Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Yeah, I'm Still Positive!!

I hang on every year until the percentage points say we can't make it.  Seriously though??  Agreeing with your reply Carl, what in the holy heck was that 3rd & 11 draw play??  It reminded me EXACTLY of momentum being built on a drive; positive yards on every play; then BAM!!  THE WILDCAT is called, we lose 7 to 10 yards, then throw a long incomplete pass & have to punt.  I felt so....empty, surprised, shocked, & xxxxing ANGRY!!!  WHY???

OK, that game is over.  Time for short memories to kick in & start thinking about how we will beat Carolina!!  We aren't out of this yet!  All though it would be so easy to think that way.  We had an identical record last year and made it in.  Granted our schedule looks formidable, but that is why you only look at the team coming up.

I can't help but think I am one of those positive "suckers" who is lost?.?.?.  So what.  Agreeing with you negative losers is just like all the folks that suddenly jump on the bandwagon of the newest winning team of the season.  I don't want on your negative craze.  It's too easy to do.  It's a lot harder to have faith in a team when the chips are down.  And if it does happen, if they pull themselves up and start winning games like NOBODY thinks they will.  The reward is the greatest feeling in the world.

I'm stickin'.  And when they make it; they will!!  There should be a requirement that you need to BEG to get back in.  But that'll never happen because folks with faith don't say "I told you so."  They welcome you back with warm arms.  All in all, chances or percentages are against my hopes that the Dolphins finish as a playoff team, or even finish strong for that matter.  But it will make the games mean something for me.  And when they start winning, beating teams the experts say they have no chance against, that great feeling will be there!

Last thing, for those blaming Cutler, he didn't call that draw play.  He didn't throw any INT's.  He completed his first .....10-12-14(??) passes, & threw 3 TD's.  He is not the reason they have struggled this year.  Also, getting rid of Ajayi was necessary!  He was in it for himself on team.  Unwilling to fight for 3-4 yards in the proper hole, or where the play was called.  He'd break it to the outside where it first appears it's clear, but then suddenly it's full of defenders that are being blocked that way.  That was a BIG PICTURE decision, not an Adam Gase feeling of "I don't like him because he doesn't listen to what I say."  How do you think the O-Linemen felt when they were blocking the called play & Ajayi ran right where the defenders were blocked?  The broadcasters are gonna say "this Miami OL is just terrible."  If that's so, how did our 3rd string running back run for 70 yards?  I know, you'll say 42 was on one run.  Take that away and he averages 3.8 yards a carry.  7 games and Ajayi averaged 3.4 yards with 1 maybe 2 seasons remaining in his career.  Drake is the better long range back, not to mention the effort & pass catching skills of Williams.

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LOL on gotta BEG there way back in

It ain't over till it's over


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