Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dick Enberg

We pay our respects to long time broadcaster Dick Enberg, who passed away.  Dick was always part of NBCs #1 broadcast team (for a long time with Merlin Olsen)...and when the dolphins were relevant in the 80s until the mid-90s, he was often heard doing dolphins broadcasts.

I saw this tribute and wanted to pass it along.  Bravo Chippewas, bravo.
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"Oh my" will never be the same.


Here’s a small sample of what it sounded like.

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Broadcasters: Whether they have a key phrase, special voice, quality in telling the obvious that does not sound demeaning, or pointing out not so apparent goings on that cause you to tilt your head sideways and say, "Hhmmph, I never considered that." or "Shingles! I didn't even know Miami's punter was so awful. I mean I knew he was bad, and said so. But after Enberg ""Oh Myed"" in a sort of I'm gonna VOMMIT if he see's the field again style, IT...REALLY...HIT...HOME!"
I figured if this was commented on, in a piece before the KC game, maybe Carl won't read it and explain to me why Hawk was intentionally punting the ball with his right foot. Trust me, if Carl, Mr. Leone corrects or informs me about something I've written not being....accurate, or my assumption is off, I KNOW THAT HE IS CORRECT. Pretty sure it does not go on paper unless he is 100%.
So, for whatever reason, I do not trust our punter. If he comes back 10 years from now doing things like Ray Guy or Reggie Roby I will eat my words. Words..Words, RIGHT!- Enberg.
I think we remember the best broadcasters because they have earned the privilege to say to millions of people how great a thing it was that just happened.
We are feeling good(unless your a fan of the other team), and their special phrases become frozen in our memories, taking us back to that play, in our home, with friends & family. They build a place in our hearts because we are a society so entrenched in sports.
It even carried over/transcended to ESPN sports anchors. i.e. "BOO-YAH!"(may he rest in peace-SScott), "Back-back-back..Heck, I can't do Berman on a keyboard."
Do YOU believe in Miracles?? If you do, NEXT YEAR will be filled with them in South FL!!!
Nice try Phins. Go out on a HIGH NOTE by beating the BILLS!!!
RIP-Dick Enberg.


K Nick. Oh my!!!

Opinions about sports teams by fans are often strong. So there’s that. ;)


Did it read as if I was ......making fun/criticizing/something negative about Carl?? Because I meant the opposite, which is why I added Mr. Leone. But now that I read I have trouble with texting, emails, all this future stuff. I need to hear a voice or better yet, see someone's eyes and body.
I was trying to say I respect his opinion. If he points something out to me, it has always been correct!
Can you expand without it going across the world?? I can't click on your reply button & have anything happen??


No worries. It's all good from my point of view. It did read like maybe you were trying to be negative, but I see your point.