Sunday, October 08, 2017

This Is The Sign Of A Good Football Team

Yes it is. A Win is a Win is a Win.

Thank you defense for winning this game.

Thank you refs for not blowing dead what looked like an incomplete pass.

Thank you All Pro Rashad Jones who hustled out that "incomplete pass" into a TD.

Thank you Jay Ajayi for your second efforts running the ball.

Why is this a "Good Team"?

Despite your Quarterback sucking wind, we still won.

Amazingly, luckily, finally.

And guess what, despite this crappy QB play, we are tied in the loss column with every other AFC East team with 2 losses.

Yes we suck on O but we are in the hunt.

Thank God for that!!!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Great optimism Carl but I disagree with you. This team sucks right now and if our offense was any way decent at all we would have won by 3 scores today. Gase needs to make adjustments fast on the O-Line because that is where the problem lies. Cutler was running for his life and Ajayi had no running room what so ever. This team should be ever so grateful they didn't play Tampa in week 1 because they would have gotten their asses handed to them and they would be 2-3 right now.


178 yards total offense!!!

Come on. That is fantastic.

We were lucky as ____. You can fill in the blank.


And the most frustrating part of all this shit is that the Patriots look Lost This year. This should have been Miami's year to win the division but I just don't see it. This offense is unacceptable


When is Adam going to be blamed. Not the best play calling these last 3 games.


So, the kneelers are now cowering in the tunnel. At least they aren't being shown disrespecting the flag. The team stinks. Cutler needs to be left in the tunnel for the entire game.


I Don't know what in the Hell the Offense is doing. O Line get your heads out yo Ass. JC open your eyes and settle down Gase what the Mother Father are You freaking Calling someone slap him please. Phins Up


My 80s Atari game had a more exciting playbook!


Fingers will start pointing his way. Right now the middle ones are pointing up.


Too many WR screens. We get a great seam route from Thomas and ifcourse Cutler under throws him.

Boy I miss Tanbehill.


Not at you Harold.