Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dave's take: well that was an ugly stretch

As usual, I watched very little of last nights game.  But since it was on prime time, I had it on for a while, because, hey, it's football.

The dolphins ended their three game prime time run in the same way they started it: by getting blown out.

And it underscores the fact that this team is just bad. All week, I heard that Gase had it figured out, and it was coming together.  But in Gase's words, all I heard was a combination of things stated very much like the last few coaches. From "they gotta learn from their mistakes" to fist pumps for field goals to "its players, not coaching."

Maybe he should start David Fails just to make a point about failure being an option.

If I were Stephen Ross my first call this morning would be to Mike Tannenbaum "hey mike, I hear it's all players and not coaching, so go out and find me some new players...and while you're at it find me a new person to replace you."  Then it's on to Gase "hey Adam, you coached a helluva a three games. I'm sorry I couldn't stay awake to watch the games; they sure cured insomnia. So what's your plan for today? Might I suggest you go golfing because you don't work for me anymore."

And everyone in between can go too.  Then, another call to one of these brokerage firms "yes, I'd like to sell the dolphins.  I think it's clear that the bigger problem is me."

Honestly, the only way to improve this team is to start over.  There's no sugar coating this, no explaining it.  It's another disaster in a growing line of bad seasons.  And now the hurricanes are good, so there's another team for people to focus on, making the dolphins irrelevant.

Enjoy your off-season dolphins fans.  It started with the chargers game in week 1.

Here are some tweets that sum it all up.

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Need a new O Line


No Carl, they need a new everything. Gase is one of those coaches that is better as a coordinator than a coach. That is clear


And the defensive scheme sucks. Just go look at Vance Joseph’s defense in Denver’s with all the talent in the world. Hahaha


". Gase is one of those coaches that is better as a coordinator than a coach. That is clear"

We seem to have had a parade of those type of coaches over the decades


No Carl...you are wrong...Gase said it was Jay Ajai's fault so send him packing and it will correct the situation...Problem is...Gase is the issue...smoke and mirrors coaching only lasts so long...


On the positive the phins are 4 and 1 in games not played at nite or in london. Maybe they can't see in the dark and fog.


Dave, Been a Finfan since the beginning and you are right,when Ross bought the team I said he was out of his league. And of course Gase,Cutler can go hand in hand back to CHI! They could have signed Kapernick for less (not that I'm a fan) then next year we might have seen some good competition for QB between him and Tannehill,because Tannehill is NOT an elite QB.Alonso gets burned too many times, Oline is bad and we could go on and on. I really think there is a Marino-Shula curse on this team and if it stays the course they will never return to the glory years in my life time and I'm only 55


Open your eyes, people...call it for what it is. We do not have the talent to match good teams. Match our roster realistically even against mediocre teams like Buffalo and we fall woefully thin. (They have many players with upside...we don't). Worse yet, let's actually say it out loud...Gase is not getting it done. He cut whomever, or blame whomever, but fact is fault lies with him. The 'Gase' way is not working... He is responsible for Ajay not being motivated. He had two years to groom him, but we then give away a Pro Bowl player for nothing. Maxwell...enough said. Can't you guys see the pattern. In the business world, the captain is responsible for the ship's direction. He can't turn around and blame it on everyone else repeatedly. You have a second year head coach surrounding himself with other rookie (non-threatening coaches). Do you really believe in Cinderella?