Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The most absurd stat line

Tom Brady is 7-9 all time in Miami.

Against all other teams (and Miami when they play in New England) he is 196-49.

That's just weird.

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He parties at South Beach and has a wacky diet - simple !


To hell with Brady! I watched his post-game interview... He never once acknowledged or gave credit to the Dolphins for being the better team on the night. Sanctimonious SOB!

Glad the Dolphins kicked his arse around the field! The game was a thrill to watch!


He's like Cam Newton - great when he's winning, but a really poor loser. Couldn't even bother to shake hands after the game.


We have his number down here and he knows it. Jason Taylor and Cam Wake didn't make his visits anything he would look forward too. Throw Suh in there too.