Friday, September 15, 2017

Dolphins Open Season at Neutral Site

    Four months ago the Chargers unveiled their new logo at Staples Center in LA during an NBA game.  It seemed to make sense: connect with a new fan base that is excited to adopt its new favorite sons.  The logo flashed.  The fans responded.
    With boos- so many boos.  I laughed out loud- it was pretty hilarious.
    I am attending tomorrow's game in Carson.  It will be played in the home of the LA Galaxy, where twenty thousand vaguely committed hipsters pretend to know something of the world's most popular sport.  In between derivative songs, the fan base mills about in a pretty, airy, lazy stadium that is about as intense as a coffee bean at three in the afternoon.
     I bought my ticket to the game last night.  I scrolled around for about an hour browsing options.  I am not making this up.  I will Lyft to the game and possibly Lyft home, since cars can pretty much pull up in front of the stadium. My buddy (also a Dolphins fan) is planning on "parking in the neighborhood."
     So the good news about the Dolphins opener is that it is also the Chargers "home" opener- and LA's second team may feel very much like a jv team playing before the varsity game.  The Dolphins need a break after all the storm related scurrying, and the Home Depot Center/ Stub Hub Center may be that needed break.
     If any of you out there are Dolphins fans attending this game, give a shout.  You will hear me tomorrow.  I'll be the guy actually excited to see my team.  And chances are, I'll stand out.  Phins up.

Jay Lopez


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

London calling

Stephen Ross apparently listened and wants to have a home game back, so he asked the NFL. But predictably, they said no.  Gotta build that brand. They're keeping the game in London.

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For what it's worth, this all boils down to money. The NFL gets more exposure, and a larger cut of the ticket sales in a game overseas.  The dolphins get a cut as the home team, but it's not as much as Ross could make from ticket sales, concessions and parking.

BTW, we are told that there is some damage to the roof of the stadium, but none of it is structural and it should be repaired before the delayed home opener in a few weeks.