Wednesday, November 01, 2017

No More Questions; Dolphin Offense willl be Different!!

The story line for the off season, summer, pre season and beginning of season was Jay Ajayi being our workhorse.  There was talk of 400 rushing attempts!!  The success of this team was on the line blocking for Jay, mixed in with wonderful play action passes deep to Parker & Stills, anywhere 7 yards to 18 for Landry, & Thomas, Fasano & Gray down the middle and in the Red Zone.  That's all GONE....isn't it?.?.?

What I'm sure of is that the offense will be different!  I'm excited about that even though I was a bit surprised at the trade.  But a different offensive scheme can't possibly do worse than we have been doing.  The chatter about Gase not being able to implement his entire playbook because of the lack of studying/knowing the plays; whoever it  Yes??  I hope it wasn't rif-raf.

I keep thinking of the year Montana, Craig, & Rice ran over Marino & the Dolphins with their West Coast Offense!  Ajayi never seemed to get any better at catching the ball.  Williams has the hands of a receiver.  I haven't seen enough of Drake, although he is listed ahead of Williams on the Depth chart.  He must be able to catch screen passes if he has no trouble on kick-offs (well, they're different rotations).

With Cutler supposedly wanting to play against Baltimore, I see him starting against Oakland.  Parker as well.  I really feel we are going to be watching a Gase styled formula of the West Coast offense during our second half.  I hope it works!  There is nothing more exciting than watching Fast-Break offense on the FB field.  Please study your playbooks guys, this season is far from over!!

Lastly, I was confused at the all out blitz to get Cutler back in the NFL if he was only going to be a game manager!?!  He's a thrower!!  Let him attempt what he is/was best at.

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Miami better bring Brandon doughty to the active roster, belicheat needs a quality back up for old man Brady. You heard it here first.


Kelly Skeels - Doughty is no prize. We had to bring in Fales to backup Moore because Doughty isn't even good enough to be our 3rd string guy. I'll be surprised if he even makes practice squad next year as I'm pretty certain they will be bringing in someone else to groom. That's why you said it first. No one is going to take Doughty especially Belichick.


They signed Hoyer. And believe me Doughty sucks.