Friday, October 27, 2017

Dave's take: what a disaster

Miami has its first of three-in-a-row nationally televised games, and shows that they are not ready for prime time.  The game was dreadful and mostly unwatchable. Let's face it, unless you were a die hard for either team, there was no point in sticking around to see this dreck.

I think you can stop referring to Gase as an "offensive guru."  When your team gets shut out in 2 of the first 7 games, and only manages 6 in the waning moments in another, they are not a juggernaut. And no rushing TDs in those 7 games? Ummm no.  13 points per game on average. Ugly. With a capital U. The cat I saw a hilight of had more yards than the dolphins on offense.

And you can drop "QB whisperer" as well. QB play has been mostly awful. Some might say that Tannehill would help or something, but you are being wishful thinkers. If you think that Tannehill would have helped in this game, you are wrong. It may have gotten out of hand through Moores play, but to quote Deion the dolphins have much bigger problems than that.

On defense, they were pushed around and lost their composure.  Kiko Alonso may not have been able to pull up, but Flacco started to slide and Alonso lowered his shoulder and made contact with the helmet. In today's NFL, that can't happen and he should have been ejected by rule.  Surely, he will be fined, and a suspension may come his way too.

What happened after was silliness, and Suh lost his composure and got way too aggressive and surely will get fined for that.  But then, he lost his cool a few more times after plays...and grabbing the QB by the throat "because he came at me" will catch some attention from the NFL.  Really? You felt threatened by a guy half your size, enough to grab him by the throat? Another fine and a suspension are not out of the question.  You can not play like that.

This made me smirk when I read it earlier:
"Miami has their best drive starting point," Jim Nantz said as Miami began with the ball on their own 35 midway through the third quarter. "That's the only nice thing I can say right now."

I had long since stopped watching, and I missed hearing him say that.

They may have been one of the best teams record-wise coming into the game...but this is a team that is the exception to the rule "you are what your record says you are"... because they are downright bad. Can they win 9 games? It's quite possible.  But they still have holes everywhere and you'll see stinkers like this from time to time, too.

Tough; What Should I Complain About?

I had very little confidence going into this game.  The Baltimore Ravens have more than a mental edge against the Dolphins; referring to the last 7-10 years.  They have or I should say they man handle Miami every time they meet.  Beat us up they do!!  And Miami seems to enter the game acquiescing to this theme. It's pretty sickening considering they are a professional team.

What really irritated me was something I have considered during games, but tonight it really got under my skin.

There were a few mano y mano competitions in the 4 week preseason.  Meaning Gase was gonna keep one of two players fighting for the same position.  I have grown to trust him because of that great turn around last year.  Here is my beef:

Baltimore's field position to start their drives was excellent ALL NIGHT LONG!!  Their worst starting field position was on the final drive of the game.  Their own 19 yard line.  Their other starting positions were as follows: Balt. 21; Dolp. 42; Balt. 28; Balt. 28; Balt. 40; Balt. 29; Balt. 37; Balt. 19!!

How did they start in such non-threatening field position?  Well, here is a listing of Matt Haack's 8 punts during the game: #1-34 yards; #2-36 yards; #3-49 yards; #4-38 yards; #5-31 yards; #6-41 yards; #7-49 yards; & #8-50 yards.  I'm sorry but that SUCKS for an NFL Punter in Prime Time with beautiful weather.  He wasn't hurried to get the kicks off.  He didn't kick them off the side of his foot.  I believe those were his punts.  His best effort.

40 to 0.  I'm not saying their starting field position won them this game.  But they sure weren't backed-up to their own end zone and feeling some pressure.  And from where Haack was punting, he should have had  3 or 4 inside the 10, with the others inside the 20.  Only one time do I remember him kicking from our end zone.

I don't care anymore about the supposed left footed kicker that makes it difficult for guys to catch the ball.  He can't even reach where they are waiting to receive his punt. 

It may not have changed the final score of this game.  It will if he isn't replaced, or we're in a close game.  Obviously if our offense keeps lighting it up like they do Haack is gonna be on the field quite often.  I've taken dance lessons, I know the cadence: One, two, three, KICK!  One, two, three, KICK!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Surprise From Deion "Prime Time" Sanders To Jay Cutler

And an apology from Deion Sanders to Jay Cutler at halftime!
It went like this from "Prime Time":

Jay, I want to apologize to you. This is not your fault. This offense is atrocious. Watching it live, I now see this is bigger than you. Adam Gase must do something. It's too predictable, too simplistic. Jay I am sorry"

That made watching this joke of a team worth it!

