Friday, June 15, 2018

Too Long; I'll Make it My Opening Statement

As soon as I saw Marino Worshiper, I knew what this guy was about.  He tried to get an interview with Tann at some point: after a bad loss, after his 2nd knee injury he probably walked up and said: "So Ryan, are you second guessing on not having surgery after the Cardinal game?"
Or, being a Marino lover, I bet he saw no game in Jay Fiedler.  Gave/gives no credit to Chad Pennington because PSI-man was hurt that year; and since he haven't...surely means hasn't forgiven Saban, Gus Ferotte did nothing special to win the final 6 games of that season and only be kept out of the playoffs by %, or some inter-league win-loss combo with another team??
Joshua, I am shocked you went as low as you did when you included a person with Tourette's as one of your Tannehill bashers.  And a players' wife at that.  The others: Jennings really did come to Miami to end his career. 19 catches!!!  I'd be blaming everybody as well if I played in all 16...ALL 16 GAMES AND CAUGHT ON AVERAGE, 1.18 CATCHES PER GAME.
Pounce, he has to say that stuff for the coaches, fans, media, & most importantly himself.  If he plays more than 5 games I'll be amazed!!  Same with Landry, he's gotta say that stuff so you can have a job. What does that mean you ask?.?.?   How about:
"Social media issues are drowning the Miami Dolphins..."  I've always wondered how that stuff happens??
The thing that always amazes me is the fact that anyone can criticize an NFL QB.  There are only 32 in the world that start each week.  32 out of 8-9 Billion.  What other job has that type of %?  President?  There are more than 32 countries.  Plus, the other 31 teams have either a city or a state as their main fan support. $$$
And then there is that 1 team that represents a 6 state area! What was wrong with their original name? 6 STATES????????????????????????????????????? Is there a financial difference between 31 teams with 1 city or state & 1 team with 6 states of reps?? Sorry to  change subjects so quickly, I've got a little of Miko in me.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Can't Seem to Stop Thinking About Miami?.!?.!?.!

Usually by this time of year, almost mid-June, I have taken in the positive draft class articles, & compared them with the negative draft class articles, coming up with my ALWAYS OPTEMISTIC "glass half full"  opinion of how the 'Phins will fare this year(slipped my mind; minus the years Mr. Excitement Joe Philbin was our coach & seemed to have a major issue about playing rookies. Or his opinion of the players was....not worth elaborating).

I have never taken a lot out of the minicamps other than always wanting to hear our QB is doing well.  So in years past, right around this time, I would more often than not have frustrating/aggravating evenings that closed with ESPN SC informing me the Cubs had slipped another whole game behind the Cardinals, or the Phillies, the Mets, maybe even the Expos.

That's some time gone by though!  MLB has tried, like the NFL, to....I'll say it, make more money with an increase in teams, divisions, hence playoff games.  Who knows if the game time(length of a game in hours & minutes) will ever be a problem that can be solved?  With me, I believe the entire issue has fallen handicap to our way of life.  So many different angles to attack; how about there are not enough hours in a day?  For me, the worst is the awful situation of when a person allows greed to take over their entire focus of life.  I know too much about this subject because it has happened to me.

When we say greed, most often people think of money.  But it is not only money.  It becomes a selfish lifestyle where a person is concerned first & foremost about satisfying his/her need, and in affect having the helpfulness of others shrink and shrink until so many forget about it at all!  Helping others!  I know I came to this in an odd way, or some might think a "holier than thou" way.  You'll have to trust me on that one, it's not possible. 

Anyway, if you can believe this, my point was/is an attempt...or rather a hope about our starting OL.  Because really, what group on a football team so often receives SO little of the credit for "HELPING OTHERS!?"  Protecting the QB; opening the holes for RBs; holding back the exact right amount of time, and then releasing to pass the LoS to run down the field blocking for the WR, or RB on a well designed punt.....or is that a screen play??

I read the article about Wilderness Man Josh Sitton shaving his beard.  Thinking was/is he played up north for his career, and now down here in 90 degree weather and humidity so comfortable....uncomfortable, a change of clothes at mid-day is nothing for many workers.  But that was a required write, and a good topic to come up with when a boss is expecting something different, well written, & what the competition does not have, EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WORK WEEK!!  No idea how they do it, but my hat's, I think I'll keep my hat on and think of some other gesture of respect at my age. 

Whatever Josh decides about his beard and maybe even long hair as well, I hope that it is a spark, or a joke, or anything that makes those men feel special.  Five shaved heads?  Well, that might not be good for hits?.?.?. 

I know many have said the key to this season is if Tann picks up right where he left off in a rainy, ugly game-day against the Cardinals.  I agree in part about that.  But the majority of my noggin believes in 1 of 2 things that puts champions in convertibles cruising slow with paper snow raining down.
1) A defense that all the opposing coaches know how to beat, but still, can't do it because our players are too good!!
2) An Offensive Line.  Nothing Need Be Said.  An Offensive Line!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Dolphins Really Do Have A Plan

The Miami Dolphins really do have a plan and they executed it as well as any team could have.

I love the first 4 picks. I was impressed especially when i got a chance to look at Gesicki' highlights WOW! how about Fitzpatrick being Saban's favorite player, not that i care for Saban but i respect.

No, that doesn't guarantee success, it means the Dolphins just like you and I, want a winner. After studying the outcome of last season they have a feel or a vision for what needed to happen.

They let go a lot of talent this off-season and rightfully so on a lot of it. They also brought in some leaders and playmakers.

No, that doesn't mean they got it right. What it means is that just like all of us fans who watched the games they knew changes had to come.

Think for a minute about the adversity that started with Tannehill goig down then the hurricane and Timmons and then finally when the losing began they could not keep it together because adversity brings out the divas, the complainers and the excuses.

So about the talent loss had to hapen no matter what and now everyone knows they better get with the program or you will be gone from Miami (a great city and great weather and fishing).

With a little luck Tannehill will show the improvement that we all witnessed before his injury. No matter what you think of Tannehill if heathy I'm very doubtfull any of the rookies that we had the opportunity to draft could overtake him and beat him out.

The one thing that sticks out to me is DT. We need more than just a body there, I hope their whatever their plan is it works out because we are definitely going to see the run up the middle without Suh.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Why I'm Over Interested in May.?.?.?

I wanted to explain why I still have this excitement/butterflies in my stomach weeks after the draft & months before preseason and the first game.
May 20th, Sunday evening.  Just under 2 weeks from the beginning of June.  I do not know the exact date, but we are supposed to be released from Suh's contract which I thought frees up around 17 million?.?.
I was curious if anyone has an inside track on what we might do?  Any opinions on what we should do?  Is all of it, or a good deal of it going to the draft class?  What do people think: should we get another back-up QB; another MLB/OLB/DT?  Or maybe even more CBs, or strong back-up OL?
No wrong answers because no one really knows (except for Vegas I guess) who will play well, who will disappoint, and who might.....have something else happen.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Very Young, but will be Better Than 4 Wins.

