not risking an injury, have a terrible coaching staff, I'm sure there is a great amount more.
I know you are good enough to win.  Every NFL team is.  The talent & coaching ability is peaked by the time the NFL is reached by all those that have used a single mindedness to reach their ultimate goal. Sure, other things involved along the way, but that incredible mental attitude, desire, concentration, eyes behind their head to see those untrusted leaches with unimaginable charisma, charm, velvety tones of music in place of words, a triton in one hand and a long pointed tail!!
Yes, whatever it is that has taken hold in S FL is not going to go away until someone grows a pair of BALLS!!!
It is beyond obvious this is an NFL agenda for some secret reason.  Me, it's a reflection of how society is viewed.
Go ahead and throw me your best crap.  I know this is the major reason, supported by the smaller stories at your 6-8-12% support.  Just like a political election with the elephants vs the donkeys, each with a major player and a few underneath sucking votes, and pushing competitors into a danger zone like a NASCAR Race.
The Reason: Miami has never recovered in America's eyes when Castro, I guess convinced the Peanut Farmer he would send several boats loaded with Cuba's best athletes, students, visionaries, many of Lenin's direct descendants called "Octobers Finland Station Revolution Group of Communist Comrades by Lenin for the Betterment of Women with Breast Cancer, or OFSRGCCLforBWBC"
Yes, the Great US of A still holds a grudge against that city for supposedly starting the Cocaine revolution of the 70's & 80's.
It's over!! The opioid crisis dwarfs what happened with coke.  Although it is difficult to line them up and compare damage. Difficult to designate a street drug price, influences that swing the price.  It's like the old question about why smoke was not & still is not legal in many places.  You can't price the absolute hi-end of marijuana.  The true, the folks looking for only truth from the extraction of.....somehow I....had an itch & I can't scratch it. Well, shoot. And there's my wife calling that dinner's ready.
By the way, this is a maid speaking! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

why have they waited so long??

I'm at the point where I don't care if Parker plays well for another team. He isn't going to do squat for the Dolphins. TRADE HIM. CUT LOSSES.
Let him walk away for no return, is that what we're trying?????

Monday, October 22, 2018


Was GREAT to see our new TE get targeted 3 times for 3 catches!! I think he can be a very special player.
Throwing the ball downfield will open up the middle for him & the runners. And vice-versa.

Liked some; Lions came to Play; Our defense did not.

Liked Some? Basically I liked seeing Osweiler throw the ball downfield. Who knows if he keeps it up-accuracy, but there is still many games to be played.
Defense needs to tighten!!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Difficult view

Other than a few good years most of us can imagine a failure this weekend.  I hope Brock remains confident; Gore & Drake chew up lots of time which will help the FL HEAT takes it toll on the Lions.
Above all! Offensive & Defensive LINES!!!! Win the battle at the line of scrimmage!!

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Gonna Be A Long Week In Dol-Fanville

Ugh. As in ugly.

Just when I thought I saw every way you could lose a game, we found another.

Who ordered the bonehead penalties with a side of freaky turnovers?

It's too tough to even recap it all.

A wasted outstanding effort by our special teams. Except for bonehead unsportsmanlike penalty.

A wasted good effort by our defense. Except for a bonehead contacting a defenseless receiver penalty.

Better off forgotten by the fans. This is a hard pill to swallow. This week will drag.

The pain will last. The fourth quarter will replay and replay in our mind's eye all week long.

The biggest issue right now is Tunsil and if he can get back in the line up.

Without him, we are toast.

With him, we are a bagel. Just one big hole in the middle of our O Line.

The "O" seems so symbolic right now.

I don't understand why with 14 seconds left and down by 10, you don't throw the Hail Mary.  It's the only chance to score, kick the onside and then score again on a final Hail Mary.

If your worried about getting Tannehill hurt, throw in the back up. But throw the Hail Mary. You may score with 5 seconds left. Then recover the onside with 2 seconds left. And try another Hail Mary.

At least give yourself a chance.

Anyway. Disappointed and dismayed.

Da Bears are next. Maybe we should sit Tannehill. Khalil Mack will rip his head off with the O Line we got.

Phins Up,
Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971


Need anymore proof this team still sucks?

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Super Slow Mo for NFL Control


7 rushing yards through 2 quarters. 24-0 ass whooping through half a game. Patriots get the ball first in the 2nd half. See what happens when they play a team that’s worth a shit? SAME OLD DOLPHINS!!! Hahahaha!!!!

Players And Fans Alike In Unfamiliar Territory

When was the last time we had this big a game?

It's been 2 years since we had to go into Buffalo to clinch a playoff birth.

It's been 10 years since we had to go into the Meadowlands with Chad Pennington and beat the Jets to win the AFC East.

Now's it's New England's turn.

By 4:30 today, we could have a strangle hold on the AFC East with multi game leads over our division foes.

This is a Bazzaro World moment.

It's usually the Patriots in our position and we in theirs.

But so early into this season the tides have turned and it's us with our foot on their throats.

Banged up or not, veteran experience or not, both team's haven't been in these positions other than Amendola.

How will they react? That is what underscores the drama in New England today.

As I have said in previous posts that Speed Kills.

And we have it. Can Ryan Tannehill take advantage of this and out play Tom Brady, the  G.O.A.T. as they claim.

Tannehill doesn't have to prove himself against Brady's entire carreer. Just today's 60 minutes.

That's it. 60 minutes to turn the tables on the premier franchise in the AFC East.

Wow. I was excited all week and here we are.


Come what may in a few hours, we will still be in 1st place in the Division no matter the outcome.

But I would love to be 3 games up plus the tie breaker against the Patriots. And at least 2 games up against the Bills and 2 games up with the tie breaker against the Jets.

If we pull off a big win today, the talk, all week long, will be about a changing of the guard in the AFC East.

This has become a national story. So much so, that the game will be nationally televised on CBS. As I live in New Jersey, the Jets were bumped to FOX.

I pray we win. Simple as that.

I pray that Tannehill plays a great game. Simple as that.

I pray we score enough to overcome our banged up defense.

Please join me if you can.

In New England, die hard Patriot fans are finally falling to their knees to do the same.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

Monday, September 24, 2018

Vegas, Experts Reconsidering Dolphins.

     Dolphins fans can be forgiven for being at something less than a full sprint with high fives here in the early going.  We all seem to feel that we have been here before. Carl even pointed out on this blog that the teams we have beaten are a combined 3-6.  But that has a tendency to be true when you are 3-0.
     In other words, our opponents are a league average 3-3 when not playing the Dolphins.  Additionally, the Jets and Titans have both shown the ability to win outright as underdogs, which is suggestive of the fact that the Dolphins, too, may be under-valued. Certainly anyone who bet the over on the Dolphins win total for the season is feeling pretty good right now (some books had set the Dolphins at 6.5 wins for the season.)
     New England is this week.  We will soon know where we stand at the quarter mark in the season. However, it may be worth mentioning that the Dolphins are one win away from holding a three games lead on the Patriots at that quarter-season mark.
     Maybe that is worth at least a jogging high-five?

Jay Lopez

Great game.

Enjoyed post Carl.
Great respect for mature attitude holding firm during odd calls and appearing unable to move the ball.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Dolphins Use Bottle Caps And Sticks To Go 3-0

"Ok Jakeem, you line up behind me and block for a second and then run down by the Volkswagon. I will give the ball to Frank, who will pitch it to Albert coming around from the left side and he will flip it out to you. If they bite, you should be wide open by the manhole cover."

Chicanery I tell you. It was pure and simple chicanery. Drawn up a thousand times on side streets across America.

No doubt even Adam Gase, as a freckled 10 year old, drew it up years ago on the back street or empty lot prior to calling for it again just a few hours ago.

Only this time it was for first place in the AFC East standings.

And guess what? That wasn't the only side street play called by Gase on Sunday.

"Ok Jakeem, Just come around from the left side and I will toss it to you about a foot in front of me. If you beat them to the Impala, just turn on the burners and get to the End Zone at the corner of the block."