How about this Coach: your receiver screens to Landry don't work, they haven't worked all year. Please bring an end to them! LOL

How about getting Williams and Drake in the game for some snaps? Ajayi hasn't done shit all year. Could be a good change of pace. Oh wait, never mind, that won't work, the O Line is garbage!

On a side note, I wonder if the NFL is regretting giving the Dolphins so many prime time games this year???

Yo Carl!

Hey Carl!

I think we found out if this Miami team was tough or not! They look miserable in the first half so far! 

I wish I could say that I am shocked but I am not.

O-Line sucks as usual and our offense has worn out the defense in the first half yet again. 

Everyone put on their shocked face! Here's mine...  😱

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

About To Find Out How Tough The Dolphins Are Tomorrow Night

After 2 heroic comebacks, one on the road at a Super Bowl contender's house and one in our friendly confines against a Super Bowl pretender, now comes the acid test.

Can the Dolphins roll into Baltimore, against a team who is so similar statistically that they could actually switch uniforms and no one would know the difference, and come out with another win?

Can they play in a stadium that has not been friendly to us in any way? At least not since the first time we played the Ravens back in 2009 and walked out with a 24-13 victory.

Since then its been 3 losses in 3 attempts with 2 blow outs including last year's 38-6 see ya later.

In our 14 game history with the Ravens we won 5 of the first 7 games. Since then we are a dismal 1-6. And that includes 5 home games.

They just beat us up. They diminish our will to win. They shake hands and say "Hope to see ya soon."

In only our 5th Baltimore trip to play the Ravens, tomorrow night will tells us a lot about the quit, or lack there of, in our Dolphins.

Baltimore will be pumped. They are an emotional team. They sense the importance of this game.

At 3-4, they are chasing the Steelers by 2 games. And, believe it or not, they are chasing us as well by 2 games.

So this game is crucial for their playoff chances. The Tie Breaker can come in handy later on down the road.

Yes, I know, I know, this game is important to us too. But by how much???

That is what I want to find out tomorrow night. I want to see exactly how tough we are. Can we be physical on a short week or are we just a lucky finesse team these past 2 weeks?

If you want to be a contender, a true contender, then you have to be able to go into someone else's kitchen and steal the cookie jar.  With them watching!!!

This is going to take some balls tomorrow night. Some big balls. This is not a team taking us lightly nor are they a bit cocky after beating us 3 weeks ago.

Nope. They need this bad and as sure as hell you know Harbaugh will have them frothing at the bit.

They will come out fired up and look to put a beating on us. Like a bully in the neighborhood.

Hopefully, we are up to the challenge. This is going to be our first opponent playing in a must win game this season.

Sparks will be flying!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Becareful what you "BOO" About Fins Fans

No this is not my pre-Halloween column. It's my famous cliché column about the grass always being greener under the feet of ANY quarterback other than the Dolphin starter.

I was listening to that popular radio show on ESPN yesterday afternoon.  No disrespect to any other members, but the only name I can think of is Stu Gartz...(SP???).  They were talking about the injury to Aaron Rodgers & what it's like to be accustomed to perfection.  You don't get perfect passes (yet???) from Brett Hundley.  Does that sound familiar to any Dolphin fans?

I grew up cheering for Bob Griese. Than Woodley & Strock.  Then....???  I think we drafted someone late in the first round?  After several other QBs.  OH!  Dan Marino out of Pittsburgh!  And then we watched perfection for 10 plus years!!

Thing is, other than his 2nd season the Dolphins never went to the SB.  And beyond that, who really cares about a single player achieving perfection in a team sport?!?!  Hey, I was a huge Marino fan and still am!!  This is not a piece against great QBs.  This is MY personal anger against the Dolphin fans booing Jay Cutler.

It is so easy to find the faults about anyone.  It can spread like an actual wild fire with todays out of control media, and everyone that has an opinion like the hypocrite writing this.

But come on PEOPLE!!  We have a talented team.  We have a coach daggone serious about getting this team to the top.  We have a fan base......yup, we have a fan base.  What to say about them, I have no clue?

Try this!  This team was built (INTENTIONALLY) for the second half of the season.  Unfortunately Irma got in the way a tiny bit....or a lot?  What ever happened last year, in the off season, etc.  I truly felt/feel that Gase picked up something several years ago, or maybe because we made the playoffs after starting 1-4 or 2-5 (whatever our record was, percentage's said we had a 4-5-6%  chance of making the post season).

TJ McDonald I always felt would help our run defense.  Now I'm hoping he's really good at pass defense  also.  Maxwell is coming back.  I think it's been a plan.  Regardless of my crazy thinking, I wish I could convince the fans to cheer for anyone wearing a Dolphin uniform.  All I could think about when I heard the boo's for Cutler were his wife & 3 children. 

