Sunday, October 01, 2017

It's like DEJA BOOO All Over Again!

I thought FOX TV lost it's signal and with the help of special effects, inserted the Saints uniforms over the Jets uniforms and replayed that game.

If it wasn't so sad it would be funny.

Our offense that is.

Which is quite offensive to our fan base.

When your defense holds Drew Breeze to 20 points, you should be able to win the game.

We weren't even in it after Cutler's interception in the end zone.

I bet the refs threw their flags for more yards than Cutler did.

The play calling was ridiculous. Case in point, we ran the ball 2 plays in a row for 20 yards and Gase calls for a Wild Cat Formation!!!

What is he thinking about?

Ok. I have vented. I feel better.

Not really.

1-2 is not the end of the world. But scoring only 6 points in 8 quarters is.

Something has to change. And in a hurry.

It's your turn to vent.

At least it's only 1 PM right now and I can still do something else today.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Lol Carl. Dolphins are the new Jets! Or Browns! Wait, that’s an insult to both those teams!

And Gas is supposedly an offensive guru!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Miami has no chance for a successful season. I just don’t see it....


I agree, I say put Matt Morre in and see what he can do, it can't hurt at those point


I hear ya Lawrence and Tony. We look lost out there, looking for an identity.

I would have no issue putting Matt Moore in. I don't think Cutler has his heart into it.


WHO CARES!!!! The Dolphins are disrespecting our country, our flag, our police and our veterans. They are losers in life and losers on the field.



1st and goal on the 5. Empty backfield formation????? Fade pass????? To the tight end????? The question marks stand for me banging my head against the wall from that call.


Evidently you care or you wouldn't have commented


I hear ya Phil.


Buffalo knocked off the Falcons so only the Chiefs remain undefeated. Bills are 3-1.
Patriots lost at home again. They are 2-2.
Jets won in OT so they are 2-2.

As bad as we are, we are one game out of a muddled division.

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