That one worked first. So well in fact that let's see if Albert can do it too.

Only this time from the right side and Albert saw an opening by the mail box and cut it right up the field. TOUCHDOWN!!!

The lights came on the lamp post so "TWO MINUTE WARNING!!"

When 3 receivers and a running back all run under 4.5 second 40 yard dashes, you put all 4 on the field at the same time. Stills 4.45, Drake 4.45, Wilson 4.35 and Grant 4.35.

Good luck trying to cover all that.

You can have twice as much yardage, over twice as many points in twice as much time of possession and guess what?

It doesn't matter. Why?


And you can't coach SPEED. Nope.

You can only sign it and draft it. Simple as that.

Then throw in a couple bottle caps and sticks and turn those cheetahs loose.

The Raiders seemed to dominate this game and yet flew home 8 point losers, up by 10 with 16 minutes left and suddenly down by 11 with 25 seconds left.

The key word there was 'suddenly".

Wow. 3-0 for a team that many thought might win only 2 games this year.

Here is a quick reality check. The 3 teams we beat are a combined 3-6.

We may only be the best of the worst but it sure feels good right now.

This coming Sunday will be a true test of who we are as we visit New England.

As I write this, the 1-1 Patriots are trailing the Lions by 10 with 1:58 left in the 3rd. The Pats will either be 1-2 or 2-1 in another hour.

Either way, we will get their best effort. Regardless of tonight's final score, they cannot lose next Sunday and wind up being at least 2.5 games back.

They will be in beast mode as the Raiders were today.

And hopefully next Sunday, the only one who will be able to catch Albert after he hits his stride will be Jakeem, who, blurry stride for blurry stride, will high five Albert all the way into the end zone.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dolphins vs Raiders

Good Luck Dolphins!!


From the Dolphins: 

The Miami Dolphins have partnered with the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE) on RISE to Vote and will hold a registration station at the Dolphins’ September 23rd home game against the Oakland Raiders. RISE to Vote is a nonpartisan effort to register athletes and their fans to vote. Stop by the North Plaza at Hard Rock Stadium and register to vote, take a photo to share, and help yourself and others become informed and engaged citizens.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

No More Politics from this Phin Fan

I try to learn from my mistakes.  Sometimes it takes 15-20 years, but I learn.  And I have no interest in the pregame crap, why it is, what it isn't, yada yada yada.  I like watching the Dolphins win!!
I LOVE watching the Dolphins play FB & keeping that little yellow napkin/hanky/flag out of their actions.  Opponents, you have permission to use the yellow napkin as you see fit!!
Sloppy game in the 2nd ha.....Sloppy game.  A win is a win.  This feeling I have right now is so enjoyable....I really had forgotten it.
And I'm not an idiot.....well.....I just know that there are 15 weeks remaining, and several changes of momentum, injuries, coaches using white powder with professional......hhhmmm.....professional....humans that are prettier than me, &
No critique.  Just gonna smell the flowers all week until Wed. or Thur. when I start considering Oakland.
Mr. Gore, I wish you had spent so much more of your career in your home town.  Regardless, you are here now, and you are a professional FB player & beyond!!  Before you are inducted you deserve a SB WIN!!  You know the way!!  Help us pace ourselves and make it happen!!

I don't know Ryan, I think that knee injury will not allow you to move well, or run for first downs.  You're gonna get stuck in the pocket and get sacked.  What else has the media said??  Great LEADERSHIP Tann, WELCOME BACK!!!!!
I would say something good about all of you but I bet Adam is tearing you up about what you didn't do.?.?.?
CONGRATULATIONS!!!  No idea if we'll win another game, but holding down the confidence on Darnold for the week was key!!
And the RUN DEFENSE!!! 
And an awesome PUNTING job!!

One thing. Mr. Kilgore. What do you call that special type of.....hand off/snap/.....please don't take offense to this, but did you know, or were you aware your right hand was resting on top of the game ball before that play started??  Hey man if you didn't know it's cool!  Future reference though, I'm almost positive that C is your position and your responsibility is to give Ryan the ball so he can do one of those X & O things that Adam creates.
When I was playing for the St. Louis Cardinals, I was the C.  We didn't use the shot-gun.  I was forced to make sure Jim Hart got behind me & not one of our G's.  Mostly I tried to show him how to throw a spiral.  He never got it so we ended up giving the ball to Terry most of the time.  Or maybe not?

GREAT WIN DOLPHINS!!!  I swear it appears as if Adam did get the attitude change he was trying for.  And all those men that helped him!

2-0 Dolphins Heading Home

That was your typical Dolphins vs Jets game.

Lots of crazy bad offensive plays. Kind of like starring at car crash.

Two missed extra points with more turnovers than a bakery.

But we survived by making more critical plays when we had to. Starting with stopping them on the 1 inch line right before the half.

But none bigger than Frank Gore taking that dump off on the last drive of the game on a 3rd and 19 for 20 yards.

So many new faces contributed to this win. Gore, Quinn, Amendola, Fitzpatrick, Kilgore (despite the bad snap), Baker, McMillan (really a rookie) and Wilson.

Game balls to the front office.

Was I dreaming or did our OL not commit a false start or get called for holding?

Tannehill looked silly at times, good at others and brilliant running the ball for 3 critical 1st downs.

Got to love it! No matter how ugly a win this was.

Just Win Baby!! And bring on the Raiders.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

Saturday, September 15, 2018

OK, I'm Gonna Put it Beyond My Thinking

It's not really my fight.  Not that I do not care a great deal, and if asked to work in favor of a solution I would try my best. BUT:
1) I'm not a racist.  Not by any measure to the folks that let it control their actions.
2) I have ZERO control over ANYONE deciding to sit or stand for the anthem, or the flag or both.
Which leads me to how I try to solve many problems, but I forget about it because of who I am & the problems that exist in my life.  So for myself, & I know dang well millions of others out there, from now on when I allow this issue to bring out emotion in myself....emotion enough to get me ranting, I will use a prayer that millions of us try to practice but too often forget.
Now I'm sure there are many that think I have gone overboard.  But being a huge fan of the Miami Dolphins and having spent so much time & energy in my life to witness the events the NFL puts on,...or just not wanting to miss seeing one of JJ's areola's again?.?.?.  The result of me turning my back would leave such a void in my life I would need to change & fill many areas. Well, I'm going to give myself at least 3-5 years in hopes of positive change by the NFL.  So, with great respect for Reinhold Niebuhr, I am committing myself to use a version of the prayer longer than most use, I think?.?.?.
"God, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

Living one day at a time, Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace, Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is, Not as I would have it,
Trusting that you will make all things right, If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.


