Monday, October 09, 2017

Dave’s take: an overshadowed win

The dolphins may have gotten a win yesterday - at least partially based on a weird rule interpretation; what’s a fumble? What’s an incomplete pass - and that’s all fine and good.

But then this morning we hear about Chris Forester having recorded himself allegedly snorting cocaine while video chatting with a stripper. And sitting in the dolphins facility.

Two things about this:

His career is likely over. But the weird thing is that you may recall some years ago when wannstedt was coaching, there was a revolving door of OCs. He was one of them, and if memory serves, there was some incident with him, but I can’t remember what it was. And I don’t want to throw wild accusations out there...Could be a faulty memory, and I’m still looking for the reference...

And, he was doing this at the training facility. He looked too comfortable there for it to be his first time. So it makes you wonder what the heck is going on there. Could just be him. But it seems unlikely no one knew about it.

So there ya go. A mediocre win is again overshadowed by a random controversy. That, dolphins fans, is what this team has been for some years. 
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Its a shame and very sad as well. The coach needs to get into drug consoling and move on from there. I am not sure anyone else had absolute proof he had a drug habit. These guys work late hours so looking worn out is not that unusual and cocaine usage is easily masked. So it would not surprise me to learn no one knew about his usage.

Why the stripper would have hung him out to dry and claim she did it because white people were complaining about the kneeling during the anthem is shocking. She must not have needed his tips anymore.

We probably needed a new OL coach anyway.


It’s a weird story. And no telling if anyone else knew. But since it was in the workplace; and downstairs in that same building people are tested regularly it’s peculiar.

I did find the reference I was looking for Foerster. He was the dolphins OC but wasn’t fired from here. He WAS fired from the job before with the bucs where he ran up a huge bill in calling 900 numbers (sex chat lines) from his desk.


Wow. Guess he is hooked on hookers