Monday, December 25, 2017

Dol-Fans Hopes Shift To 2018

Par for the course. Why expect anything to be different in Kansas City?

There would be no Christmas miracle for Dol-Fans in 2017.

No surprise gifts under our tree. Just the regular batch of undershirts, socks and sweaters.

Even though both Buffalo and Tennessee held up their end of the bargain, the Dolphins played their usual disappointing game yesterday.

Putting the proverbial fork into our turkey of a 2017 season.

It's done. Long gone. So sad.

Just truly sad.

This team just couldn't get out of its own way. All season long.

They just continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

How many stupid penalties does one team have to commit before they stop doing it?

Clearly, the 2017 Dolphins have more to give. They have not reached their limit.

4 defensive holding calls lead to points.

Another bonehead unnecessary roughness penalty sidetracks another scoring drive.

Unnecessary. Could anything have been more aptly named?

When will it finally sink in?

Could they just be idiots?

I am serious. Stupid idiots.

This team has all the talent to get into the playoffs but somewhere along the line they must have played too many quarters without a helmet.

I just don't understand what they are thinking about.

Forget the two drive killing fumbles and array of missed tackles for a minute.

Yesterday's game was a microcosm of our season.

In it for a while until our better nature prevails.

Until the shoe drops or the gun goes off pointed at our feet.

Oh well. Gotta draft smarter players.

Gotta find guys with an IQ above 10.

They are out there. Look at everyone else's roster.

Nobody can be as stupid as we are. Nobody.

So Sunday we hang our hats on being spoilers.

That's our possible shining moment now.

No winning season, no playoffs, no chance.

Just try to knock out the Bills.

Who even cares?

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dol-Fan since 12/25/1971
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LOL Carl!

Yes! These Dolphins are idiots. You name the penalty and they will commit it!

Unless there are massive changes to this roster, this team will stay in the AFC shitter.

Let us examine.

The offensive line still sucks and Pouncey is over paid. He has way too many holding penalties to be considered an elite center. The blocking scheme sucks, just watch the play where Drake gets engulfed before he gets the ball, NOBODY BLOCKED THE FU*KING nose tackle!

Extending Alonso was a mistake, he has been 2 yards behind the play all year long. Extending Branch was a mistake, haven't heard shit about him all year. He played better when he was in a prove it contract. Signing Timmons was a mistake, he can't run! But hey! Another teams trash was our treasure!

Tannehill is not the answer, only a stopgap. Suh makes too much money for a DT. Wake is now too old and will continue to rapidly decline. Parker is a bust. The DB's are still not good enough. Yup! Pretty much the whole team has issues! That happens when you over pay for sub mediocre players!

Good job Dolphins!

There is however something to be thankful for this holiday season!...

Let the Dolphins be thankful that the Cleveland Browns were not on the schedule this year! That way they wouldn't the "the team" to give the their only win of the season. For that, Dolphins, you should be thankful!


Don't forget our punter sucks


We would have won that game if not for our punter.
Am I serious, sarcastic, along for the ride, with the team??
Just trying to be a part of something/folks with similar feelings in one area of life.
Unfortunately, I tend to do exactly as the Dolphins do; or, just what you wrote.
Carl & Lawrence, and everyone else, Merry Christmas!!!


@ K Nick:

Everyone expects this shit from Miami already!! You know what the definition of insanity is right?


Yeah, its.....doing on, need to grab another beer. OK, where was I...ah! ing, & expecting not to fall down? or the same results?? hold on, need to grab an...


I think the mistake with Alonso was moving him from MLB to WLB. Fortunately, the Timmons mistake is easily rectified by cutting him. Move Allen to SLB, Alonso back to MLB, and play Anthony at WLB. Problem solved.


I think the mistake with Alonso was moving him from MLB to WLB. Fortunately, the Timmons mistake is easily rectified by cutting him. Move Allen to SLB, Alonso back to MLB, and play Anthony at WLB. Problem solved.


We have McMillan coming back from injury too. He was supposed to play somewhere at LB