Now, I am a master at placing not one, but two feet in my mouth......ya' know, to try and stay current let me say that I can very easily place a "qwerty," no matter which way or angle,......well shoot......whatever, in my mouth.  How else do you say it?  I have often put 2 keyboards on my hands?  I'm known for sticking a Logitech into my left ear, all the way in without it departing from my right ear? 
Would anyone say I have trouble staying on topic?  Would anyone ask, Hey, knucklehead, what in the #$%@ is the topic??  The topic is once again about standing or not for our National Anthem.  And I have 2 additional thoughts to add.
Okay, this is basically a black-white issue.  The Serenity Prayer, the title of that prayer I just typed, obviously is based on Christianity.  Christianity is largely a white & Hispanic religion.
I do not remember how many religions there are in this world?  I remember in one of my college courses something about 23 or 24 Core religions?.?.?.  If you knew ANYTHING about how I spent my time in college, you would not trust what I just wrote!  Because I studied so hard on so many topics that.......gonna stop, never been a good liar.
Anyway, the point of that 23-24 Core religion statement is this:  The course was .......Philosophy of Religion (recommended for those persons interested spending their lives working in Politics.  If you believe that, capitalism is not for you. After all religion is about faith, worship, and many would say trying to help others or do good, not evil. On the other hand, capitalism is a ....political/economical system controlled by private owners (as opposed to government/state) void of morality.  Why?  Because the idea is to make money, and to make money often means......GREED.) It kind of stinks because the closest happy medium for free market & communism is socialism. And many people think communism & socialism are the same. Even deeper, the more uneducated there are the more confusion about meaning.  The more educated, less confusion yet your lower class is going to increase because they do not understand what the educated see as simpler ways of living & they do not have the $ to learn the simpler ways, nor buy the products that make it simpler.
Give me a show of hands of how many people know what a snowball is!!  7??  There are only seven of you that know what a snowball is?  Well how many of you are reading this right now? Again, hands please?  4!!!  FOUR!!!!  Fine.  I'll finish this with how I actually feel instead of trying to get people to think I'm not insane.
The religion thing I wrote about:  23-24.  Well, line 'em up against one another as you would a sporting teams.  Throw 7-8 categories at the top and then percentile them.  I have an excellent recipe for chili.  What you find out about these religions is that they are very similar.  The most amazing(to me) is that each religion, all 24, had a story about a man swallowed by a big fish and then was spat out 3 days later on dry land. Now, that is complete BS!!!!  But, the common themes to each religion are so similar it widens your eyes.  A Basic 10 commandments/rules/orders...major prophets or an actual .....son of God, or last messenger of Allah. 
My point being, if you like the wording of the Serenity prayer, change a couple names to let it match your faith.  OH GOODNESS!!  "You Blasphemer!!"  And I'm the one overboard!!
Get over yourself you color haters.  You are being passed by!!  I've actually spoken with a few PEOPLE that seem to be enjoying their time on this planet and are interested in sticking around as long as their health is good.  They said they weren't interested in taking a boat to a small island in the S Pacific, shooting all that lived there, and then having 10-12 guys raise an American Flag as a sign of what........MINE!
I've ranted to long & I think my 2 points may have melded somewhere along the way.?.?.?  I also make a really good banana desert.  I'm wondering if I should leave my address for those wanting to send me money??  If you give me your address I'll drive over & pick it up!  With an autographed photo of my wife.  No, of me......ya' know I have a really good picture of my 4th grade class.  I'm in the last row & there's a guy elbowing me in the gut just as the picture is taken.  I can still remember:  finally, this bully was caught in the act!!
When the class pictures came out.  He became the most popular kid in the school.  Everyone was shaking his hand, teachers were hugging him, & the girls were going crazy over him.  I will never forget that kid.  One of these days I'll find him....yup, Urban Meyer was his name.  For all I know he's passed away.  I know he amounted to nothing because all he did in class was draw X's & V's on paper all day long.  There are 24 other letters in the alphabet & he just would practice almost the last letters.  Seldom used in words.  Talk about a dummy.
My BASIC POINT:  I'm gonna watch my team play.  You don't want to stand, obviously you have a very important belief or idea causing you to do something considered unpatriotic, brave, etc., etc., etc.  Okay.  I hope in some crazy way it can make blacks & whites understand each other better.  It's not violent so it is okay in my book.  We have brains & mouths.  Let's keep the violence out and work on a way to get along. I know it seems corny, but I always think of RKings words="Can we all just get along? Can we get along?"
If you're a Miami Dolphin, it's time to take the division back.  C'mon guys, don't let Broadway Darnold be the next great QB that has his own PSP setting.  OL, make it like the early 70's when there was a 3-headed monster in the backfield=Kick, Morris, & Csonka=Gore, Drake, & Ballage!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2018

In New York vs. Broadway Darnold

Being in the AFC East it has almost, "ALMOST" gotten to the point where I will cheer for my rivals as long as New England loses.  But I don't want to see another new, very young, talented QB take over for another northeastern media team.  The same media that despises the Dolphins.
I never like to cheer for bad playing, just better playing by the Dolphins.  However, if there is a city, a media group, and a fan base, or even a loud mouth coach that can blow-up a players head and cause the direction of his career to tremble and shake and falter and run into your own OLM's big behind, well, that would be the big, Apple!!
I would like to add I have NEVER seen a QB with so much talent it is virtually impossible he will NOT lead the Jets to less then 4 or 5 SB wins......and going to Disney World after as well!!
GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The NFL isn't Over

I was wrong, the NFL isn't over.  Although it seems close to comical in South FL.  One game and we lose Josh Sitton for the year.
Last year we didn't make it to the first game without losing 4 starters.  Now, one of those loses didn't make the comeback on obviously a career ending injury.  And (no pun intended) an Achilles heel position for several years, OG, we lose a MAJOR off-season signing in Josh Sitton for the year.
Depth was already an issue & I thought with last years Football Gods ending our hopes preseason, this year would be healthy.
So I was wrong twice.
Contact me for your fantasy players & any bets.  Do the opposite of what I say or feel!!

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Heads Or Tails

Sunday's season opener against the Titans will bring a contrast in styles as Tennessee will look to ground and pound the ball directly through our defense, churning up yards and eating up the clock.

We could be in for a long, slow death start.

On the other hand, Gase and Company will look to sprint right out of the blocks with a hurry up tempo offense designed to get the Titans on their heels by creating unfavorable matchups and exploding down the field.

If Miami doesn't move the chains, the defense will be right back out there, sucking wind and missing tackles.

Believe it or not, the coin toss will be a dictator in this game. Whomever gets the ball first, can set the pace.

If the Titans start on offense, methodically march down the field and score a TD, then we go 3 and out, we could be down 10-0 or 14-0 and the end of the first quarter.

If Miami starts on offense and scores a TD in 4 minutes, the Titans may look to pass a bit more playing catchup. Which is what we need.

Miami cannot play from behind and win this game. They have to get out front and stay there.

A two score lead is our only hope.

If the O Line keeps Tannehill upright and he contains his excitement to be back, Miami can put up the necessary points. Pull away and win the game.

My prediction: Miami 31-17

Forget the home field humidity factor. It's been hot and humid in Tennessee for the past week.

Phins Up,
Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

Sunday, August 26, 2018

NFL Days are Over; But Something I wanted to Rant About!!