I was gonna state the obvious with the title(Younger Teams have Physical & Mental Growth Holding them Back), but I knew many would automatically assume something like, "is this guy just realizing why rookies do not fill the starting line ups of Super Bowl Champions?"
And even though I would never hear from anyone that thought this(aside from possible replies telling me how much I don't know; plus I have a wife that reminds me of most of it everyday), I know you're all out there shaking your heads at the remarkable conclusions I come up with......or laughing.  Or my greatest fear....sometimes wish, is that you see who has written the piece, shake your head while laughing, and log out of the site!
OK, all my indecision, self-doubt, & negative feelings out of the way(out in the open), I wanted to comment on a piece I read a couple days ago about  ED & Miami's offense. No, that is a Freudian slip I promise!!  Although I have noticed it in myself each time we get the ball.
OK, indecision, embarrassing facts, & jokes out of the way, what I wanted to write about really does come from an article I read by James Anderson; Are drafts getting better under current Dolphins administration?
Before I give my opinion on that question I would like to say that I agree with JA when he says that he thinks a team should always draft for need until/if that team becomes a perennial powerhouse.  Powerhouses normally have few holes.  We(Dolphins) always seem to have craters....or holes I guess.
I don't remember the formula Anderson came up with designating whether a Draft was/is successful or unsuccessful.  Something about playing time I believe.  Which makes sense, unless you are a well-run organization that commonly plays beyond the regular season like Pittsburgh & Green Bay(you have fewer holes to fill, therefore less playing time for rookies unless you get a special player).  You could throw Denver, Dallas, & Baltimore in there as well, but I can't think of any other organization, that plays by the rules, that consistently makes the playoffs(Indy was there for years until lately; which brings up one of my conspiracy theories about the NFL. You already have 2 NY teams & Boston; 6-8 teams in LA depending on the year; to cover the US for media considerations the expansion we all know about was between Indy & Miami for the South in the AFC. Common sense prevails!! Ask anyone & they will tell you if 2 teams remain & 1 belongs in the AFC Southern Division, without a doubt my first thought is Indianapolis. The hottest summer I ever spent was the winter in Indianapolis). My only real proof most will say is completely random-chance.  I tend to disagree.  Consider how difficult it is to attain the #1 Draft Pick, & then take a look at Indy's First Rd. picks since 1980:
1980---5 & 24
1981---12 & 18
1982---2 & 4
1983--- 1
1984--- 8 & 19
1987--- 2
1990 --- 1 & 2
1994--- 2 & 5
1998--- 1
2012--- 1
OK, throwing 2012 in there is really unfair.  Specially since they let go of Peyton to draft Andrew Luck.
Well I should quickly get on with what I feel about Miami's 2018 Draft.
1) I can't believe Ballage was still around at 131!!!
2) Fitzpatrick will be better than Rod Woodson!!
3) Baker almost has to play. I hope he is TOUGH & can manage to avoid major injury.
4) Just a guess, but it would not surprise me if Smythe has a better rookie year than Gesicki.  Regardless of that, I think the offensive possibilities for Miami are BIG!!!
5) Sanders was a bit down on the list of kickers. Somebody must know something. Seldom do you see a team draft a kicker(unless your owner's last name is Davis), and if the armchairs were given the final pick you know we would have a DT or QB from somewhere. He must be able to kick??
I think 2018 could be very MEMORABLE!!!  

Sunday, May 13, 2018

SuperBowl VII - full game

Here’s a replay of the game that capped the perfect season.  Too bad it was 45 years ago...

I do love seeing how the game itself has changed, how much different the players are, how the officiating is different, etc. Its amusing how on the first series, a Washington defensive lineman swats the ball as it’s being snapped.

Anywa, enjoy.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

A Short Offensive Possibility!?!?!?

OK, according to the experts, we(Miami Dolphins) #%&# the bed with our draft.  We will win maybe 6 games.  Our chances of hoisting the trophy named for Title Towns stalker of the frozen tundra on Lambeau Field, Vince Lombardi, is 100 to 1.  We are already predicted to have anywhere from Pick #2 to #6 in the First Round of the 2019 draft.
MAN!!  Our season has been played!!  And again, we #%$& the bed!!  One of the strangest ideas I find about these experts is that we all know they are using the reasoning of the Dolphins' poor 2018 draft on the fact that we didn't grab a QB!  It is strange because among the 6-7 teams that cover this area every year(26-32), 4 of them drafted QBs. Plus right behind 26, Baltimore & Buffalo drafted QBs. Five of those in the 1st Round, while the Giants picked-up the Richmound QB in the 6th. 
I guess my question is if Miami had sold the farm and grabbed one of the early QBs, or took one late in the draft, would the soothsayers have Miami anywhere but where they are now?  NO!  It has become Cleveland, NY, Buffalo, & Miami as easy targets to write & talk about & feel fairly safe.

I have no idea how well, soon, or if the defense comes together; learns to play with each other.  But just lining up the offense....well, ok, it looks good on paper.
WR-STILLS                                                                                     WR-PARKER
WR-GRANT                                                                                     WR-SCOTT
That's just throwing things down.  Think if the OL comes together early!!  In time to make those 6 games after their Bye week really mean something!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Hurst & Gesicki look to be the cream.

Even if you throw out the combine results; all 1st & a 2nd, you need to make your judgment somewhere.  Highlights are everywhere these days, not hard to find.
I agree with the idea about playing against D1 competition.
Looking at Hurst & Gesicki's  2018 collegiate highlights, these 2 guys were head & shoulders above the other TE's to choose from.
Some think Goedert will be the better player in the NFL.  I look at all 3 of them & Goedert is the smallest.  Yet in his highlights he appears to be playing with HS kids.
Admittedly, Hurst looked really good.  Something about watching the 2 of them, it seemed to me that Gesicki has more upside to fill into.  He looked as if he was coached very well, sound physically & athletically.
I think both Hurst & Gesicki will be standouts, but I see less recklessness in Mike making me think he will still be catching TDs when the other chaps have moved on.
He has a long career ahead of him!!

I can already see him taking over where Landry left off.  Tannehills emergency target & the deep middle.

I feel good about this team.  We are due for very minor aches & pains!!  The Football Gods need to be keeping track of these things.

Who's punting this year?

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dang!! What am I Going To Do With This Defense?!?!?!

Do you think Burke is saying/thinking that? No!  I know the Dolphin fans that write in and they'll remind.....well, not me, but they'll remind someone of what we are missing.
I'll write what no one will:
1)Hey numb $%#s, did you forget who played DT the last 3 years? No, I didn't.
2)Whose going to play behind Tannehill?  Not sure I care? I don't keep a ball saver in my golf bag. Just LOTS OF GOLF BALLs! 
Our record would be poor, maybe, and by this time next year, BELIEVE YOU, ME, the media will have at least 3-4 QBs that will be franchise quality.  How else are you gonna sell the Draft??

3)Our LB's are small, coming off injury, & none of them except Kiko has had extensive playing time.
4) We don't have any Tight En.....oh, defense.

