Monday, December 18, 2017

Dave's take: franchise direction

I still wonder about the direction of the franchise.  I popped out to and I saw the last time the franchise was a perennial state of winning was wannstedts last year, in 2003.

And they went from 2001 to 2008 without a playoff appearance (and from 2003-08 without a winning record). You might consider 2008 as an aberration, because that was the year Brady got hurt, and Pennington came to Miami.

Then they went 7 years, again with non-winning records, until the playoff appearance last year. Was that a one year aberration, or are things trending the same?

In that same 14 year span, the dolphins only had a positive point differential 4 times, all by small margins (1, 28, 16, and 15) which for a season isn't so good.  John madden would call this kind of thing a "keeper stat" - its a way to gauge the team instead of wins and losses, and Xs and Os.  It tells you something about the team.

In the 14 years, they've had some large margins against them.  In the 1-15 season it was -170, meaning they lost each game by a margin of 10 points on average (and yes they did have a win by 6 points, which makes the stat a little worse in terms of losses).

In context, when they were +16 in 2011,  or -18 in 2013, or -17 last year, it means that they were winning (and losing) by close margins; about a point a week.

This year, they are at -90, so they are losing by an average of 6 points per week.

But given the trend, I have to question if the team is headed in the right direction.  They can't seem to figure out how to consistently score more points than their opponents.

Contrast that with patriots who have had point differentials that were positive, and in the hundreds every year in that same span, except for two seasons where the point differentials dipped lower.

Injuries surely play a role, but there's something about the players themselves or how they are coached that isn't getting it done.

Its like my dad always said "if you can't score more points than the other team, you don't deserve to win."

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Wannestadt won 41 games in his first 4 years and no body else was happy.

How do you all feel now?


I would take Wannstedt right now. His problem was being able to balance the offense. It was Ricky, Ricky, Ricky. A good OC and some weapons at WR as Phins have now and he would be a good HC. Defense played for him as did ST. 10 W's a year with Fiedler ? Pretty impressive now that we look at it.


I can't speak towards ownership, management, drafting,....there's more than that. I can speak about what I see in player body language. Although that has become daggone difficult with the allowing of celebration. It has become nearly impossible to tell if we just won our division, a playoff game, THE SUPER BOWL, or gained a first down, stopped a first down, scored a touchdown & had 15 players do a reenactment of The Phantom of the Opera..or Cats maybe??
Admitting that I do not know very much about ownership, management, drafting & so on will definitely make many people question why they would read anything I have written. My answer to them would be there doesn't seem to be that many wealthy football experts anywhere but Beantown & Steel City year after year. I left several QUALITY FOOTBALL men, cities & organizations, NFC & AFC, out of that.
Like presidents, it is difficult to tell what you have in a person & the job they have done'til they are gone. I think Wannestadt was a good coach. But he was working with what Jimmy Johnson left him. I think that QB guy that announces Sunday or Monday night FB was a good coach. But he won Tampa their Super Bowl on what Tony Dungy constructed.
I believe there must be an Owner & Head Coach on the same page, same goals, winning being the top of priorities. How do you get there......too many philosophies to debate.
I don't think it can work like the NBA though. One man controlling the biggest decisions. 10-20 players, only 5-9 that truly matter. Football is so much bigger. So many teams on one team. i.e. Offense, defense, special teams; & then you even break that down. i.e. LBs, QBs, RBs, etc., etc., etc.
I think we have the right HC. I'll say it again: we won so many games last year that we just have easily could have lost. Look at our record now and what all the experts were saying= 7-9 season!
We had a tough schedule; crucial injuries; a major hurricane that took away our bye week; a QB that only the HC seemed to like...I don't think he is that bad. He made a poor decision not playing the 2nd half of a critical game, argued with a well respected, liked owner, and he has been booed ever since.
But hey, I also really liked Fiedler. When he ran that ball in against Oakland in 2001, with a minute to play and had to be told which direction to walk to get to the, that is looked at differently. But he had guts, wanted to win, positive attitude. His talent level was not great as far as being one of 28-32 men in the world that can lead a team to victory week in, week out, in a given year.
He had to follow Dan Marino!! He was a gamer!!
Well, I guess I just kind of rambled. My only real point was/is that I believe we have the right Head Coach!!
And with 2 wins and some help from other teams, EVERYONE will agree!