I realize it was the 3rd preseason game.  A time when stars don't really want to play. Young folks want to play; & most, not all,(i.e. Kazee; what do you do in a fraction of a second....go low, go high, ?????)try to avoid injury.
Only thing missing from EVERY GAME I WATCHED were the flags.  Not ref flags for penalties; flags for flag football.  NFL is on it's way out except for some version of dance and throw down & promoting your social agenda.
I should have listened to "RIGHTFIT" a couple weeks ago.  I'll still glance occasionally.  Particularly because I think this team has a chance of coming together after 2-3-4 games like they did 2 years ago. 
But the game is so different now. How much is involved??  e.g. I had a family member that worked for a large corporation. He was in charge of 2-300 people...maybe more?  Don't recall how many go-betweens there were(Asst. Coaches), because that is far too many people to keep track of all their life info. 
Before you form your opinion on this next paragraph, you should read the entire post. This one paragraph is not all inclusive of how I feel!
Changing subject here a bit:  The statements by some saying that OSU coach Meyer's wife would no way have kept those text message picks from Urban is way off.  I think that is the type of stuff that is kept from him so he can do his job.  He is a huge scapegoat here!!  "Careful Chief. You dig up the past, all you get is dirty." That's Gideon talking to Chief Anderton(Tom Cruise) in Minority Report.  Just a movie, but it is so accurate about today's world.
"Do his job" I said.  I can see that will get trounced.  There are too many questions about so long ago.  He was the scapegoat.  Was he close with Smith?  Was he forced to hire him because Earl Bruce was his GF?  Are these, & many other questions the reason why Urban showed such ........frustration/indignation about a situation I would be willing to bet was supposed to be taken care of by someone on his staff??  I don't know?  I don't know a lot but the accusers who also know just as little but are willing to jump on Meyer instead of Smith & the Police Department, or whoever handles these cases.  Right!! What I hear is they(domestic abuse cases) are all ignored so that if Urban put his voice behind it you are guessing something would have happened??
He seemed to have very particular feelings about Courtney Smith which makes me think there is some form of.......deviousness about everything that went down.  How
%$#ing obvious was it that he did not say her name?  THAT WAS PURPOSEFUL!! There is something there that most of us will never know about that has been completely fabricated, or beyond reasonable interaction to get the situation resolved. Maybe that is what it took for domestic violence cases to start being taken seriously??
Listening to Greene the next morning, how he tried to emphasize what seemed so strange was the "un-preparedness" by Urban Meyer in delivering comments to the media.  Never seen that!!  Which makes me believe he was thrown to the wolves in the name of domestic violence.
If that is the case, I feel for you Urban, but it very well may have taken a person of your stature to get these terrible situations under control(which.....I'm sorry but as I see the dismantling of the family institution, marriage, being a mother & father; skipping to children being raised by TV(my generation), to children be raised by MTV to smart phones, Facebook or whatever is hip on the net) which I have a hard time seeing.  Getting to 25-30% I don't see as possible.  If the figure I saw about Rape cases is true, domestic violence stands no chance!!!  I read this, so who knows, but I bet it is in the vicinity!  "Out of every 1000 Rape cases, 994 perpetrators will walk free." What does that mean? Out of "1000" RAPES OCCURRING:
310 Rapes are reported. I hear that is often from guilt & shame.
57 lead to arrests.
11 go to prosecutors
7 felony convictions
6 rapists will be incarcerated.
Realistically, there is NO worse crime than rape for the victim?  Murder is suffered by those left behind to remember.  Rape, a violent, scary, unbelievable invasion of everything personal remains with the victim forever.  Out of 1000 committed, 6 are incarcerated.  So, .006 men are put behind bars after 1000 rapes are committed!  I'm guessing that very few of these are among married people. 
Personally, I have had very little concern in my life about domestic violence.  It's just not something that went on within the family I grew up in.  I can see how people that are engrained in the football environment "MIGHT" see violence in a different way than those of us not aware of that environment.
I can see how this might look like I am defending Urban Meyer.  Again, going by what Greene said, & how prepared I have seen Meyer for everything over the years, I guess if I had to take a side,......wait a second.....take a side?  That has become the issue.  Siding with Meyer, or siding against him.  Shit!!!  I would be angry also.  How long ago was this, and who is it about??  None of that even matters anymore.  It's just whether you believe Urban or you don't.  But what the domestic violence activists are saying is that if Urban had acted all those years ago, things would be different today!!  Do you really believe that??  After looking at rape statistics, you think penalties against domestic violence would have changed?  That is an IMPOSSIBLE WHAT IF!! 
Maybe now that he was forced into it.  I have seen players lose there places since it has happened.
One last thing about the people that were in disbelief about Meyer & his wife knowing about the texting.  I just want to bring up the reason why he retired from FL.  Along with the agreement of getting back into coaching.  My wife keeps certain things from me that she knows will get under my skin and cause me to rant like this.  I guarantee you there were things that she kept from him.  Do you give all the mail to a lawyer representing a cold-blooded killer??  No, the secretary throws it.  Meyer was thrown under the bus by somebody.  He knew that was televised & he read it in complete disrespect of the entire proceedings.  There is no doubt what-so-ever in my mind that he was railroaded in some fashion.  Did he act wrong in 2013, 14 or 15??? Yeah, maybe.  I doubt he remembers much of it.
"Careful Chief. You dig up the past, all you get is dirty."
All these people from ESPN & Talking Heads giving their complete slam-down on Meyer & how he missed an opportunity an INCREDIBALLY HUGE DENT IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!!!  My opinion is that doing it this way may very well have created a greater possibility for cutting into domestic violence crimes.
I know this.  Growing up as a young man often times you must defend yourself.  Get hit on a few times & you become ready for it.  Someone comes at me, I'm getting them first.  In football, multiply that by 10-50X!!  I have had my wife & daughter come at me in anger & my first thought was....go get my "AK!" That's a joke.  I don't own guns.  I would say something to them; ask them not to yell at me, but it did no good. What I do know, most men are much stronger than women.  Most men, not all.  It takes very little of a mans strength to do physical harm to a woman or a child.  So the responsibility is on you men not to react physically...even if you get hit.  One punch from some men can kill. So don't do it.  Or do it & chalk it up on your resume of victorious fights:  1) Marilyn; 2) Frank; 3) Shelly & her daughter......

All in all I hope domestic violence will subside.  I don't think those that can impose legal sanctions against the guilty will increase any of there guilty findings except for the next 6-12 months.  Unfortunately I think there are a lot of mean, angry men out there.  Add a little whiskey and even meaner.  I believe it is a situation that must continue to be fought against by those that have the stomach for this ugly area of life. It's not going to go away no matter how many high profile individuals you choose to throw in front of it.....certainly those that have other agenda's.  You think Urban Meyer is the person at fault here.?.?.?  Things of that nature are often learned/witnessed/grown up around; like racism.  That is where the battle is.  If it isn't being taught at home, than our schools need to preach more.  And not by the time you get to college.  It is well-engrained by then. Elementary/Middle/ & High Schools!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

I DID NOT REALIZE. Please Excuse My Ignorance to Current Events

When certain stories bother me in the news, I turn away from them.  The whole National Anthem debate bothered & confused me.  I made a point of ignoring anything related to it.  And I can see now that I pretty much made myself look/appear like  an ignorant idiot, if that's possible.
HONESTLY, as I ignored anything having to do with the issue, there was a part of me that thought it was losing steam/wearing out.  From the beginning I felt it was a huge misunderstanding. 
NOW, when I think about someone not standing for the National Anthem, or the American Flag, I think that person is uneducated, self-centered, taking advantage of a system/Country that enables that person to live the American Dream but having absolutely no respect for those that carved the way.
For you players that do not stand & do not honor our flag, I truly wish you would take the time to turn your TV channel to 570(DirecTV), Smithsonian channel.  Watch a few episodes of WWII, The Pacific in Color!!
Thank you to all the men & women that defend this Nation, allowing others to make millions playing games.  Why is school important?  


The Dolphins are known for penalties!  The ZEBRA's know it, and they look for it.  Surely you have heard a holding penalty could almost be called on every offensive play. 
I'm tired of blaming it all on our players.  If I went through and labeled each penalty for Carolina & Miami, you would notice a difference in the penalties!
Caroline 7-53
Miami 8-69
2 of Carolina's occurred back in Miami territory accumulating 30 yds. So 23 penalty yards remaining. I counted 3 false starts and one other 7 yard penalty.
Miami:  First 2 penalties occurred after Howard brought the ball to the 9. Then to the 5. Then to the 1, but a holding penalty taking place at the 6, so 10 yards to the 16. Another false start for 5 yards, and an off sides by Carolina to even it up. Scoring opp. blown.
Next Miami penalty driving into Carolina territory around 25-30 and they call offensive pass interference on a first down catch. Spoiled the drive.
Next, Carolina has ball & Miami needs to get off the field on 3rd & 8; Newton throws up a 20 yarder to Funches and they call Howard for touching his arm...or maybe he yelled at him, I wasn't that close.
Not sure what order these next plays come in because I am beginning to realize it is not just our players that are screwing up.  I got a slow motion review of this and it sure looks ......questionable to be polite. 
Carolina QB is sacked, fumbles & ball is coming toward sidelines past Allen & Zebra throws flag on Allen for an over 5-yard holding by a LB. No play, Carolina ball. If I ever get to see that again, 1) I bet I exaggerated that the ball was near or past Allen & the man he was defending, but it was clearly out of the QB's hands.  Who knows if it was a fumble or Incomplete pass, but the Zebra made sure.
33 yard gain by Perry erased by a holding call on the next penalty.
And again on another INT with the ball at the Carolina 12, AGAIN 2 PENALTIES are called against the Phins which bites into their confidence if they are ever gonna score a TD on a TO.
Call me sour grapes, whiner, what ever??  All I know is almost every penalty called against Miami meant something significant!!  NOT ONE PENALTY against Carolina meant anything except 2 calls deep in Dolphin territory that showed the ZEBRA's were on top of the new rules!!!
My point being that not one of the penalties against Carolina amounted to a hill of beans!!  Miami's penalties:  4 inside the opponents 10-15 yard line. A 21 yard gain & first down on another.  A penalty inside the 5 making it 1st & goal;  A QB fumble recovered & returned for a TD is a 5 yd holding on a LB well after the ball was gone.  A 33 yard run erased from a holding penalty. A 15 yard catch & 1st down is a offensive pass interference which you will get a grand total of maybe 115 in a year.
Per year an ENTIRE TEAM averages 3.66 in their 16 games, and of course the Dolphins get one in the second preseason game.
Whether consciously or unconsciously the ZEBRAs call the games against the Phins because that is what they expect!!  Do not believe me??  Ask any sports psychologist!!

