Friday, December 15, 2017

Technology, is there a point of too much? How about just slow dowm & let us catch-up?

Man, what an uncomfortable 3 months.....maybe it wasn't that long?  Sure did seem like it.
What is that rule about work?  Don't quit your job unless you already have a job else where!  Changing it just a bit, my advice would be:  Don't quit your ISP(who you pay for your NET service) unless you have another ISP......hhmmff?  I don't know how to finish that?
I did get to see the Miami Dolphins play in PRIME TIME and kick some butt.  Keeping our playoff hopes alive, granted slim, but ALIVE.
So, on the road in Buffalo.  With their famous "squish the fish" cheer, or sign made by fans.  That has been a tough place for us to play ever since the famous no-huddle offense by Jim Kelly. Thurman Thomas in the backfield, Bruce Smith at DE, LB Darryl Talley & WR Andre Reed always seemed to find open space in the Dolphin defense.
This is a much different team though.  Frustration for a Defensive Coordinator is a QB that can pass, yet also run very well.  McCoy is a great back & when has Charles Clay not burned us since leaving??
We turned the corner on a frustrating season in a game we lost.  Bye week opponent Tampa Bay!  We beat Tampa in every part of that game except we happened to give them the ball "FIVE" freakin' times!! 
1 sack, but 7 tackles for loss!!  Our Punter, somehow averaged 53 yds on 2 punts!  They punted 6 times, or 1 time.  However you want to look at it.?.?.?
The New England game up there was a hangover from a game they knew they should have won and weren't able to let it go.
Then we pounced Denver.  And for all we know, Andrew & Vance are supposed good friends.  The game was close to in the bag; maybe Andrew was teaching/showing/helping a friend to always have his players aware?.?.?.  Maybe Vance was so upset with the performance of his players he somehow relayed a message to Andrew asking for an onside kick.?.?.?  OK, I know that is a huge stretch.  But every little bit of momentum adds up.  Like a rolling ball of moist snow.  It collects everything along the way, everything you are going to need to make a near impossible playoff run!!
This Sunday is it Dolphin Fans!!  Cheer loud!!