Why don't we just roll over on them now since they are so young.  Must be great for the confidence knowing Dolphin fans think they all suck!! 
1.We can complain when we draft them!
2. We can complain when they can't cover the TE from NE.
3. We can complain before the games, during the games, after the games, and then....AND THEN...AND THEN when MIAMI trades them you get all out of sorts.

I've liked Tannehill from the beginning.  I think he's going to have a great year.  Along with the young defense; the burners on every side & 1 in the middle followed by 2 BANGERS!!
Now, if we can PUNT this year......?????

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dolphins Grab Minkah Fitzpatrick To Solve TE Issue

We couldn't cover a Tight End if our lives depended on it. So enter Minkah Fitzpatrick the langy 204 lb Safety from Alabama.

He has the speed and toughness to line up in the slot, against TEs and even blitz the QB. He is versatile enough to play center field but he will be used near the line of scrimmage.

Arguably rated in the Top 10 and picked at 11, he had to be the top rated player on our board.

I think we will come to love this kid as much as Nick* Saban did at Alabama. He started for the 3 years he played there. All 3 years!

Fitzpatrick won both the 2017 Jim Thorpe Award as the Top Defensive Back and the Chuck Bednarick Award as the Top Defensive Player. He has the instincts and skill set to be a captain on our defense and a Pro Bowl player during his career.

You got to love this pick despite passing on Tremaine Edmunds who could've played LB for us.

Time will always tell but it looks good so far.

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

*See first comment

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What Presents Are In Store This NFL Draft?

It's Christmas Season for the NFL. All the draft picks are wrapped tightly so no one knows exactly what may be inside. There is plenty of excitement in anticipating what new presents each team will be receiving. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy the following:

'Twas The Night Before The Draft

                                         By Carl Leone

‘Twas the night before the draft and all through the league,
Not a GM had rested, all feeling fatigue.
Their draft boards assembled, each scout had his say,
From highest to lowest,  “Oh, that one can play”.

The prospects were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of great riches danced in their heads.
Since end of last season, teams knew were they’d pick,
From the worst to the first, their spot was affixed.

To trade up or trade down or snag that one guy,
Decisions, decisions, which one do they try.
From Kiper and Davis and even Mayock,
All threw in their two cents with many a mock.

They run a spread offense and defense, a zone.
Make sure he fits in or this choice they’d've blown.
When free agents sign, when picks they are traded,
Each mock is redone ‘fore they’d even faded.

We’ve seen and we’ve heard from all who attest,
They love this one player, now that one is best.
Agents are bragging, their client’s a stud,
But rumors can circle, now he’s just a dud. 

They pimp them, now primp them so all are impressed,
From Armani to Brioni, to the T’s they are dressed.                           
Come ‘morrow at night, the invitees will shine,
For GMs and coaches, their jobs on the line.

They’ll wait in the green room, some are brought to tear.
To fall like Brady Quinn, is their greatest fear.
The NFL Network and SportsCenter tell
All of their stories ‘tween hugs from Goodell.

The owners get checks out and practice with smile,
“He’s who we wanted. Look! He’s on my speed dial.” 
Some fans will be happy, some fans will be sick,
As the winning contestant announces a pick.

Who knows whats the answer, no future is clear,
Will they bring them Lombardi or even a cheer?
There’s no proven science nor certain gimmick,
Just all fervent prayers to Dear Ole Saint Pick!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan Since 12/25/1971

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Jason Taylor divorced?


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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dolphins draft outcome

I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict the outcome of the draft for the dolphins - and pretty much every team in the nfl:

* we got who we wanted
* we're excited about this year
* draft grades will be in the B+ range



Feeble fins?

I was driving behind a car yesterday with a dolphins license tag. The letters on it were FBLFN

I stared at it for a few moments and turned to my son and said does that say "feeble fins?" He laughed and wasn't sure.

Then we both agreed that it probably was "football fan"... I guess?

Though a joke would have been funny.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft with Trades

For today's 7 Round mock draft, I am going to take into account trade opportunities and see how we wind up by moving back and gathering some extra picks. I am utilizing a computer app to make the picks for the other 31 teams.

Round 1, Pick 11: Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, Tremaine Edmunds and Roquan Smith are all available. We get 3 trade offers and I take the Packers offer to slide back to 14 and get their 2nd round pick at 13.

Round 1, Pick 14 (from Packers): Smith and Mayfield are still there so I turn down 4 offers, which all were in the 20's. I could see Gase going for Mayfield here but I grab Smith and get very young at LB. We can get a QB later to sit behind Tannehill for at least 1 year. Smith is just too good to pass up at this spot in the draft. With his speed and ability, he can be Pro Bowl player for years.

Round 2, Pick 10: Atlanta offers two second round picks to move up, #'s 26 and 32. Detroit offers second round 19 and third round 18. We have the Packer pick at 13 so it is very tempting to hope on Detroit's offer. Sitting there are RB Derrius Guice, CB Mike Hughes, DE Rasheem Green and TE Mike Gesicki, of which all could help us. In 4 picks, at 13, we will get at least one of them. Can one of them to fall 9 picks? Maybe. Lets find out. I take the Detroit offer and wait on pick 13.

Round 2. Pick 13 (from GB):   Hughes is gone but the other three are still there. I get 4 offers but Guice with a 1st Round Grade is too hard to pass up now and will provide outstanding depth at RB. We still have pick 19 coming so we may get Green or Gesicki to fall. Guice it is.

Round 2, Pick 19 (from Detroit): I am looking at 5 trade offers and guess what? Green, Gesicki and TE Hayden Hurst are on the board. Buffalo asks us to move back to 21 and offers a third round # 32. I take it and see who falls.

Round 2, Pick 21 (from Buffalo): Only the Jets ask us to move back 19 spots. Not worth it. I just love Gesicki. With his combination of size and speed, Gase can have a field day playing around with him. Lets face it. After watching the Super Bowl, you have to score 40+ points now to win a championship. Lets put as many tools around Tannehill as possible. Gesicki, at 6'5", 240 LBS will be a menace in the Red Zone as well as up the seam and could become the next Gronk.

Round 3, Pick 9:  4 offers with OT Orlando Brown, C Scott Quessenberry, C Frank Ragnow, OG Braden Smith and DT Derrick Nnadi still there. Eventually, you have to pick someone. I think Nnadi, as a rotational DT helps us the most this year, so he is our pick.

Round 3, Pick 18 (from Detroit): We get 6 trade offers and none are tempting enough. Sitting there are C/OG Ragnow, OG Smith, Hurst, TE Ian Thomas, WR TreQuan Smith, Tough choice but Ragnow is a guy who can help in depth at both C and OG so he is our guy here.