Gase has got to start getting animated!!!  Maybe not in preseason, but by regular season he has got to HAVE A VOICE ON THAT SIDELINE!!!!! 

Of course there is another theory:  Last year we were the worst team with penalties.  Chances are the coaching staff is gonna be all over that and drills will be performed, practices will not end, other gut wrenching physical doings until it is done right.  My guess is they have been doing this procedure since the beginning.  And the result of that is the other theory:
They have learned nothing, and still make all the same mistakes.  This is the final group of football players that reach the pinnacle of their sport.  They are GREAT! PROFESSIONALS!!  They do not keep making the same mistakes!!  It's driven into them.

PS.  I thought Tann and the new receivers did very well.  Drake was good again.  The first team offense looked much better!  Defense.....I have wondered from day one if he is the man for the job.

And our punter is out of this world okay Carl??

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Defense Wins Championships??

When I come up with a topic I want to write about I never know if I heard something similar to it in the last week??  Bear Bryants quote: "Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships," may still hold sway in the collegiate ranks?.?.?.
However, the NFL being a business has dropped this quote many moons ago, certainly if they believe it!!
The '86 Bears, the Ravens teams were controlled by Ray, especially when Dilfer was the QB.  Maybe some of the Giants teams, the Buccaneers.  But if you look at the list of QB's along side their winning teams, you can see the change!!
In the first days of the merger that quote makes sense & holds true.  Bart Starr, starting QB for Green Bay was drafted in the.....(??) 12th-16th round out of..."Wait for it,".."Wait for it,".. Alabama!  Coached by Bryant.  Drafted that deep you probably are  looking for a game manager.  Just what Lombardi wanted to run his power sweep.  Powerful defense to stop the ball & a power running attack to control the pace of the game.
Reason I looked into this was to see if any of the teams(last year, 2017-18) made use of the 2-point conversion.  What I found out, going by TD's, FG's, XP's & 2-PTs for total points for the season, Teams 1 thru 8 were as follows:
1) Ram's - 476; 0-2 pointers
2) Pat's - 458; 2-2 pointers
3) Eagles - 457; 6-2 pointers
4) Saint's - 448; 1-2 pointer
5) Jag's. - 417; 3-2 pointers
6) Chief's - 415; 0-2 pointers
7) Lion's - 410; 2-2 pointers
8) Steeler's - 404; 2-2 pointers
Out of those 8 teams; Top 4 seeded in AFC; Top 3 seeds in NFC, minus Vikings.  Between them, they converted 16 2-point conversions.  Between the other 24 teams in the NFL, 20-2-pointers were converted.
Whether that means the top scoring teams had better offenses creating higher confidence after TD's; or the score precipitated going for 2 instead of 1?  It's hard not to notice the team that won the SB had more than three times 2-point conversions over 30 teams, and two times more than the Jag's.
The NFL is a business, and the business of the NFL is to sell tickets......odd??  Same as Bear's opinion of the Offensive Unit!! 
Any bet's on the number of points or 2-point conversions next year??  Or do you think status quo will reign supreme & coaches will only chance a 2-pointer when that strange numbers strategy=to time remaining projects that you go for 2??  Or will Jerry be calling down to his coach telling him to line-up & give Elliot the ball, "The Fan's are yelling for him to get in there!!"

Friday, August 10, 2018

Didn't see alot. 50% was Good! 50% was Poor!

Overall it is difficult to tell from a game this early.  But we did have a good running percentage, and a good running defense for an entire game.
Short version, my biggest concern certainly after thinking they(Passing Defense) could be a strong part of our defense, was that TB's QB's completed 37/47 passes.  Our #1 in practice, Howard, burnt(well, pass's completed) consecutively by excellent receivers.  Surely playing Howard against Parker(& I have only heard they line up across from each other on most plays) on every play in practice is not good for either.
I think Howard can be a top level CB, with shut down capability completely dependent on how good he want's to be.
Parker.....from everything I've read, only eating chicken tenders, not listening to experts concerning hydration pre-contest, to not coming to the QB,, it goes on.  I hope like heck he proves me wrong, but I'm convinced he will be gone after this year and in his entire career will have a few great/very good games, most likely against us because he will hold some personal blame against the Phins as to why his career was not top shelf.  I would get something for him as soon as possible, certainly if tomorrow is an option.  I'm not sure how the rookie salary cap figures into a situation like Parkers? 
Cooper has better #'s & White, even though injury has played a roll(it did as well with Parker), barely has any #'s at all.  Each was expected to be the ace receiver of their team.
I have good feelings watching Fitzpatrick & Ballage.  However, that is a curiosity not to be answered for any of us(& something to build on as an Offensive Coordinator)!!  Meaning I feel Gore will not play until regular season, so no one really knows how that 3-headed monster will/may/could dominate, making the passing game more open.  Above all, there can be no 3-headed monster without an Offensive Line that communicates, cooperates, & stays healthy....& as our depth is a concern, it could make Smythe's # of plays more important than Gesicki's.
Lastly, even though the numbers turned out excellent for the Defense in the run game, it was a ways down the depth chart when things equalled up.  So our DL & LBs still have a lot of thinking transferred into physical play in order to come close to a middle of the NFL type of year.
Nature of the beast=writing mostly about our rookies. Cannot tell if  4, 5, maybe even 6 of our draft class will have better than average rookie contributions compared across the league??!!??  That would either be a sure sign of keeping the staff that drafted them. A sure sign of how depleted our depth's are, or fill in answer here after season!?!?!?
If you think that is crazy let me talk out the side of my neck for a minute:  Fitzpatrick is gonna play.  Gesicki & Smythe are gonna play.  Was Ballage's time tonight only given to avoid injury to a starter?? I don't think so!!  I've heard Baker is not quite there, yet the best part of his game is tackling. Not sure if we need LB's that tackle.....yes I am!! Sanders or Joseph will play.  Leaving Armstrong & Poling from the Draftees, & whomever if an UDFA plays his butt off!!
Again, it's very early to say what or if Rookies will do anything.  But man it's a good feeling to allow yourself to believe the best will happen for the Dolphins this year; think that our Rookies can contribute a lot this year, and hope the same guys that drafted these will have enough foresight to keep doing it year after year!!  Sooner rather than later we could actually be using Rounds 2-3 & 4 for Depth!!!
Okay, now to address penalties!  Although there is nothing I can say that has not been said several times by some of the professional reporters!!  I think of Shula & that is the FIRST thing that comes to mind!  How did he do it??  Year after year his Dolphin teams were either #1, or usually in the top 5(I think; I BELIEVE!!) for LEAST PENALIZED TEAMS!!!!  I am under the impression that many of these players do not understand the importance of not being penalized.  The discipline & intensity it requires.  As opposed to being "tense" & "undisciplined" which allows a smart QB to gain 5 yards or a first down just by using "inflection"=modulation of the voice; change in pitch or tone of voice.  These small/minor(only in the way attention is paid to them are they small & minor) mental parts of the game are normally what separates Champions from .500 teams, veterans with long careers where physical attributes have become less dominant but the mental part of the game has increased.
Go Phins!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

John Lydgate. "You can please some of the people......"

