Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dolphins Will Sign TE Julius Thomas This Off Season

      Adam Gase opened his tenure in Miami making a move for CJ Anderson.  The Broncos matched, Anderson got hurt after a hot start, and Jay Ajayi made Dolphins fans forget.
     What we shouldn't forget heading into this off season is that Gase made Julius Thomas a far bigger star than he was ever able to make Anderson.  And Thomas is going to be available (Jacksonville is looking to shed his contract and label him a "bust"- an easy title to earn when Blake Bortles is throwing you into coverage.)
     The Dolphins must, should, and will pounce.  For the first time since Keith Jackson, we will have a dominant red zone target at Tight End, and for the first time since Charles Clay left we will have a seam busting zone-killer.  A few years ago, when Dustin Keller went down, Miami's offensive blueprint changed irrevocably:  consider the inverse of that possibility?
        Imagine getting Thomas a free release since teams have to respect Landry over the middle? Now think Parker (and potentially Stills) running free release on the outside?  Ajayi will see seven in the box routinely.  Tannehill will have time to operate, as opposing defenses are forced to keep safeties and linebackers honest.
     The Dolphins will sign Julius Thomas.  Big name linebackers and corners will draw more ink this off-season, but make no mistake:  Thomas will be the lynchpin signing for the Dolphins this spring.

Jay Lopez