How would you explain to your children why people are booing you??

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Miami’s Jarvis Landry provides supplies, support to hurricane victims (VIDEO)

I'm a big believer in giving back, and doing good in your community...kudos to Jarvis for what he has done...

Before Sunday's home game on Friday, Oct. 20th - Miami Dolphins' wide receiver and recognized community champion Jarvis Landry visited Mt. Olivet Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Fort Lauderdale) to help provide a little relief to those affected by September’s Hurricane Irma. 

In addition to delivering a range of necessities – from food to mattresses – Landry spent time and shared stories with impacted families, church clergy and volunteer staff.  

A native of Convent, Louisiana, a small town just outside of New Orleans, Landry is no stranger to the influence this type of tragedy can have on a community.  The fourth-year player remains committed to helping provide relief, wherever possible. 

“It’s amazing to see people come together and help like this,” Landry said. “But, these recent storms will affect some for years.  It’s important for all of us to continue to look for ways to support one another, even as time passes.”

Video from Landry’s recent visit is available here: 

Credit: Moose.TV and Class Act Sports

Landry partnered with hunger-relief organziation Feeding South Florida and online mattress company Casper on the effort.  He also received support from Moose TV on behalf of Class Act Sports.  

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cardiac Kids South Do It Again!!!

No lead is safe against this current squad of Dolphins. They just keep finding ways to fall behind and then surprisingly flip the coin or switch and battle back to win in heroic fashion.

This week, Miami set up the Jets on the one yard line when Wilkerson squeezed a deflected Cutler pass as part of the Jets building a 28-14 lead in the 4th quarter.

But Matt Moore, who came off the bench for an injured Cutler, lead this "never say die" band of brothers back with two 4tb Quarter TD passes to tie it up.

Then, miraculously, McCann picks off a flutter with a minute left and Parkway splits the uprights with the game winner.


Two weeks in a row, the Dolphins were left for dead and two weeks in a row they found a way to resuscitate a victory from impending defeat.

You have to love the fight in these guys. You have to love the exhilaration of these come back wins.

I just don't like the frustration beforehand.

This is just amazing that we are 4-2 and in the hunt. Starting today we were at the 6 seed. Let's see how the rest of today plays out in the AFC.

We may not have any more booing Cutler and "We want Moore" cheers because Cutler may not come back if he damaged his lower chest or sprained some core muscles getting popped by Jenkins.

It looks like it is Deja Vu all over again with Moore having to lead us into the playoffs.

Good for us it's a short week, since Moore is notorious for not practicing well. We play at Baltimore on Thursday night so he won't have much time any way.

Just how he likes it!

Remarkable comeback for an incredible win!

Phins up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971


Well, son of a bitch. What can I say?

I thought the Dolphins were dead in the water. Cutler went down and Moore came in and we score 17 unanswered points to win the game?

Our offense started to click. Our pace was faster. The urgency seemed to be up and the defense played with passion. 

Moore also seemed to be making better checks and protection calls than Cutler, I may be wrong but it was just an observation.

A QB controversy anyone?

I personally think Moore should be given the opportunity to start and let Cutler play backup for the year. This gives him more time to get his feet under him in case he is needed per an injury to Moore. The more time that passes, the more evident it becomes that missing training camp has hurt Cutler. Why wouldn't he want to collect 10 Million to hold a clip board? 

I believe this give the Dolphins the best chance to compete this year. I honestly don't think we win this game today with a Cutler at QB.

If you take a closer look at the interception by Moore, you can clearly see that it was Fasano's fault. His head never turned to look for the ball at all during his route. To me, that is on him, not on Moore. 

A QB controversy in Miami! Who would thunk it! All we need to do is keep our O-Line in somewhat decent condition and we are in pretty good shape!

Go Falcons! (Tonight) and Phins Up!! 

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Dave's take: Lamar Jackson

OMG, this guy is unbelievable. He is an absolute talent.  He owned FSU yesterday. Personally, I think the dolphins should let nothing stand in the way of getting this guy.  Mortgage the stadium if you have to, trade anyone, anything, including the team bus and get Jackson!

Before the game, Jimbo Fisher said of him (From the Orlando Sentinel):
“What [Jackson] does is he feels pressure so much… He has a sixth sense when guys go to get him, that Charlie Ward-ism, I used to call it,” Jimbo said Thursday, comparing Jackson to former FSU quarterback Charlie Ward. “Where everyone seemed like they were going 100 miles per hour, and he was like walking and they would never catch him. He could always feel people behind him, beside him, and those great players have that. That what it seems like [Jackson] does.”