Round 3, Pick 32 (from Buffalo): We get 5 offers and none excite me as much as grabbing the highest graded DE left in Tyquan Lewis out of Ohio State. You know he has been well prepared playing under DC Greg Schiano. The Patriots have had great success with guys who played under Schiano at Rutgers like S Duron Harmon, S Devin McCourty, CB Jason McCourty, DE Alex Silvestro, CB Logan Ryan and CB Brandon Jones. Schiano's players come NFL ready to compete and that is just what we need here.

Round 4, Pick 23: I promised you a QB and one you shall get. We have a choice between Luke Falk and Mike White. Both are rated so close to each other so lets grab Falk  after a coin toss.

Round 4, Pick 30: We need to find a special teams stud to fill the void left by Michael Thomas. Enter Wake Forest FS Jessie Bates III. He runs the 40 in 4.5 and at 6'1", 200 LBS, he packs a whallop.

Round 6, Pick 35: Cannot believe that Maine OG Jamil Demby is still available. We sprint to the podium and grab this 6'5", 335 lb 4 year starter who has experience at both Tackle and Guard. He is strong with long arms and big hands. He needs to work on his technique and will be a good practice team guy we can develop after a year or two.

Round 7, Pick 5: Another big slider falls in our laps. FS Armani Watts out of Texas A&M. He is only 5'10" but is very athletic. Some question his work ethic. If I started 4 years on the Aggies, I might want a practice off here and there too. He was a stud in College Station but in Miami, he better bring the wood every day.

Round 7, Pick 11: This guy has been falling from a 3rd Round Grade to now a 6th Round Grade. Punters usually don't get graded int the 3rd round but JK Scott has the frame at 6'6" to kick the shit out of the ball. He is a 4 year starter at Alabama who is able to work for distance, hang time or placement as needed.

So we wind up with:
Georgia LB Roguan Smith
LSU RB Derrius Guice
Penn State TE Mike Gesicki
FSU DT Derrick Nnadi
Arkansas C/OG Frank Ragnow
Ohio State DE Tyquan Lewis
Washington State QB Luke Falk
Wake Forest FS Jessie Bates III
Maine OG Jamil Demby
Texas A&M FS Armani Watts
Alabama P JK Scott

Not a bad haul.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Former Miami Dolphins cheerleader files complaint against the team

I provide a link to this without comment.

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone.

Monday, April 09, 2018

The fake spike

The NFL posted this game as a replay.  Thanks NFL.  Enjoy!
Funny thing: the day of this game, my then-girlfriend made plans.  So I was out, but had made sure to set up the old VCR. Of course, the power went out, and it didn’t it took until that even8ng when ESPN prime time showed the clip for me to catch it.  

Friday, March 23, 2018

H Wayne

I was saddened to hear about the passing of H Wayne yesterday.

Say what you will about him, he brought baseball and hockey to south Florida and worked at making the dolphins winners.

He was, first and foremost, a fan. Maybe too much so. He let go of don Shula. He ultimately helped dan Marino decide to retire.

But he was doing it because he wanted his team to win. He brought in saban for the same reason.

He reached out to everyone with a fan site, and brought us together because he had a vision, and saw the power we had to bring an energy and excitement in this interwebs thing.

I met him a few times and he was seemingly humble and just a guy who owned a team. I think he relished the fact that we enjoyed his teams success as much as he did.

Anyway, he will be missed in south Florida. Thanks, H Wayne, for trying to bring a winner.

Here's a picture of him with the Newfoundland shed dawgs. Yeah. He didn't mind stopping and posing for a picture.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dolphins - Bears 1985

I stumbled onto this video earlier this evening, and wound up watching it.  Arguably, this is the greatest game the dolphins ever had - week 13 of the 85 season, bears were 12-0, dolphins were 8-4.

And Miami dominated.  It was all kinds of awesome.

Looking back over 33 years, it’s amazing how the game has changed - the speed, the size, the lighting in the stadium, the camera angles, the “awful announcing,” and of course the technical aspects. It’s just so amazing to watch for that reason.

Anyway, enjoy...

I was in college at UMiami at the time.  Some friends and I were going to head over to the game and planned to scalp tickets, or maybe just sneak in.  But the plan fell apart and none of us even got together to watch it, so I sat in my room and watched it on a 15” tv, as various people on my floor would stop by for a couple plays throughout the evening.

One friend decided he wanted to be there, and did head out to try and scalp tickets - but was shutout.  That never happens, so he was shocked.  It was truly a hot ticket...

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Some More Free Agency Thoughts From Couch GM Chavez...

Hello! So I am at my iMac and not my iPad so now I can do a better post without typing on a touch screen!

Landry, Suh, Pouncey, Timmons, and Thomas all gone.

As we have established, Landry thought more of himself than he was worth. Suh should have never got paid the money get got. Pouncey decided to pout after we acquired another center, more on that in a moment. Timmos and Thomas were obviously not what they used to be.

I really wish good luck to Landry in Cleveland and I hope he gets paid what he wants but I am ecstatic it will not be from Miami.

The 49ers signed some sort of free agent center, making Kilgore dispensable. He is a pro bowl player that we got for practically nothing. All we did was swap 7th round picks with San Francisco. Pouncey got his feelings hurt and it has been reported that this led to his request for a release. Can we blame Miami for trying to get insurance for Pouncey who rarely makes it through 16 games and has had surgery on each hip already? I can't, but obviously Pouncey did not see it this way and he asked for and was granted a release from Miami because his feelings got hurt.

Now The additions. Amendola, Wilson, Kilgore, and Sitton. I for one applaud the living shit out of these moves. Wilson is a young, fast and very high upside player PLUS we got Amendola for LESS than what we would have paid Landry this year alone! We signed a pro bowl guard (Sitton) AND a pro bowl center (Kilgore) for less than Pouncey was making this year! Absolute no brainer. Most of us have been banging the table for a guard for years and we finally got one! They are older and I am OK with that because we did not break the bank with these guys. It was a fair deal all around. And let us not forget we still have Ted Larsen, hopefully he stays healthy.

Suh Being gone is gonna sting, a little, but hear me out. We are off the hook for most of his salary so we get more cap space this year and next. He was productive but think about it. Davon Godchaux played very good last year. Vincent Taylor also played well and nearly won the starting job from Godchaux. 2 solid D-Tackles plus we have Jordan Phillips still which I truly believe has not played up to his full potential yet. One thing is getting over looked here though, Miami re-signed William Hayes who has been a top 5 run stopping DE. And did I mention that he can play inside at tackle too? I see this coming if Miami needs it to be.

Reshad Jones and Ryan Tannehill have also restructured their contracts to help the team financially. This is what players should do if they truly like playing for the team and believe in them. We all know what Suh, Pouncey and Landry all think of themselves as well as Miami. In reference to Landry, I just don't see how he thinks he is a 16 Million per year player with 50 Million in guarantees. He was good but not great.

All of this made me wonder, as Miami fans, do we fall in love with the player too much and is that why we are bitter when they leave?

