Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It Is All So Clear Now!!!

Now it all makes sense!!!

Why does an offensive unit with nothing but playmakers not move the ball?

Why does an offensive line with Pro Bowl talent and veterans have Cutler running for his life and have Ajayi no room to Run?

Everyone wants to blame Cutler. Everyone wants Matt Moore. 

That is not the answer. Anyone with eyes can see that Cutler has no time and Ajayi has no lanes to run through.

Adam Gase even Said himself the offenses woes lie mostly with the O-line. 

That’s because the line coach is more worried about snorting cocaine off an internet model’s pu**y, his words, not mine. He has also been thinking about her a lot lately, again, his words, not mine. 

Chris Forester is one of the highest paid assistants in the league and he wants to snort Cocaine in his office before a meeting?!

What a joke!! 

I am glad they fired him for his idiocy. Have you ever heard of “under the influence”? If you cannot operate a vehicle in that state of mind, what makes you think you can perform a job?

This is absolutely ridiculous but let’s all hope it works out and this line gets fixed ASAP because it’s clear why they have been under performing. It could be a blessing in disguise that Forester has an addiction to doing lines of internet models. 

Here’s to hoping the Dolphins fix things....AGAIN!!

And for the record I give zero craps about his “addiction”. Someone who makes 5 Million a year gets no sympathy from me..

Phins Up!!!

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Thumbs up. Unfortunately, i'm still boycotting until the disrespect to our country, our flag, and our veterans by kneeling or throwing black power fists comes to a stop by the entire NFL. Peace