Friday, October 27, 2017

Tough; What Should I Complain About?

I had very little confidence going into this game.  The Baltimore Ravens have more than a mental edge against the Dolphins; referring to the last 7-10 years.  They have or I should say they man handle Miami every time they meet.  Beat us up they do!!  And Miami seems to enter the game acquiescing to this theme. It's pretty sickening considering they are a professional team.

What really irritated me was something I have considered during games, but tonight it really got under my skin.

There were a few mano y mano competitions in the 4 week preseason.  Meaning Gase was gonna keep one of two players fighting for the same position.  I have grown to trust him because of that great turn around last year.  Here is my beef:

Baltimore's field position to start their drives was excellent ALL NIGHT LONG!!  Their worst starting field position was on the final drive of the game.  Their own 19 yard line.  Their other starting positions were as follows: Balt. 21; Dolp. 42; Balt. 28; Balt. 28; Balt. 40; Balt. 29; Balt. 37; Balt. 19!!

How did they start in such non-threatening field position?  Well, here is a listing of Matt Haack's 8 punts during the game: #1-34 yards; #2-36 yards; #3-49 yards; #4-38 yards; #5-31 yards; #6-41 yards; #7-49 yards; & #8-50 yards.  I'm sorry but that SUCKS for an NFL Punter in Prime Time with beautiful weather.  He wasn't hurried to get the kicks off.  He didn't kick them off the side of his foot.  I believe those were his punts.  His best effort.

40 to 0.  I'm not saying their starting field position won them this game.  But they sure weren't backed-up to their own end zone and feeling some pressure.  And from where Haack was punting, he should have had  3 or 4 inside the 10, with the others inside the 20.  Only one time do I remember him kicking from our end zone.

I don't care anymore about the supposed left footed kicker that makes it difficult for guys to catch the ball.  He can't even reach where they are waiting to receive his punt. 

It may not have changed the final score of this game.  It will if he isn't replaced, or we're in a close game.  Obviously if our offense keeps lighting it up like they do Haack is gonna be on the field quite often.  I've taken dance lessons, I know the cadence: One, two, three, KICK!  One, two, three, KICK!
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Baltimore'sreturn man, Webb, leads the league in return yardage at 13.6 with a TD. Haack was ordered to kick it very high to allow our coverage guys to surround him and limit any damage he could do.

Blame Rizzi.

We got shalacked. It happens. Baltimore was facing a do or die scenario and we were on cruise control.

Our O Line was not firing out. They were getting stood straight up by Baltimore who stayed at the line of scrimmage and shut down Ajayi.

No body played well. We missed a ton of tackles. We dropped a ton of passes. We missed a ton of open receivers.

We got beat. In every sense of the word.


I think Gase's play calling has become predictable. Love his coaching style, but he should step aside and do what head coaches do and let the oc do what he's supposed to do. I felt this way the past three games.


i think we can say that the ravens are the dolphins kryptonite. playing them away on a thurs nite makes matters worse


Tough to go on the road Thursday night.

We should have our legs back under us for the Raiders