How many times have you been watching the Patriots or the Packers and their no name WR makes a ridiculous catch and you say, "who the hell is that?" come to find out, its some guy we have never heard of that is playing his ass off for his team. Miami needs that kind of approach. I am not against paying players what they are worth, but over paying them just too keep them happy is ridiculous. There are those very few players that deserve massive contracts, such as Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Von Miller, Khalil Mack, and I am sure there are a few left tackles out there too that should be on this list but none come to mind. Until Miami finds one of those players that alters the fate of the team by their mere presence, they should keep their check books put away and keep doing exactly what they are doing this offseason. I absolutely love the moves they have made so far and am excited for the upcoming season and draft. C'Mon Baker Mayfield!!!.......

No pressure Gase, none at all...

Monday, March 12, 2018

Some Early Free Agency Thoughts

Well it's about time!

The front office is finally seeing clearly. You don't pay overpriced FA's over 30, especially when another team lets them walk! Timmons or Maxwell anyone?! Unfortunately, they learned this the hard way, they had to see that it don't pan out. They had to see that they are not smarter than any other team, the Steelers saw that Timmons lost his legs a long time ago, which is why they let him leave. 

They had to see that getting the shiniest most expensive toy that year does not pay because you soon realize that a new toy comes out which you can't buy because you are still paying for the old one. Good riddance Suh, great player but not a game altering one, definitely not worth 114 million or the 17 million or so he was due this year. He was paid to be a leader of the defense and he clearly was not that.

Landry? I wanted him to stay but not at the 16 million per year he thought he was worth. I got news for you Jarvis, your last name is not Brown or Jones. You did not alter games either. 6-10, remember? Good luck in Cleveland, you were my favorite player but no way you are worth what you think. 

Julius Thomas? Again, Miami, you are not smarter than Jacksonville. They saw that he lost his edge after he left Denver. 

Now who to sign in Free agency?

Jimmy Graham? Nope. Too old.

Allen Robinson? Nope. Too expensive.

Burton? TE from Philly? I say yes. He will be inexpensive, has plenty of upside and is only 26.

Guard from Carolina? Nope. Too expensive. 

I can only hope that Miami does not go ape shit crazy in free agency again. That does not work. Miami is the poster child for proving that philosophy. I hope they carry a lot of cap space into next season and draft well. This will be the only way they build a winner. I am sick and tired of overpaying for players in free agency and even for ones that we draft for that matter. I am glad that the front office sees this now. It don't pay to write blank checks!

Pay the impact players? QB, which we have not found yet. Left tackle, which we have not found yet. Edge rusher, which we have now found yet, the jury is out on newly acquired Quinn, Branch and the rookie haven't proven anything yet and do we really want to hang our hopes on a 36 year old Wake? He don't have too long left guys. Line backer? Jury still out. Shut down corner? Unknown if we have one. See the problem here? Our money was in the wrong places, it couldn't get much more bass ackwards...

Look on the bright side Phin Fans! If Miami sucks again this year, which is a real possibility, at least we can say we won't have the most expensive D-Line in the league with one of the shittiest run D's!

Cheers to hope for the upcoming season!

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Friday, March 09, 2018

Wow. The Great Pointer Is Gone

Say goodbye to Jarvis Landry and his patented first down point.

Take his game Jersey from the front of the closet and slide it into the back with all the other ex-dolphin jerseys.

All collecting dust until those players completely retire from the game. Then we can wear them.

I will no longer buy a current player's jersey. They eventually get traded or leave through free agency.

The only constant is constantly watching good players leave when it comes to this franchise.

Landry was a fan favorite. Caught more passes in the last 4 years than any other WR in the league.

So why keep him? Who needs that around our team?

Such a shame that money just gets in the way until a player finally has enough. And that usually occurs just before the team has had enough of them.

Why Landry and the Dolphins couldn't work this out is beyond me. Gase must have wanted him gone.

Oh well, another one bites the dust.

Looking forward, we add a 4th round draft pick to our draft this year and a 7th round pick next year.

So we traded Landry for an Only God Knows If This Guy Can Play and a player to be curious about later. The Miami Way!

Interestingly, we also got rid of a slight thorn in our division when the Bills traded Tyrod Taylor to the Browns for their 3rd round pick.

Almost wish I was a Browns fan. Think about it.

They got Tyrod Taylor at QB, Landry and Gordon at WR and soon to be, after the first overall pick, Shaquon Barkley at RB. Then a QB to groom with the 4th overall pick.

Things may be shaping up nicely in Cleveland.

No wait. Hang on. The Browns are even more inept than our Dolphins when it comes to the team's front office.

Sorry, but I had to point that out on my way to the back of my closet.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Mocking the First 11 Picks up to the Miami Dolphins in the 2018 NFL Draft

It may be a bit early with Free Agency about to begin next week and, as such, teams' needs can change with a signing or two.  As of today, here is how I feel the first round of the draft can go leading up to our pick at 11.

Pick One: Cleveland is supposedly searching for a QB and possibly a RB. They have picks 1 and 4 in the first round. There are quite a few decent QBs available but one heads above anyone else RB in Shaquon Barkley. After the combine in Indy, I just cannot see how Cleveland could pass on Barkley who posted incredible measurables. He is a complete player with size, speed and can catch the football. They have to take Barkley and then grab the QB at 4.

Pick Two: The Giants could use a QB, OT and a RB. But OT and who is left at RB are a bit early to pick those here. They have to look at replacing Eli Manning soon so I see them taking either Sam Donald or Josh  Rosen to play QB.

Pick Three: The Colts are next and could use basically anyone so I can see them taking the highest rated player available on their board. Could that be a QB even as Andrew Luck is coming back from injury? No, not in the 1st Round.  CB Minkah Fitzpatrick is worthy at 3 or the Colts could trade with Buffalo for their two first round picks at 21 and 22 plus maybe some other picks as well. I think Buffalo, who feels they are close to overtaking the Pats in the division with their tough defense moves up for the kill and grabs Fitzpatrick at 3.

Pick Four: Here come the Browns who should pick a QB here. Either Donald, Rosen or Josh Allen will do.

Pick Five: Denver needs a lot including what we need. John Elway likes athletic QBs so how can he pass on Baker Mayfield right here.

Pick Six: The Jets are intriguing going into this draft as they have $100 million to spend in free agency. Supposedly, they are not the front runners for Kirk Cousins services as the Vikings seem to be making early overtures. The Jets are young and know they are a couple years off at best so I see them taking the best available player on their board and that's the remaining QB of Donald, Rosen or Allen.

Pick Seven: Tampa Bay is another grab the highest rated player available team with many needs including what we could use. I see them grabbing Bradley Chubb, the DE out of NC State. This guy can play immediately on any team and has the strength, talent and athletic ability, if he stays healthy, to be a Pro Bowler.

Pick Eight: Da Bears! Still in the highest rated category, they waste no time and grab, much to our chagrin, Quenton Nelson, the outstanding Guard out of Notre Dame. Nelson, you have heard plenty about and should be a Pro Bowler and possible Hall of Fame candidate.

