Tuesday, September 26, 2017

To Kneel Or Not To Kneel, That Is The Question

This whole situation is getting completely out of hand. What was supposed to call attention to race relations has turned into fans no longer wanting to be fans.

The President has chimed in, owners have locked arms and no one is discussing what initially all this kneeling was intended to have called attention to.

It has now become a discussion on patriotism and free speech. Or lack there of. Not race relations.

Below is a response I wrote in Dave Kennedy's post "Dave's Take On Standing Up" on this site back on August 27th. Since then many of our posts have meandered off subject. So take this opportunity to vent, add, detract, etc on this subject.

Everyone's opinion is valid. Here is mine:

"Athletes, actors and artists not only have a right to stand up for a cause they feel is important to them, they also have a responsibility to use their platforms to assist in social change.

The kneeling players are a perfect example of good idea, wrong execution. I understand, that as an African-American, they feel compelled to call more attention to race relations in the US. Certain venues are perfectly suited and accepted for political stands and announcements.

Concerts are perfect examples. Musicians have for decades use the stage to call attention to a cause and that is a universally accepted location for such.

Never do you find an actor break from the script to make a political statement during a play. The play itself may make a statement or the cast may stop at the curtain call and speak to the audience about a current issue.

Sports is a different story. Players can use their celebrity to good use but not in the actual arena. It just is not universally accepted other than wearing something on your uniform to support a cause. 

Fans go to sporting events to get away from their problems and daily dull drums, not to engage in political or social issues.

I believe the players would have been better served to organize a great number of African-American athletes from all sports to speak to the media in their locker rooms after games about race relations."

Now, followers, you can knock yourselves out but keep it clean.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Gase Missed One Today

First of all, let me tell you it was hot today. Extremely hot at MetLife Stadium. The temperature in New Jersey was 91 with a feels like temperature of 99. And that is in your back yard.

I was sitting there in the sun, with no breeze and I was drenched.

It was so hot I would go into the concessions just to get some shade during the time outs. It was brutal today.

I know from officiating high school football that the field turf is filled with black rubber beads in between the fake grass. Those little beads not only absorb the sun shine but also generate even more heat.

So it had to be well over 100° on the field.

In any event, what I am alluding to is simply these numbers and how Gase blew one.

At the 2 minute warning of the first half, the Jets had a time of possession of almost double to ours at 18:26 to 9:34 and yet we were only down by 3 points.

The Jets are facing a 2nd and two from their 37 yard line when Powell gashes us for 38 yards right up the gut.

5 of our 11 defenders, including our left corner Verner, sprint after him and drag him down at our 15 yard line. That's half our guys doing wind sprints.

Luckily for us, we get a holding call against their center hooking Hull at the point of attack. That was a good call.

Here's where, I believe, Gase blew it.

I told my buddy "Take a time out. We are gassed. They are going to go long on us."

I know the second time in a row you have to cover a kick, the return is usually so much better than the first. Your coverage team is gassed.

So now the Jets line up with a 2nd and 8 from their 31. And we are gassed.

McGown hits Anderson right in stride for a 69 yard TD as he blows right by Verner completely untouched.

I really thought we should've burned a Time Out regardless of just coming out of the 2 minute warning and only having 2 time outs left.

Hey, we got spanked. Don't get me wrong.

But it is those little moments when just one play can get one team juiced and another down trodden.

Well, we are on to the Saints as London is calling.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Miami STILL at bottom of AFC's 12 best teams...

When are the Dolphins going to pull their heads out of their asses?

Serious question.

I have been waiting for this offense to put up some serious points and beat the teams they are supposed to beat. I'm still waiting...

These Dolphins have won close games. In the past, GREAT! This should not have been a close game, and it wasn't. It was an ass whooping but it should have been the Jets getting that whooping. 

Josh McCown WAS on a 11 game losing streak as a starter. Not anymore!

The Jets were being accused of tanking for a top draft pick! They proved us all wrong!

The Jets were the worst run defense in the league, how things have changed!  

The Miami offense looks anemic. A pop warner team could have had more success today, not an exaggeration. 

I am seriously starting to question this coaching staffs ability to make in game adjustments. When the run game doesn't work, the offense goes to shit. I seriously thought Gase was this offensive passing guru? That's not a knock against him, I like the guy but that is a serious question. 

The defense still has a miserable secondary. The no name receivers of the Jets worked the middle all day long. It was quite embarrassing.

I don't know what else needs to be said. Next week we play Drew Brees who just lot up the Panther defense which is a lot better than Miami's. Good luck Miami. I hope you fix a lot of things this week, you are gonna need to...

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And We All Thought...

and we all thought Miami was going to be a good offensive team...

1 TD in 7.5 quarters so far.

Good Job.

Dolphins Must Stop Short Passing Game Today

    At the game in LA last week, one thing that was glaringly obvious was that the Chargers are poorly coached.  This came across mostly in the fact that they continued to run on first down when the Dolphins had their number all day.  What the Dolphins couldn't answer at all, however, was the short passing game.  Backs and tight ends were open all day, and any route under six yards was a completion and a chunk of yardage, all day.  The only reason the Chargers didn't score more was that they consistently wasted a down trying to run between the tackles.
    If the Jets are at all smart today, Matt Forte, Bilal Powell, and Austin Selfarian-Jenkins will be unleashed in the 4-6 yard area beyond scrimmage.  If so, the Jets will avoid our pass rush and keep themselves in second and makeable all day.  They will also control time of possession with ruthless, long drives.
     I don't say this because I think the Jets are good.  They are the worst team in the NFL.  But our defense ha a major hole in its linebacking and our 2 safety is truly among the NFL's worst.  I hope our team has found an adjustment since last week.  If it hasn't, don't be surprised if we are stuck in a real battle today in New Jersey.

Jay Lopez