Sunday, October 22, 2017

Dave's take: Lamar Jackson

OMG, this guy is unbelievable. He is an absolute talent.  He owned FSU yesterday. Personally, I think the dolphins should let nothing stand in the way of getting this guy.  Mortgage the stadium if you have to, trade anyone, anything, including the team bus and get Jackson!

Before the game, Jimbo Fisher said of him (From the Orlando Sentinel):
“What [Jackson] does is he feels pressure so much… He has a sixth sense when guys go to get him, that Charlie Ward-ism, I used to call it,” Jimbo said Thursday, comparing Jackson to former FSU quarterback Charlie Ward. “Where everyone seemed like they were going 100 miles per hour, and he was like walking and they would never catch him. He could always feel people behind him, beside him, and those great players have that. That what it seems like [Jackson] does.”
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Yeah but we've seen it before. Get to the NFL and 1 season and then the injuries pile up.


He has a lot of talent. Not sure if we will head that way in the draft next year. Still have holes on the OL


I would back up the brinks truck to cousins house.if not him garappolo and stick it up the patriots was. Let tannehill walk. I've seen enough.he's not gonna win us a super bowl and no way is he worth the 20 + million he's due.


Glenn funny you mention cousins. The year the insensitive-native-american-team-name drafted both RGIII and cousins everyone was puzzled. But I’d say that was a pretty slick move.

Griffin had injuries as Carl noted, but they were in good shape anyway.

And that’s always been my broader point. The dolphins have never really taken QB seriously, since about Marino’s 4th year almost 30 years ago.

They made their first “real” effort when they drafted tannehill a couple of years ago but never had a plan for what was behind him, especially after his injury.

And there are no guarantees he’ll be what he was, and surely won’t be any better. I want them to keep taking a QB until they get it right.

Somewhat related: last week I listened to a portion of the game on the radio. Cefalo, Rose, and especially Griese were unequivocal in their opinion that Cutler has bad mechanics, footwork, and overall was playing poorly for a vet QB.


Sorry that was Mike not Carl.

Carl to your point these team still has holes in lots of you’re not wrong.


Tannehill won't but Jimmy G will?..he'll probably command a high ass salary that's not deserved as well.. Remember Matt Cassel?..look at Osweiler. 4yr 72 million?!!!... he also was an understudy of a hall of famer. I see what you're saying but even J.G. Is a big risk. IMO stick with RT who showed huge progress and draft QB in round 3-4 not 1. We can use that brinks truck and fix the rest our team ( O-line)and be a legitimate contender..