Pick Nine: The 49ers certainly do not need a QB and have to feel very confident going into next season with the way the team finished behind Jimmy Garoppolo. Their defense ranked near the bottom of the league and I see them going to help this side of the ball by selecting a cover CB in Denzel Ward out of Ohio State.

Pick Ten:  The Raiders are looking for Defense as well and could especially use a ball hawking DB so they go after highest rated DB left on the board who also happens to be quite a thumper against the run in Safety Ronnie Harrison out of Alabama. He is built in the mold of former Raider great  "They Call Me Assassin" Jack Tatum. He would be a perfect fit for them.

Pick Eleven: Miami is on the clock. OK! Roquan Smith is sitting there. Hurry, get in that pick. Not so fast. These are the Dolphins we are talking about and Cleveland is offering their Second round picks #1 and 4 plus their 4th Round #4. So would you take that trade or would you consider Jacksonville offering First Round #29 and Second Round #29?

Who else could we consider picking at this point if the draft fell as I wrote?  We need a CB opposite Howard. Carlton Davis, out of Auburn is being compared to Richard Sherman. At 6'1", 203 lbs, he is the real deal as a press cover CB with long arms creating a dangerous wingspan to throw on.

Our Head Coach, Adam Gase, has expressed that Ryan Tannehill is our QB in 2018. He said nothing beyond 2018. With the athletic Lamar Jackson still available, could we take him to groom for a year at least?

OGs Will Hernandez of Texas-El Paso and Georgia's Issaiah Wynn are still available, Hernandez did very well at the combine with 37 reps in the bench so he has the strength to play inside. They compare him to tough as nails, Richie Incognito. Remember him? We haven't been the same at LG since he was run out on a rail. One of these guys could be available late in the first round if we took the Jacksonville trade.  Could they fall into the 2nd Round?

All those are great ideas but one guy went nuts at the combine and he would also be a legacy pick. Being compared to the athletic Brian Urlacher, is never a bad thing. Having the genes of our former All Pro TE Ferrell Edmunds doesn't hurt either. At the combine, as a 6' 5", 253 lb LB, Virginia Tech's Trumaine Edmunds ran the 40 in 4.53 seconds. My gosh, that is quick. He only benched the 225 lbs 19 times but he has the frame to get stronger. This super athletic kid can play any LB position and will add plenty of versatility to our defensive schemes.  That's why we entertain offers but wind up picking Edmunds with the 11th overall pick.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Dave’s take: on jonathan Martin, and parkland ...

Jonathan Martin showed up in the news again, and it’s for the wrong reasons.  After what took place in parkland, this is just plain dumb. In short, he made an Instagram threat using a gun, and it prompted a school closure, and he was taken into custody.

One thing I would say is that mental health issues are real, and that is something we should certainly focus on.

And while we’re on the topic...parkland is not too far away from the dolphins facility.  My heart breaks for those kids, and those families.  They are a part of my community.

If you would like to help in some way, here are a couple of ideas...

The dolphins made a donation of $100,000 to the Stoneman Douglas victim fund. And you can too.

You can donate and/or take part in a March... #NeverAgain

You can donate blood in your local community (and while that may not help here, it will surely help somewhere)

You can engage your state and federal representatives in a discussion about guns and gun control.

The thing I have come to realize is that the high schoolers of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, and we need to listen to their voices.  This is not about politics or party, or anything of the sort.  This is about a better tomorrow for themselves. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft

Back again for the 3rd year, bringing you my 7 Round Mock Draft, I am still utilizing a computer app to make picks for the other 31 teams. This year, we currently have 8 picks, with none in the 5th round, but 2 in the 4th and 7th rounds.

I say currently, since we may wind up with another pick or two as compensatory picks for losing free agents vs signing free agents. Landry comes to mind, as he would be worth a late 3rd round compensatory pick if he walks.

As everyone knows by now, we are looking for 2 possible starters at OLB and OG. Plus depth at RB, DE, TE and OL. Our first pick must be a homerun. We cannot afford to wiff on this pick.

I see us taking one of these 3 players: Quentin Nelson, OG from Notre Dame who would be an immediate starter or Roquan Smith, LB out of Georgia, also an immediate starter or Tremaine Edmunds, LB out of Virginia Tech if he happens to fall if there is a 4 or 5 time QB run and Nelson, Smith and Barkley go as well.

Round 1, Pick 11: Odds are Roquan Smith, 6'1", 225 lbs, will be our guy here and would set up our second round pick as well. Smith, an elite athlete, would start immediately on the outside as he can run sideline to sideline and cover TEs, which has been a glaring sore spot this past season. Teamed with a returning healthy Raekwon McMillan, our LB Corps gets an immediate boost of youth and athleticism.

Round 2, Pick 10: Since we got the LB in the first round, we now address the LG spot and pick Will Hernandez, OG out of Texas-El Paso. This, I believe, will be our game plan since there is a much better chance for us to grab a starting OG in the second round than a starting LB in the second round. Unless someone falls, the drop off in depth of this year's draft is pretty severe at LB from the first round. Hernandez is tough as nails but lacks height, he is only 6'2", and length some teams would want so he can be had in the 2nd round. At 348 lbs, he started all 4 years at LG and possesses the power, balance and athletic ability but in a smaller package. He is reminiscent of Richie Incognito.

Round 3, Pick 9: I will admit that this is a bit of a reach here by grabbing Duke Ejiofor, DE out of Wake Forest. Many see him going in the 4th round, but at this point in the draft, he is highest on our board for a position of need. Ejiofor comes in at 6'4", 270 pounds and plays to his strengths by utilizing his arm length to keep tackles away from his body. He needs quite a bit of seasoning before he will start, but his frame is compelling enough to get reps at DT in passing situations.

Round 4, Pick 11:  Whether we resign Damien Williams or not, I like Royce Freeman, RB out of Oregon. Now how does the NCAA career leading rusher fall to the 4th round?? This is a very deep draft for running backs and there are plenty with talent and a lot less miles on their tires than this 4 year starter. At 6'0", 234 lbs, good vision and outstanding size, he would be an excellent relief runner for Drake. 

Round 4, Pick 30: Lets face it, Julius Thomas is a bust. Good bye and good riddens. He has got to get cut. With that said, we need to resign Fasano and then draft Mike Gesicki, TE out of Penn State. Even at 6'6", 252 lbs, he is very athletic and would be the seam route runner that Thomas was supposed to be. He could be a matchup nightmare but he is available here because he is not much of a in line blocker. That's why resigning Fasano is very important.

Round 6, Pick 9:  Our special teams are actually pretty good. We do very well in covering kicks as we are ranked in the top 10 of the league in return yards. However, Matt Haack was at the bottom of the league in net yards and had a few very bad punts. With that in mind, I like J.K. Scott, the Punter out of Alabama in this spot. As a 4 year starter, he has consistently performed well under pressure and can kick for distance, hang time and direction as needed with a big leg. He also has soft hands. His 25% inside the 10 and 51% inside the 20 are impressive stats. He also would be above average with his 4.55 hang time.