That famous cliché, or quote made famous by Abraham Lincoln seems to be attached to many of the Tight Ends that play today.
I looked up a few Top 10 & Top 25 lists and they are all pretty similar.  Top 3 in stats, now that one is retired, and the other 2 will hang them up sooner than later: Gonzales, Gates & Witten(I think Sharpe should be included & Gronk probably will last that long; heck, everyone on those lists were fantastic TE's, 1-25 & then some).
Numbers 1 & 2 with Athlon are 2- Gates, & 1-Gonzales.  The only reason I am writing this short opinion is because both TEs had folks complaining about their blocking.  If Gesicki or Smythe end up on one of these lists they will still have someone disagreeing about something.
Keep doing what got you drafted.  Practice & study what might be your lesser talent. The cream will rise, it always does.
In response to Chavez's New Year, New Hope:
I'm very excited/interested in seeing Fitzpatrick play, where ever they put him.
The entire defense seems like it is the start of something special!!  Maybe not this year, but in 1 or 2 if we keep what we have & add or tinker, I feel very optimistic about them.
Offense??  My hope is for the OL. On paper, could be special.  Having Frank Gore I think was a great signing.  Drake will continue from the second half of last year, and again if the OL is tight/solid/communicating, then having Ballage as your 3rd back will also produce quality yards catching or running.
No one expects much, or they enjoy bashing the Phins because this franchise was a dominating organization among teams in the Northeast, and an elite team in the NFL! You can be again!!

Sunday, August 05, 2018

New Year, New Hope?

So here we are, ready to embark on another year of Dolphin football. I have been doing a little reading about how the preseason has gone so far and I have a few thoughts about these Dolphins.

Good lord we have a bunch of really good receivers and defensive ends. We can only keep so many. Hopefully, some of the receivers that are a long shot to make the team have a great preseason so we can possibly trade one of them for a draft pick. 

Speaking of trades, if I was the Miami brass, I would be shopping Andre Branch. They could possibly fill a position of need this year or get a decent draft pick. These trade ideas are of course dependent of the health of the WRs and DEs. 

Everyone is making a big deal about the less than stellar scrimmage that Tannehill had Saturday. I say who gives a damn? Anyone remember when Tanne came out in the first preseason game a few years ago and went like 7/7 with an opening drive TD? Look how that season turned out, that was Philbin's last year as coach. People make too much of a big deal about the preseason, just let it play out. Nobody really knows how the season will play out just from preseason play. There is always a few teams that come out of nowhere to make a playoff run, hopefully Miami is on the right side of that coin this year but we shall see.

2 things we know for sure so far are that Xavien Howard and Reshad Jones are going to be balling big time this year if they stay healthy. They have been the only sure things so far in camp.

What observations have you made in Dolphins camp this year?

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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Its been quite a ride

I started Dave's Bitchin' Look at the Miami Dolphins back in 1994.  I had the first Dolphins blog.  I hosted the first Dolphins podcast.

I was invited to be an ambassador of the team, and that was kind of fun.

And then...the Fins lost their own way, and I lost interest in the team.  I kept the site up and invited others to write in my place.  But, I occasionally posted something (typically snarky) about what I saw. 

I never knew what I was going to do next.  Maybe come back to writing?  Maybe find a new way to expand my reach?  Or maybe just quit?

To be clear, I stopped watching the fins because of what I considered stupid decisions - from coaching, to personnel, to ownership, . 

But now as 2018 dawns, I have different feelings about the Dolphins, and the whole NFL.  I won't get into that here.  The list of reasons is long and includes concussions, money, politics, pace of play, and so much more. 

And, moreover, the product is not watchable anymore IMHO; if they can't even figure out what qualifies as "a catch" then how can anyone play the game?

And so the decision became clear: I'm done with the fins, and the NFL.  (and lest you think I'm kidding, I actually parted ways with ALL of my Dolphins memorabilia, except for a few pieces from the 70s and early 80s that I picked up at the time).

I have no more interest, and don't want to invest any more time or energy into any of this.

I considered simply abandoning this site, but I decided instead to leave it up for those who would care to write about the team.

I want to thank all of you who read my ramblings and interacted with me.  It was, as I say, quite a ride.

A new chapter awaits me.

Don't worry,  I've got other things to occupy my time.

To quote from Star Trek "Hailing frequencies closed"

-- Bitchin Dave

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Probably Media Needing to Write About Something, But...??? I Have Seen It Before.

It can seem like a whole lot of nothing/complaining/discontent because you are no longer in Sunny FL with the Atlantic a stones throw away; South Beach(if you want to go people watching or feel terrible about the New Years Diet you gave up on January 10); or a plethora of other wonderful things to spend time enjoying.
Not that Cleveland isn't a wonderful city. Lebron has brought his one man show to the West Coast so it has to be better??
There's the Rock & Roll, I'm thinking Paris & The Louvre??  Still, Lake Erie is just as, or a combination of colors like many of the tropical fish in the Atlantic.
I'm being far too critical. After all there have only been 2 supposed criticisms by Jarvis Landry about the Dolphins.  But every reporter with a boss has to write about it, so it's rehashed or beaten like a dead horse until something new/better/worse/ happens.
Still, there is something about what I have read or heard that makes me feel Jarvis is not at all happy about his new surroundings.  I need to emphasize that!  What I am sensing comes from my incredible ability to misinterpret quotes from famous/talented athletes. 
For example, when I use to go bar hopping with Wilt, I'll skip that one. Someone might get the wrong impression about.....everything I have ever done.

A few years back, 2012-13(??) we(Phins) swapped draft pick order basically with the Browns, along with Devone Bess.
Looking at the 2 players, Bess & Landry I immediately noticed their names were spelled differently.  Again my lightning quick ability to notice certain letters that are shaped different than other letters has always given me a step up on my competitors. For years I have known there are, 26 letters in.....crap.....the alphabet, enabling me to....enabling me a dictionary!!  Again giving me an advantage over my competitors while they struggle through learning "google" on computers.  5 minutes at the most will it take me to locate any word in my trusty "Words. All of 'Em." by Andrew Dice Clay. 
"Google!" Trust me.  Don't buy the stock, it'll never catch on.
So my point No, I'm bored.  Maybe this is a stretch, but Landry now has the experience of the "absolute business & only business" side of the NFL.  I think he wanted to stay with Miami....or, maybe he wanted to play anywhere BUT Cleveland.
I did a little research and discovered that Cleveland hasn't had a very good football team for.....a few years?  Odd because they always seem to have 3 or 4 of the first 10 picks in round one?
I'm gonna disagree with myself on that one.  I am still amazed by the Johnny Manziel draft choice.  Truly ludicrous!! Who in the heck really thought 10 other players were going to follow this dudes lead on Sunday afternoon?  Yes, I will eat my words if he succeeds in the....where is he now, back at A&M?  If he doesn't make it who thinks he follows Tim Tebow's continual attempt at not working for a living?  I saw a picture of Tebow in a dugout looking at his hands, counting his fingers.  Team Trainer sitting next to him asked if he was alright, did he hurt his hand?  Tim responded with "No." Followed by "Are you sure?  You have to be 50 to play in the Champions Tour?" 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Too Long; I'll Make it My Opening Statement

As soon as I saw Marino Worshiper, I knew what this guy was about.  He tried to get an interview with Tann at some point: after a bad loss, after his 2nd knee injury he probably walked up and said: "So Ryan, are you second guessing on not having surgery after the Cardinal game?"
Or, being a Marino lover, I bet he saw no game in Jay Fiedler.  Gave/gives no credit to Chad Pennington because PSI-man was hurt that year; and since he haven't...surely means hasn't forgiven Saban, Gus Ferotte did nothing special to win the final 6 games of that season and only be kept out of the playoffs by %, or some inter-league win-loss combo with another team??
Joshua, I am shocked you went as low as you did when you included a person with Tourette's as one of your Tannehill bashers.  And a players' wife at that.  The others: Jennings really did come to Miami to end his career. 19 catches!!!  I'd be blaming everybody as well if I played in all 16...ALL 16 GAMES AND CAUGHT ON AVERAGE, 1.18 CATCHES PER GAME.
Pounce, he has to say that stuff for the coaches, fans, media, & most importantly himself.  If he plays more than 5 games I'll be amazed!!  Same with Landry, he's gotta say that stuff so you can have a job. What does that mean you ask?.?.?   How about:
"Social media issues are drowning the Miami Dolphins..."  I've always wondered how that stuff happens??
The thing that always amazes me is the fact that anyone can criticize an NFL QB.  There are only 32 in the world that start each week.  32 out of 8-9 Billion.  What other job has that type of %?  President?  There are more than 32 countries.  Plus, the other 31 teams have either a city or a state as their main fan support. $$$
And then there is that 1 team that represents a 6 state area! What was wrong with their original name? 6 STATES????????????????????????????????????? Is there a financial difference between 31 teams with 1 city or state & 1 team with 6 states of reps?? Sorry to  change subjects so quickly, I've got a little of Miko in me.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Can't Seem to Stop Thinking About Miami?.!?.!?.!

