Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cardiac Kids South Do It Again!!!

No lead is safe against this current squad of Dolphins. They just keep finding ways to fall behind and then surprisingly flip the coin or switch and battle back to win in heroic fashion.

This week, Miami set up the Jets on the one yard line when Wilkerson squeezed a deflected Cutler pass as part of the Jets building a 28-14 lead in the 4th quarter.

But Matt Moore, who came off the bench for an injured Cutler, lead this "never say die" band of brothers back with two 4tb Quarter TD passes to tie it up.

Then, miraculously, McCann picks off a flutter with a minute left and Parkway splits the uprights with the game winner.


Two weeks in a row, the Dolphins were left for dead and two weeks in a row they found a way to resuscitate a victory from impending defeat.

You have to love the fight in these guys. You have to love the exhilaration of these come back wins.

I just don't like the frustration beforehand.

This is just amazing that we are 4-2 and in the hunt. Starting today we were at the 6 seed. Let's see how the rest of today plays out in the AFC.

We may not have any more booing Cutler and "We want Moore" cheers because Cutler may not come back if he damaged his lower chest or sprained some core muscles getting popped by Jenkins.

It looks like it is Deja Vu all over again with Moore having to lead us into the playoffs.

Good for us it's a short week, since Moore is notorious for not practicing well. We play at Baltimore on Thursday night so he won't have much time any way.

Just how he likes it!

Remarkable comeback for an incredible win!

Phins up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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This team is so frustrating Carl. They should put up 30+ points every game but our offense is so unpredictable


Just Win Baby!!


I was hoping the jets would start to wilt with the 100 degree field temp. BTW ya think the NFL would like to take back the Miami super bowl game back with the field being such a mess lol


Lawrence, with Matt Moore under center, you are about to see the true potent dolphin offense now. If Matt had not come into the game when he did; we would have surely been swept by the Wets!
It should be Moore and Doughty henceforth! I told you all that cutler was holding back our offense. I also told you all that everything would fall into place when Matt Moore is back under center. AND IT DID!
Now I dare say; as long as Matt Moore is under center; WE WILL NOT LOSE ANOTHER GAME! (Superbowl here we come)


The field will have at least 2 weeks to replenish itself. That won't be an issue


I hope you are right David


Carl, I usually am. What I feared most was Gase keeping Matt Moore on the sideline too long and then rust sets back in again. The offense looks like it did last year now with Matt under center.