Round 7, Pick 5:  We have reached the point in the draft for special teamers or practice squad guys. Since our special teams are pretty good, lets grab a guy who could develop into a solid backup and eventual starter at Center, Austin Corbett, OT out of Nevada. Even though he has only played LT in college, Corbett would be better suited to move inside and learn the Center position while building some strength. Lest we forget, these college prospects are still kids in comparison to professional veterans who are in their physical peak at age 26-30. There is no shame in being a few years off and Pouncey shouldn't be around longer than that. At 6'4", 305 lbs, he has the potential to be a solid starter at Center.

Round 7, Pick 11: Here is our Rocky Balboa pick. Humboldt State has barely been heard of, let alone had a player drafted by an NFL team. Here is a kid with the size, 6'7", 305 lbs, plus the toughness and movement skills you look for on the OL. However, playing at Humboldt makes you wonder if he played against tough enough competition. Camp will surely tell if Alex Cappa can make the leap. He played OT and could earn a spot as a swing tackle or move inside. The practice squad or Uber may be in his future.

With my next mock draft, we will entertain trades and look to grab as many top 100 picks as possible.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Oh snap; ajayi comments on gase

Monday, February 05, 2018

Two more things

Thing one: with about 1,200 yards offense and nearly 75 points, I think we’re seeing college footballs up tempo offense reaching the nfl. I’m thinking teams are going to be more wide open next year. It’s exciting, but there will be some teams who won’t adjust quickly enough. The dolphins have to decide  if dunk and dunk and 20ish points is good enough.

And thing two: DJ nana!

That was an entertaining game

I have long since come to terms with the patriots being the it team.  They win super bowls. Doesn’t matter what I think about them, they are good and always seem to be there at the end.  So while I was kinda, sorta rooting for the eagles, I just wanted to see some decent football.

And that was an entertaining game.  The refs didn’t call much, and as it happens, that didn’t affect the outcome.  A couple of times, I thought they might try and influence the game, but they didn’t.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Brady drop a pass that probably would have been a game changer.

And Chris collinsworth suggested the 4th down play by the eagles where Foles caught it might be a game deciding play was spot on.  In effect it was.

In the end, Doug Pederson coached brilliantly.  He did everything right, and had no major meltdowns.   There was the sequence at the end where they stripped Brady and had just over 2 mins left. They ran the ball a couple of times, and it looked like it might be a mistake.  But he was playing a smart game; the clock was what mattered so he ran the ball and took 3 points to make it an 8 point game, leaving Brady very little time.

Nick Foles has a terrific game. He deserved the mvp; he becomes the 3rd backup qb in history to win a Super Bowl mvp.  His story was compelling too.  He was going to retire but Pederson went and met with him and suggested he come back to philly and be the backup.  It was a coach evaluating a player and understanding what this guy brings to the table and knowing you have to have a capable backup on your bench.  He believed that Foles was a capable player and actually told him he knew if Wentz got injured Foles could play.  Unlike the dolphins he had a plan for his team if the starter got injured.

He also integrated Blount, clements, and dolphins castoff Ajayi brilliantly.

It makes you wonder why he wasn’t in bigger demand as a coach...

Anyway, hubris may have been a factor for the pats.  They talked about how it was old hat for them.  They started a “not done”slogan.  And there was weirdness with their coaches and players, and they didn’t look like their usual composed selves.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for the team, or maybe not.  So long as Brady and bellichick are there, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

As for the ads, tide “cleaned up” imho.  Their campaign was funny.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Dave's SuperBowl take

First off, I have to give my props to the Patriots.  We may love to hate on them, but IMHO they will go down as the greatest franchise in NFL history, and will always be known as having had the greatest coach and greatest QB - ever.

However they did it, whether by cheating or having some secret sauce, no other team has ever accomplished more, or been more productive.  I think this is their 21st SuperBowl, isn't it?  And yes, I'm tired of hearing about them.  

This year, they aren't quite as good as years past.  The saying better lucky than good certainly applies.  But their fundamentals are really good, and that's why they win.

And in many games this year, especially in the playoffs, Bellichick essentially outcoached his opponent.  And I don't mean on the whole - I mean on the little things.  If you take the Jags game as an example, the Jags had a nice lead and we were heading into the half.

The Jags got the ball deep and I said to a friend that this would be the deciding drive; the Jags had to hold onto the ball, maybe score, and use the clock. They met part of that, but wound up giving the ball back to the Patriots with just over 2 minutes left on a dumb sequence that didn't let the clock run and the Patriots scored.  And then they took a knee to end the half.

Those kinds of moments decide games.

And so now they face the Eagles.  The one thing they do REALLY well are those fundamentals.  Deciding how to use the clock and when to punt are among the things that go into the decision making.  I thought this article summed it up well:

And that's because Doug Pederson gets it.  You may recall he was the starting QB (a 3rd stringer to boot!) when Shula got win #325 to have the all-time wins record.  He learned from Shula, Marino, Andy Reid, and many others.  I've met him and thought he was a pretty smart and savvy guy.

And the thing is that he spent several seasons as the “quality control” person with the Eagles.  That role is more or less of a data analyst.  He watched a lot of game film and charted success and failure. I have to imagine that helped him to form some opinions of when to go for it, when to use timeouts, and understanding some of the same kinds of things that Bellichick does.....and that has mostly paid off, and I have to imagine he has some ideas of what could work in certain situations.   And may rival Bellichick in that critical moment in a game.

So my thought is that he'll manage to pull it out - just because of this.  He has what probably is a slightly more talented team, and so long as he doesn't have a brain fart the Eagles will win.

Photo from

Saturday, January 27, 2018

A generation gap? Or lack of interest?

My sons high school marching band participated in the Dan Marino walk about autism (a great event; you can donate here>

They were told they were going to get a special surprise today. It was....a visit by dan Marino!  He stopped by to say hi and take pictures.

Only problem was that many of the kids didn’t know who Marino was. Some thought he was a contestant on one of the singing shows. Others asked who the old guy was and why he was taking pictures. Keep in mind they were at joe Robbie stadium.

It’s amusing on the surface, but realizing he retired before many of these kids were born - and the dolphins are largely forgotten these days - it’s not totally surprising.

As I’ve said before, the dolphins need to capture the hearts of this generation. But they aren’’s weird.... But to be fair, it is much harder to get them to engage in much these days. And attitudes towards sports are changing. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

A few comments and observations about the championships

Ahhh the patriots. Was there every really a doubt they would win? The only question was whether they win it honestly or win it with a minor assist from the refs (I’d argue the series before the half the two big penalties was somewhat of a turning point)...after all,  their win was a given. But props to the jags for putting up a fight.

And would you look at that? Blake Bortles has himself another good game. To the doubters. Phhhhhbbbbt.

I was wondering when I saw all the confetti at the end...what would they have done with it if the pats lost?

And, What’s up with all the horn blasts? Is there that much ship traffic entering the famous foxboro harbor?