Usually by this time of year, almost mid-June, I have taken in the positive draft class articles, & compared them with the negative draft class articles, coming up with my ALWAYS OPTEMISTIC "glass half full"  opinion of how the 'Phins will fare this year(slipped my mind; minus the years Mr. Excitement Joe Philbin was our coach & seemed to have a major issue about playing rookies. Or his opinion of the players was....not worth elaborating).

I have never taken a lot out of the minicamps other than always wanting to hear our QB is doing well.  So in years past, right around this time, I would more often than not have frustrating/aggravating evenings that closed with ESPN SC informing me the Cubs had slipped another whole game behind the Cardinals, or the Phillies, the Mets, maybe even the Expos.

That's some time gone by though!  MLB has tried, like the NFL, to....I'll say it, make more money with an increase in teams, divisions, hence playoff games.  Who knows if the game time(length of a game in hours & minutes) will ever be a problem that can be solved?  With me, I believe the entire issue has fallen handicap to our way of life.  So many different angles to attack; how about there are not enough hours in a day?  For me, the worst is the awful situation of when a person allows greed to take over their entire focus of life.  I know too much about this subject because it has happened to me.

When we say greed, most often people think of money.  But it is not only money.  It becomes a selfish lifestyle where a person is concerned first & foremost about satisfying his/her need, and in affect having the helpfulness of others shrink and shrink until so many forget about it at all!  Helping others!  I know I came to this in an odd way, or some might think a "holier than thou" way.  You'll have to trust me on that one, it's not possible. 

Anyway, if you can believe this, my point was/is an attempt...or rather a hope about our starting OL.  Because really, what group on a football team so often receives SO little of the credit for "HELPING OTHERS!?"  Protecting the QB; opening the holes for RBs; holding back the exact right amount of time, and then releasing to pass the LoS to run down the field blocking for the WR, or RB on a well designed punt.....or is that a screen play??

I read the article about Wilderness Man Josh Sitton shaving his beard.  Thinking was/is he played up north for his career, and now down here in 90 degree weather and humidity so comfortable....uncomfortable, a change of clothes at mid-day is nothing for many workers.  But that was a required write, and a good topic to come up with when a boss is expecting something different, well written, & what the competition does not have, EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WORK WEEK!!  No idea how they do it, but my hat's, I think I'll keep my hat on and think of some other gesture of respect at my age. 

Whatever Josh decides about his beard and maybe even long hair as well, I hope that it is a spark, or a joke, or anything that makes those men feel special.  Five shaved heads?  Well, that might not be good for hits?.?.?. 

I know many have said the key to this season is if Tann picks up right where he left off in a rainy, ugly game-day against the Cardinals.  I agree in part about that.  But the majority of my noggin believes in 1 of 2 things that puts champions in convertibles cruising slow with paper snow raining down.
1) A defense that all the opposing coaches know how to beat, but still, can't do it because our players are too good!!
2) An Offensive Line.  Nothing Need Be Said.  An Offensive Line!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Dolphins Really Do Have A Plan

The Miami Dolphins really do have a plan and they executed it as well as any team could have.

I love the first 4 picks. I was impressed especially when i got a chance to look at Gesicki' highlights WOW! how about Fitzpatrick being Saban's favorite player, not that i care for Saban but i respect.

No, that doesn't guarantee success, it means the Dolphins just like you and I, want a winner. After studying the outcome of last season they have a feel or a vision for what needed to happen.

They let go a lot of talent this off-season and rightfully so on a lot of it. They also brought in some leaders and playmakers.

No, that doesn't mean they got it right. What it means is that just like all of us fans who watched the games they knew changes had to come.

Think for a minute about the adversity that started with Tannehill goig down then the hurricane and Timmons and then finally when the losing began they could not keep it together because adversity brings out the divas, the complainers and the excuses.

So about the talent loss had to hapen no matter what and now everyone knows they better get with the program or you will be gone from Miami (a great city and great weather and fishing).

With a little luck Tannehill will show the improvement that we all witnessed before his injury. No matter what you think of Tannehill if heathy I'm very doubtfull any of the rookies that we had the opportunity to draft could overtake him and beat him out.

The one thing that sticks out to me is DT. We need more than just a body there, I hope their whatever their plan is it works out because we are definitely going to see the run up the middle without Suh.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Why I'm Over Interested in May.?.?.?

I wanted to explain why I still have this excitement/butterflies in my stomach weeks after the draft & months before preseason and the first game.
May 20th, Sunday evening.  Just under 2 weeks from the beginning of June.  I do not know the exact date, but we are supposed to be released from Suh's contract which I thought frees up around 17 million?.?.
I was curious if anyone has an inside track on what we might do?  Any opinions on what we should do?  Is all of it, or a good deal of it going to the draft class?  What do people think: should we get another back-up QB; another MLB/OLB/DT?  Or maybe even more CBs, or strong back-up OL?
No wrong answers because no one really knows (except for Vegas I guess) who will play well, who will disappoint, and who might.....have something else happen.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Very Young, but will be Better Than 4 Wins.

I was gonna state the obvious with the title(Younger Teams have Physical & Mental Growth Holding them Back), but I knew many would automatically assume something like, "is this guy just realizing why rookies do not fill the starting line ups of Super Bowl Champions?"
And even though I would never hear from anyone that thought this(aside from possible replies telling me how much I don't know; plus I have a wife that reminds me of most of it everyday), I know you're all out there shaking your heads at the remarkable conclusions I come up with......or laughing.  Or my greatest fear....sometimes wish, is that you see who has written the piece, shake your head while laughing, and log out of the site!
OK, all my indecision, self-doubt, & negative feelings out of the way(out in the open), I wanted to comment on a piece I read a couple days ago about  ED & Miami's offense. No, that is a Freudian slip I promise!!  Although I have noticed it in myself each time we get the ball.
OK, indecision, embarrassing facts, & jokes out of the way, what I wanted to write about really does come from an article I read by James Anderson; Are drafts getting better under current Dolphins administration?
Before I give my opinion on that question I would like to say that I agree with JA when he says that he thinks a team should always draft for need until/if that team becomes a perennial powerhouse.  Powerhouses normally have few holes.  We(Dolphins) always seem to have craters....or holes I guess.
I don't remember the formula Anderson came up with designating whether a Draft was/is successful or unsuccessful.  Something about playing time I believe.  Which makes sense, unless you are a well-run organization that commonly plays beyond the regular season like Pittsburgh & Green Bay(you have fewer holes to fill, therefore less playing time for rookies unless you get a special player).  You could throw Denver, Dallas, & Baltimore in there as well, but I can't think of any other organization, that plays by the rules, that consistently makes the playoffs(Indy was there for years until lately; which brings up one of my conspiracy theories about the NFL. You already have 2 NY teams & Boston; 6-8 teams in LA depending on the year; to cover the US for media considerations the expansion we all know about was between Indy & Miami for the South in the AFC. Common sense prevails!! Ask anyone & they will tell you if 2 teams remain & 1 belongs in the AFC Southern Division, without a doubt my first thought is Indianapolis. The hottest summer I ever spent was the winter in Indianapolis). My only real proof most will say is completely random-chance.  I tend to disagree.  Consider how difficult it is to attain the #1 Draft Pick, & then take a look at Indy's First Rd. picks since 1980:
1980---5 & 24
1981---12 & 18
1982---2 & 4
1983--- 1
1984--- 8 & 19
1987--- 2
1990 --- 1 & 2
1994--- 2 & 5
1998--- 1
2012--- 1
OK, throwing 2012 in there is really unfair.  Specially since they let go of Peyton to draft Andrew Luck.
Well I should quickly get on with what I feel about Miami's 2018 Draft.
1) I can't believe Ballage was still around at 131!!!
2) Fitzpatrick will be better than Rod Woodson!!
3) Baker almost has to play. I hope he is TOUGH & can manage to avoid major injury.
4) Just a guess, but it would not surprise me if Smythe has a better rookie year than Gesicki.  Regardless of that, I think the offensive possibilities for Miami are BIG!!!
5) Sanders was a bit down on the list of kickers. Somebody must know something. Seldom do you see a team draft a kicker(unless your owner's last name is Davis), and if the armchairs were given the final pick you know we would have a DT or QB from somewhere. He must be able to kick??
I think 2018 could be very MEMORABLE!!!  