I was torn about the second game. Both backup qbs. With the win, the Vikings would be playing at home, which has never happened. But the eagles have Doug Pedersen, a former dolphin and a guy who maybe shoulda been their coach, though he was never seriously considered....

It’s kinda sorta hard to believe that the eagles totally blew out the Vikings. But the eagles did have the best record, so there’s that.  It was no fluke, in spite of changing qbs.

The eagles go into the Super Bowl with Jay Ajayi.  It’d be amusing if he someohow won the mvp, or had a monster game wouldn’t it?

Of course, you also have Chris Long making his second straight appearance; this time against the patriots.  You may recall that he was taken second overall when the dolphins got Jake long, so there’s that.

And what’s not to love about Blount facing his former team?

And as for the backup qb who won, you can simply insert an obligatory comment about how much better he is than tannehill. Because my computer automatically inserts a negative tannehill comments on every post.  That’s just the way it goes.

Predictions: As far as the pats go, I have no doubt at all they’ll win it all again.

...Brady surely still has some years left in him. So the dolphins still have to wait for a chance to be relevant.  Yes the dolphins can still confound Brady in Miami. But they ain’t winning anything playoff-wise until he retires. But this isn’t just about Miami.  Realistically, no one is doing anything until he hangs up his cleats ....Maybe by then, there’ll be a new owner in Miami, and he (or she) will get things right.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

in case you missed it - Heisman edition

yes. that is the heisman winner sending a message to kenny stills about his desire to play in miami. which mans that....he ain’t coming to miami.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dave’s take: a couple of thoughts on this weekends playoff games

  • I was pulling for the falcons to get back to the Big dance and get a shot at redemption. But it wasn’t to be. 
  • On the other hand, good to see jay ajayi be a key contributor to the eagles as they head to the conference championship. He’s got a chance to show the dolphins just how badly they screwed up. 
  • While the titans looked promising for maybe 10 minutes, was there really a doubt the patriots would win?!
  • On average, the home team in this round wins 75% of the games; meaning that one of the 4 teams has a chance of losing. Who would have thought it would be the steelers?
  • Blake Bortles was much maligned. But he’s clearly the best pro QB in Florida right now; and that probably won’t change anytime soon. Don’t count him out. 
  • Does anyone know who bortles backup is? Chad henne! So that means that henne has been to more conference championships than anyone on the dolphins, through 3 decades. 
  • And the Vikings. They have a chance to be the first home team to ever play in a super bowl. I’m so pulling for that!
  • BTW case Keenum signed mar 31. And nick foles mar 13. The dolphins could have signed either of the two backups starting in the conference championships. Instead they hitched their wagons to tannehill and then signed cutler when the chips were down. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Update on the coach who quit after snorting a white substance

Good to hear that he’s on the road to recovery, assuming he’s not simply deciding himself....

‘Divine intervention’: Former Dolphins assistant says cocaine video got him on the right track - The Washington Post

Friday, January 05, 2018

Sophomore Slump

Adam Gase has the potential to be the best coach the Dolphins have had in quite some time. This writer thought that owner Stephen Ross had finally acquired some "football savvy" when he hired Gase two years ago. In a division marked by defensive-minded coaches, Gase came in with offensive credentials for an outside-the-box approach to turning around the Dolphins' fortunes.

The novelty of turning around a dismal start in 2016 to make the playoffs has diminished in 2017.

Gase's NFL history is that of offensive coordinator at Denver and Chicago. He did well enough to merit the promotion to head coach with the Dolphins. His insistence to remain in this comfort zone is stunting his development as a head coach.

There's a reason why most NFL head coaches don't call plays. Their job is to make sure the machine is running powerfully and efficiently. They hire mechanics (coaches) to adjust the the nuts and bolts to keep the players well-tuned. A head coach maintains a philosophy that instills confidence and performance from his workforce.

Gase has to learn how to be a head coach and let his staff do their jobs. His job is to make sure that everyone understands their responsibilities and performs them to his satisfaction. If that means he has to take a step back and look at the big picture, then so be it.

Adam Gase, head coach of the up and coming Miami Dolphins.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Breaking down the owners comments

Here’s what Stephen Ross had to say after Sunday’s loss - and my snarky comments:

“It’s a new year. We need it.”
He’s right. Hope springs eternal again! And everyone is undefeated in 2018!

But what is it we need, exactly?

“I’m terribly disappointed,” 
With the outcome? The gate receipts? In the salad you had for lunch?

“The season didn’t start out right with injuries...”

It didn’t start out right. There were injuries, which are out of your control - but in the case of tannehill, that rests squarely on the coaches. He didn’t have surgery (his choice), but the team did less than nothing to prepare for him possibly getting hurt again, say signing or drafting a new guy; and then lured an average QB out of retirement for the season. That’s all on the organization.

You had Irma which is really out of your control, but look at what happened: the players seem to have grown antsy and drifted (rather than coming together), one player just left and flew home, and a coach found an escort and did things he shouldn’t have. Again that’s on the organization.

This was a time for coaches to lead, to come together, and to not do stupid things. But I’m assuming Gase had no control over the team.

“...and you can’t replace good quarterback.”

And no. You can’t replace a good quarterback. But you can replace a mediocre quarterback, but the team chose not to. Perhaps his injury hurt, but the clubs response to it was predictably amusing. 
Looking forward to next season, there will be adjustments...”

What sort of adjustments? Another sham committee? Another ted wells investigation? Another silly meeting where you and the coach and gm sit there and sing kumbaya? Or changes to something at the stadium?

“...You put as much as I put into a team...”

What have *you* put into the team? Yes you fronted the money for stadium improvements, but that’s cosmetic and doesn’t affect the team - and you’ll recoup the money. And yes, you told the team to spend money on players - but there a salary cap, and floor... and you moved within it. But then, you kind of had to, based on league rules.  It sounds nice to say you told them to spend, but it’s a small window.

“...and you try to do all the right things to win...”

Like...? Okay you committed to the coach and the gm. And I suppose the process. But the culture has been damaged since before H Wayne sold the team, and I can’t see what you’ve done to repair it. If your hands off approach worked, that would be great. But it hasn’t worked and there’s some culture problem that can’t be easily fixed with words, or new screens, or premium seating.

“ can you not be disappointed?” 

You’re the owner. That’s fair. But unlike fans who look perplexed at this organization over the last decade, you could do something. Turn that disappointment into something positive!

“I (expletive) hate losing. Excuse me.”
Of course you do. And you can be excused for that emotion. But you can’t be excused for what’s going on - and will probably keep going on until something changes, or dare I say?, you sell the team.

Then he went on to say that Coach, gm, and vp  will all “definitely” be back.
“I have a lot of confidence in Adam and the way Adam, Chris and Mike work together,. Adam is really a good football guy, and I believe in him. He’s as disappointed as I am. I talk to him a lot and I think he recognizes we need to make adjustments and I think we will.”

Alrighty then. Things will continue on this course next year. Maybe they catch a break and get 9-10 wins again. But until that culture changes and the team gets a QB, it will be more of the same.