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

A Short Offensive Possibility!?!?!?

OK, according to the experts, we(Miami Dolphins) #%&# the bed with our draft.  We will win maybe 6 games.  Our chances of hoisting the trophy named for Title Towns stalker of the frozen tundra on Lambeau Field, Vince Lombardi, is 100 to 1.  We are already predicted to have anywhere from Pick #2 to #6 in the First Round of the 2019 draft.
MAN!!  Our season has been played!!  And again, we #%$& the bed!!  One of the strangest ideas I find about these experts is that we all know they are using the reasoning of the Dolphins' poor 2018 draft on the fact that we didn't grab a QB!  It is strange because among the 6-7 teams that cover this area every year(26-32), 4 of them drafted QBs. Plus right behind 26, Baltimore & Buffalo drafted QBs. Five of those in the 1st Round, while the Giants picked-up the Richmound QB in the 6th. 
I guess my question is if Miami had sold the farm and grabbed one of the early QBs, or took one late in the draft, would the soothsayers have Miami anywhere but where they are now?  NO!  It has become Cleveland, NY, Buffalo, & Miami as easy targets to write & talk about & feel fairly safe.

I have no idea how well, soon, or if the defense comes together; learns to play with each other.  But just lining up the offense....well, ok, it looks good on paper.
WR-STILLS                                                                                     WR-PARKER
WR-GRANT                                                                                     WR-SCOTT
That's just throwing things down.  Think if the OL comes together early!!  In time to make those 6 games after their Bye week really mean something!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Hurst & Gesicki look to be the cream.

Even if you throw out the combine results; all 1st & a 2nd, you need to make your judgment somewhere.  Highlights are everywhere these days, not hard to find.
I agree with the idea about playing against D1 competition.
Looking at Hurst & Gesicki's  2018 collegiate highlights, these 2 guys were head & shoulders above the other TE's to choose from.
Some think Goedert will be the better player in the NFL.  I look at all 3 of them & Goedert is the smallest.  Yet in his highlights he appears to be playing with HS kids.
Admittedly, Hurst looked really good.  Something about watching the 2 of them, it seemed to me that Gesicki has more upside to fill into.  He looked as if he was coached very well, sound physically & athletically.
I think both Hurst & Gesicki will be standouts, but I see less recklessness in Mike making me think he will still be catching TDs when the other chaps have moved on.
He has a long career ahead of him!!

I can already see him taking over where Landry left off.  Tannehills emergency target & the deep middle.

I feel good about this team.  We are due for very minor aches & pains!!  The Football Gods need to be keeping track of these things.

Who's punting this year?

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dang!! What am I Going To Do With This Defense?!?!?!

Do you think Burke is saying/thinking that? No!  I know the Dolphin fans that write in and they'll remind.....well, not me, but they'll remind someone of what we are missing.
I'll write what no one will:
1)Hey numb $%#s, did you forget who played DT the last 3 years? No, I didn't.
2)Whose going to play behind Tannehill?  Not sure I care? I don't keep a ball saver in my golf bag. Just LOTS OF GOLF BALLs! 
Our record would be poor, maybe, and by this time next year, BELIEVE YOU, ME, the media will have at least 3-4 QBs that will be franchise quality.  How else are you gonna sell the Draft??

3)Our LB's are small, coming off injury, & none of them except Kiko has had extensive playing time.
4) We don't have any Tight En.....oh, defense.

Why don't we just roll over on them now since they are so young.  Must be great for the confidence knowing Dolphin fans think they all suck!! 
1.We can complain when we draft them!
2. We can complain when they can't cover the TE from NE.
3. We can complain before the games, during the games, after the games, and then....AND THEN...AND THEN when MIAMI trades them you get all out of sorts.

I've liked Tannehill from the beginning.  I think he's going to have a great year.  Along with the young defense; the burners on every side & 1 in the middle followed by 2 BANGERS!!
Now, if we can PUNT this year......?????

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dolphins Grab Minkah Fitzpatrick To Solve TE Issue

We couldn't cover a Tight End if our lives depended on it. So enter Minkah Fitzpatrick the langy 204 lb Safety from Alabama.

He has the speed and toughness to line up in the slot, against TEs and even blitz the QB. He is versatile enough to play center field but he will be used near the line of scrimmage.

Arguably rated in the Top 10 and picked at 11, he had to be the top rated player on our board.

I think we will come to love this kid as much as Nick* Saban did at Alabama. He started for the 3 years he played there. All 3 years!

Fitzpatrick won both the 2017 Jim Thorpe Award as the Top Defensive Back and the Chuck Bednarick Award as the Top Defensive Player. He has the instincts and skill set to be a captain on our defense and a Pro Bowl player during his career.

You got to love this pick despite passing on Tremaine Edmunds who could've played LB for us.

Time will always tell but it looks good so far.

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

*See first comment

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What Presents Are In Store This NFL Draft?

It's Christmas Season for the NFL. All the draft picks are wrapped tightly so no one knows exactly what may be inside. There is plenty of excitement in anticipating what new presents each team will be receiving. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy the following:

'Twas The Night Before The Draft

                                         By Carl Leone

‘Twas the night before the draft and all through the league,
Not a GM had rested, all feeling fatigue.
Their draft boards assembled, each scout had his say,
From highest to lowest,  “Oh, that one can play”.

The prospects were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of great riches danced in their heads.
Since end of last season, teams knew were they’d pick,
From the worst to the first, their spot was affixed.

To trade up or trade down or snag that one guy,
Decisions, decisions, which one do they try.
From Kiper and Davis and even Mayock,
All threw in their two cents with many a mock.

They run a spread offense and defense, a zone.
Make sure he fits in or this choice they’d've blown.
When free agents sign, when picks they are traded,
Each mock is redone ‘fore they’d even faded.

We’ve seen and we’ve heard from all who attest,
They love this one player, now that one is best.
Agents are bragging, their client’s a stud,
But rumors can circle, now he’s just a dud. 

They pimp them, now primp them so all are impressed,
From Armani to Brioni, to the T’s they are dressed.                           
Come ‘morrow at night, the invitees will shine,
For GMs and coaches, their jobs on the line.

They’ll wait in the green room, some are brought to tear.
To fall like Brady Quinn, is their greatest fear.
The NFL Network and SportsCenter tell
All of their stories ‘tween hugs from Goodell.

The owners get checks out and practice with smile,
“He’s who we wanted. Look! He’s on my speed dial.” 
Some fans will be happy, some fans will be sick,
As the winning contestant announces a pick.

Who knows whats the answer, no future is clear,
Will they bring them Lombardi or even a cheer?
There’s no proven science nor certain gimmick,
Just all fervent prayers to Dear Ole Saint Pick!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan Since 12/25/1971